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The SFE is a learned society created in Paris in 1923 by Egyptologists. Since its creation, its objective has been to bring together scientists and amateurs at conferences relating to the history of Egypt. Various subjects (archaeological, artistic, philological ...) are discussed which concern in particular pharaonic Egypt but also l'Egypt of origins like that of the first centuries of the Hegira.

The Society welcomes scientists keen to share their discoveries and to inform both seriously and enthusiastically those whom Egyptian civilization is of interest.

The SFE organizes for its members, three meetings each year during which French and foreign Egyptologists as well as specialists linked to the discipline present their work, their findings, or a state of research on a particular subject. According to the news, SFE can also offer its members tours of exhibitions which are then guided, exceptionally, by the organizers of these events.

The minutes of the three meetings and the full text of the communications are published in the two annual issues du Bulletin of the French Egyptology Society (BSFE).

Once a year a volume of the Egyptology review (RdE), periodical which brings together on some 250 pages the contributions of French and foreign Egyptologists.
The SFE is a 1901 law-type organization with a little less than a thousand members on the eve of its centenary. It is only thanks to its members that it is today one of the rare associations publishing internationally recognized scientific journals.