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2. SFE conferences

  The conferences of December 15, 2021

 A winter in Thebes:

News of archaeological research on the west bank of Louqsor,
Mr Laurent BAVAY - University of Brussels
The burial chamber of the Theban tomb of Amenhotep TT C.3
Ms Andrea GNIRS-LOPRIENO - University of Basel
New research from the University of Basel at the rock cemetery of Sheikh Abd el-Gourna

 Mr. José Manuel GALÁN - Superior Council for Scientific Research of Madrid
News from the Spanish archaeological mission in Dra Abou el-Naga 

  The conferences of October 19, 2021

 Stephane Polis, FNRS  / University of Liège, Department of Antiquity: In the footsteps of a painter, scribe and author of the XIXe dynasty: the designer Pay de Deir el-Médineh

Youri Volokhine, University of Geneva, Department of Antiquity: Pharaonic pareidolia

The conferences of June 29, 2021:


 Thomas Faucher, Ptolemaic forts and mines in the Eastern Desert: recent MAFDO research

Adeline Bats, The management of cereal stocks in Egypt in the Middle Kingdom

Guillemette Andreu and Vanessa Desclaux, Presentation of the exhibition “Champollion” (working title) April 12 - July 24, 2022, BnF, Site François-Mitterrand 


Conference of May 25, 2021 

Béatrix Midant-Reynes and Nathalie Buchez, Tell el-iswid: a predynastic site in the eastern delta

Francois Briois,  Flint mines from the early pharaonic era of Wadi Sannour (Eastern Desert)

Pascal Ballet, Tell el-faraʽin / bouto, a large urban center of the delta, from the end of the low period to the beginning of Islam 


Conference of February 26, 2021 


The Conferences of January 19, 2021 part 1


Conference of January 19, 2021 part 2



Conference of January 19, 2021 part 3


Conference of January 19, 2021 completed

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