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Lost Olivier.jpg      Mr Olivier PerduVice President

Egyptologist attached to the chair of Pharaonic Civilization at the Collège de France and specialist in late Egypt, Mr. Olivier Perdu taught his specialty at the Louvre School. He is currently completing the second volume of the catalog of late private statues in the Egyptian department of the Louvre. In 2012, he was the general curator of the “Twilight of the Pharaons” exhibition at the Jacquemart-André museum. With Laurent Coulon, he has just launched a database project concerning all the private statuary of the late period.

Recent publication :

- Private statues from the end of Pharaonic Egypt (1069 BC-395 AD). Volume I - Men (Louvre Museum), Paris, 2012, 4 °, 477 pages.

 Favry Nathalie    Ms. Nathalie Favry, general secretary

A study engineer at the Sorbonne Egyptological Research Center (CRES), Nathalie Favry held the position of Curator of the library of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo from 2001 to 2005. Since 2007, she has been developing a program research project entitled “Corpus and Prosopographic Analyzes in Ancient Egypt” (CAPÉA). She has also been a member of the Franco-Egyptian mission of Tell el-Herr (North Sinai) since 1991 and co-editor of the digital journal of Egyptology NeHeT (whose articles are available for free on the SFE website).


Recent publication :

- “The Transmission of Offices in the Middle Kingdom”, in G. Miniaci and W. Grajetzki (eds.), The World of Egypt Middle Kingdom (2000-1550 BC) II, MKS 2, London, 2016, p. 117-131 

gbizien    Mr Gérard BizienTreasurer

Auditor, accountant and legal expert with the Paris Court of Appeal, independent since 2007, Mr. Gérard Bizien has spent his entire career in the consultancy firm FIDUCIAIRE DE FRANCZ-KPMG. There he met Mr. Gabriel Boyer-Chammard who communicated to him both his knowledge in the company and, as treasurer of the SFE, his taste for Egypt. After two cruises on the Nile, it is therefore quite naturally that Gérard Bizien took over from Mr. Boyer-Chammard in 2009 as treasurer of the SFE.

Coulon Laurent.jpg    Mr. Laurent Coulon

Former ENS student, associate of classical letters, former scientific member of Ifao, Mr. Laurent Coulon is director of studies at the Practical School of Advanced Studies on the chair "Religion of Ancient Egypt" and director of the Wladimir Golenischeff Center (EPHE, PSL). He specializes in the study of the cult of Osiris at Ier millennium BC, relying for this on the archaeological and epigraphic work he leads in the temple of Karnak and other sites (Oxyrhynchos, Ayn Manawir), but also on the study of prosopographic corpus including the priests known by the Karnak Cachette.


Recent publication :

- (ed.), The Hideout of Karnak. New perspectives on the discoveries of G. Legrain, BdE 161, IFAO-Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, 2016, 616 p.



 marie claire cuvillier    Ms. Marie-Claire Cuvillier

Member of the SFE since 1985, Marie-Claire Cuvillier was elected member of the Committee in 2001. She was also Corporate Secretary of the October 2001 Company at February 2010. She has since years trained in Egyptology by attending various courses at the Khufu Institute and the EPHE.

Ms. Marie-Claire Cuvillier was responsible for the publication of the BSFE from October 2001 to June 2015.

Forgeau Annie.jpg    Ms. Annie Forgeau

Normalienne agrégé in history and geography, Ms. Annie Forgeau was Associate Professor (HDR) in Egyptology at the University of Paris-Sorbonne from 1978 to 2008. She was also responsible for publications at the French Institute of Oriental Archeology at Cairo from 2008 to 2012.

Recent publication :

- Nectanebo. The last Egyptian dynasty, Cheops editions, Paris, (forthcoming 2018)


Francois-gourdon-w    Mr François Gourdon

Since a first trip to Egypt in 1974, Mr. François Gourdon, doctor, has been interested in this country in all its aspects. Amateur photographer, over time he has built up an important diathèque. Many of his original and rare photos are visible online on the SFE website, the Egyptian authorities having made this action possible by generously authorizing the taking of pictures in certain museums or certain tombs which are in principle prohibited from photography.

Gradel Coralie.jpg    Ms. Coralie Gradel

Doctor of the University of Lille 3, specialist of Sudan and Nubia, Coralie Gradel was a researcher of the French Section of the Department of Antiquities of Sudan (UMIFRE 4 CNRS / MAE). She has participated in several French and European missions in Sudan and Egypt (Oasis of Kharga) and directs the French archaeological mission of the oasis of Selima (Sudan). She specialized in trade and the use of trans-Saharan roads in Ptolemaic and Roman times.

