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Our last meeting was held on June 11 at the INHA Auditorium. Many members were present to listen to lectures by Jean-Pierre Corteggiani, Nicolas Leroux and Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs. While waiting to receive the texts of these communications in the next BSFE, you can find video passages from these three conferences:

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Excerpt from Jean-Pierre Corteggiani's lecture

"Some updates about the Great Pyramid"

Excerpt from Nicolas Leroux's lecture

"Recommendations to priests: an inventory"

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Excerpt from Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs lecture

"Building a tomb in the Theban hill: the archaeological project Life Histories of Theban Tombs of the University of Basel "


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Here are some pictures of our meeting:

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  Conference by Jean-Pierre Corteggiani  Lecture by Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs
   sfe 3
Meeting participants Lecture by Nicolas Leroux