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Tuesday 1er December at 14 p.m.

two videoconferences will be offered by the SFE

Vincent MOREL, University of Geneva - EPHE, PSL & Jean-Guillaume OLETTE-PELLETIER, Sorbonne University - Faculty of Letters

Chromatic discoveries dyears the quarries of Wadi Hammamat

Located halfway between the Nile and the Red Sea, the Wadi Hammamat is the modern name given to the ancient grauwacke quarries of the Eastern Desert, exploited throughout Pharaonic history. Known since the first explorers of the liminal regions of Egypt, the monumental inscriptions of these quarries have been recorded during the last century by a small succession of Egyptologists. In line with the fieldwork carried out by Annie Gasse (CNRS - Montpellier 3) in the 1980s, revealing hundreds of inscriptions from all eras, new research is currently underway. The (re) publication of all the epigraphic material - more than 380 inscriptions from all periods combined - brought to light a whole lot of new engravings. Among these, an unpublished corpus has been revealed, highlighting a practice which, at the local level, was until then unknown and which once again underlines the sacredness of the place: the inscriptions in red ink.

Julie PORCHET-STAUDER, University of Geneva

The Hirkouf facade in Qoubbet el Haoua: a verbal and visual rhetoric

In Qoubbet el-Haoua, the elite necropolis of the Old Empire associated with Elephantine, three funerary chapels have facades that are distinguished by their very ample hieroglyphic inscription: that of Hirkhouf, that of Pépinakht-Héqaib Ier and that of Sabni son of Mekhu. From the extreme south of the country, where the distance is maximum, these inscriptions multiply the lines of connectivity with the Memphite center and with the king. These facades challenge the viewer, not only through the inscribed words (which few would have been able to fully read) but also through their visual and monumental impact. The communication will focus on the Hirkhouf facade in particular and will present various aspects of its verbal and visual rhetoric.


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