Link :

Recent publication :

- “Archeology at Selima Oasis, Northern Sudan. Recent research ",  Sudan & Nubia 9, 2015, 161-169.

 facebook image    Mrs Nathalie Kayser-Lienhard

A research engineer at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, responsible for the library of the Center de Recherches Egyptologiques de la Sorbonne (CRES), Nathalie Lienhard is currently studying the collection of antiquities from Egypt kept at the Rodin Museum, in collaboration with Bénédicte Garnier:


Recent publication :

- "The unicorn ibex of the Rodin collection: the Rodin museum fragment Co.944 exposed in Arles", BSFE 195-196 (June-October 2016), p. 12-14.

melanie-web    Mrs. Mélanie Lelong-Sabattier

Holder of the 2013 Vandier scholarship from the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Ms. Mélanie Lelong is currently preparing a doctoral thesis under the supervision of Professor Pierre Tallet on "The women of the Egyptian social elite in the Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate period ”. Member of the SFE since 2008, since January 2013 she has contributed to the influence of the Company via the website and the management of the Facebook page of the SFE

Recent publication :

- "Neferousobek or how to conceive of female royalty", Egypt Africa & East 69, March-May 2013, p. 47-54

Martinet Emilie.jpg    MÉmilie Martinet, reading committee of the RdE

Holder of a doctorate in Egyptology from Paris-Sorbonne University, Ms. Émilie Martinet has been a LabEx ARCHIMEDE post-doctoral fellow at Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 University since November 2015. She actively participates in the VÉgA project (Vocabulary of the Ancient Egyptian: while continuing his research on the administration in the Egyptian provinces to the Old Kingdom.


Recent publication :

"The administrative structure of the 14th nome of Upper Egypt and the development of supra-provincial administration under the Sixth Dynasty", BIFAO 115, 2016, p. 299-324.

Julie Masquelier    Mrs. Julie Masquelier-Loorius

A research engineer at the CNRS (UMR 8167 Orient & Méditerranée), Ms. Julie Masquelier-Loorius has participated in archaeological missions in the Theban region and in the Sinai. As an epigraphist, she completed the publication of a sector of the temple of Amun-Re in Karnak and was also in charge of the study of the doorframes of Deir el-Medina and the metal weapons of Tell el-Herr.Link:

Recent publication :

- Seti Ier and the beginning of the nineteenth dynastyFlammarion, 2013.

Meffre Raphaële.jpg    Ms Raphaële Meffre

Doctor of Paris-Sorbonne University and former resident of the Thiers Foundation (Institut de France / CNRS), Ms. Raphaële Meffre focuses her research on the history of Egypt in the 2014st millennium BC. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Paris-Sorbonne University - Louvre Museum and is working on the collection of funeral servants. In addition, since XNUMX, she has participated in the epigraphic work of the French Mission of the Excavations of Tanis.

Recent publication :

- From Heracleopolis to Hermopolis: Middle Egypt during theThird Intermediate Period (XXI-XXIVth Dynasties), Paris, 2015.

Olette-Pelletier Jean-Guillaume.jpeg    Mr. Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier

Doctor in Egyptology from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, holder of a Bachelor in communication / marketing from the European Communication School, Mr. Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier is a specialist of the god Min, from the First Intermediate Period to the end of the Second Intermediate Period. Epigraphist member of the French Mission of Excavations in Tanis since 2015 and holder of the Jacques Vandier 2017 grant, he has contributed for several years to the promotion of the French Society of Egyptology in its direct marketing and communication tools.

Link: "

Recent publication :

- "Unpublished meeting of two fragments of a stele from the end of the Middle Kingdom (Bodmer 20 and Rouen AEg. 348)", Review of Egyptology 67, 2017, p. 55-76

Payraudeau Frédéric.jpg    Mr Frederic Payraudeau, reading committee of the RdE

Doctor of Paris-Sorbonne University, Mr. Frédéric Payraudeau is currently Senior Lecturer in HDR at Paris-Sorbonne University (History of Art & Archeology). He is also deputy director of the French excavation mission of Tanis and his research work focuses on the political and social history of Egypt in the 1069st millennium BC. AD (especially in the Libyan, Kushite and Saïte eras, c. 526-XNUMX BC)


Recent publication :

- Egypt and the Nile Valley. Volume III. The first millennium BC, New Clio Collection, PUF, Paris (forthcoming 2018)
patricia-Piacentini-web    Ms. Patrizia Piacentini

Member of the SFE since 1991, Mrs. Patrizia Piacentini is professor of Egyptology at the University of Milan since 1993 and scientific head of the Library and Archives of Egyptology, which she founded in 1999 in the same university. Director of the Egyptian and Egyptian Documents Archives Libraries (EDAL), she is a member of the scientific committee of many journals and institutions, including the Michela Schiff-Giorgini Foundation. She is collaborating with the Egyptian Museum in Cairo for the study and publication of objects for the General Catalog.


