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Séverine MARCHI, The habitat in the fortresses of Migdol (Tell el-Herr) during the 5th and 4th centuries BC Archaeological survey, PUPS, 2014 Dominique VALBELLE, Charles Bonnet. From the vineyard to the jujube tree, Favre editions, 2014 Le Papyrus Westcar retains one of the major texts of ancient Egyptian literature. His story begins in the palace of King Cheops, where prodigies of magicians are told or performed before the king. It continues at Sakhébou with the wonderful birth of the first three kings of the 5th dynasty.

While it is customary to consider Papyrus Westcar like an anthology of tales, this book resolutely rejects this approach and argues in favor of the unity of the story. It is based on the assumption that the whole story revolves around the glorification of the future kings of the fifth dynasty in order to establish their legitimacy to the throne. The date of composition of the Papyrus Westcar is examined as part of an intertextual analysis with the Neferty's prophecy.

The book includes a hieroglyphic transcription of the Papyrus Westcar text, which has been updated on the basis of the most recent studies. This transcription, which highlights the grammatical structure of the text, is accompanied by a translation personal and philological comments. The author goes deeperliterary analysis du Papyrus Westcar with a view to giving innovative interpretation and duly argued. A lexicon Egyptian terms and a bibliography conclude the book.

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JEAN-PHILIPPE LAUER THE PYRAMIDS OF SAKKARA / THE PYRAMIDS OF SAKKARA BILINGUAL EDITION General Library IFAO_ 47; 240 p FAYZA HAIKAL MIXTURES DELIVERED AT OLA EL-AGUIZI _FIA-164 study library; 480 p. Serena ESPOSITO, The Egyptian Administration of the Western Desert from the Old to the New Kingdom, PUPS, 2014


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