Recent publication :

Forming Material Egypt. Proceedings of the International Conference, London, 20-21 May, 2013, EDAL IV, Milano: Pontremoli Editore (with C. Orsenigo, S. Quirke), 2014.

Rayer Thierry.jpg    Mr Thierry Rayer

Passionate about art and history, Mr. Thierry Rayer has conducted throughout his life studies and personal research related to these two areas. Trained at Sciences Po Paris and the Orsay Museum in various disciplines (politics, history of religions, anthropology, science related to art ...), he has developed an original research method alongside Academician Louis Leprince Ringuet.

Régen Isabelle.jpg    Ms. Isabelle Régen, reading committee of the RdE

Doctor in Egyptology and former scientific member of the IFAO, Ms. Isabelle Régen is currently a research engineer at the University Paul Valéry - Montpellier 3 (UMR 5140 CNRS) and co-director of the French mission in the tomb of Padiaménopé (TT 33 , Thebes-Ouest, end of the XXVth-beginning of the XXVIth dynasty). His research and publications mainly focus on the funeral field (lexicography, rituals, texts).


Recent publications :

Rondot-web    Mr. Vincent Rondot

Director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the Louvre Museum, research director at the CNRS, HDR, epigraphist and archaeologist, Mr. Vincent Rondot has now specialized in the study of theology and religious iconography in recent centuries. paganism, in Egypt and Sudan. Since 2000, he has been excavating with a Franco-Sudanese team the temple at Amon d'el-Hassa in the region of Meroe. His latest research focuses more particularly on the spread of Hellenism in the Nile Valley.

Recent publication :

- Last faces of the gods of Egypt. Iconographies, pantheons and cults in the Hellenized Fayum of the 2nd-3rd centuries AD, Pups-Louvre Museum editions, Paris, 2013.

Frederic-ROUFFET    Mr. Frédéric Rouffet

Holder of a doctorate in Egyptology from the University Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3, Mr. Frédéric Rouffet's research focuses on the magical and medical texts of ancient Egypt and, more generally, on the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians. He is co-founder and president of the start-up Arcanae ( which aims to promote the research and development of new digital technologies for the knowledge and valorization of ancient civilizations. 

Recent publications : 

- "The Egyptian magic ritual as an image of the court", in The just and the sacred: the territories of fault in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and in the Bible, Law & Cultures 71, 2016, p. 163-178.

Solery Jean-Pierre.jpg    Mr. Jean-Pierre Solery

Holder of a doctorate in crystallography from the Faculty of Sciences of Paris, Mr. Jean-Pierre Solery was a member of the management of the insurance company Gan, in Paris and Bordeaux, in the fields of IT, marketing. , quality and management. He is currently CEO of 1NEWWEB, a company specializing in internet projects. Always fascinated by Egyptology, he implements the current websites of the French Society of Egyptology.

clear-somaglino-web    Ms. Claire Somaglino

Agrégée in history, former scientific member of Ifao, Ms. Claire Somaglino is currently a lecturer at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. She also heads the archaeological mission of Ayn Soukhna, on the Gulf of Suez. His research activities focus on the theme of the management-perception of space (border areas and marginal areas; toponymy).


Recent publication :

- Describing, imagining, constructing space: Egyptian toponymy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Proceedings of the 30 symposiums November 2011 and 23-24 November 2012, RAPH 39, Cairo, 2016 (co-edited with S. Dhennin).

Widmer Ghislaine.jpg    Ms. Ghislaine Widmer, reading committee of the RdE

Holder of a doctorate from the University of Geneva and a Master of Philosophy in Egyptology from the University of Oxford, Ms. Ghislaine Widmer is since 2007 Lecturer in Egyptology at the University Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3 ( HALMA-UMR 8164). His research interests include demotic cursive and late religious texts.


Recent publication :

Resurrection of Osiris - Birth of Horus. The papyri Berlin P. 6750 and Berlin P. 8765, testimonies of the persistence of the priestly tradition in the Fayum during the Roman period, AOP 3, Berlin, 2015, 462 pages.