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Grenoble (38)


*ADEC Champollion

- Egyptological Encounters of Grenoble, Saturday13 and Sunday 14 October 2018

-"The construction of the pyramids", by J. Kuzniar, the Saturday November 10 2018

-"Fashion in ancient Egypt", by L. Bazin, the Saturday 8 December 2018

-"The Theban Society of the Twenty-first Dynasty", by F. Jamen, the Saturday 19 December 2018

-"The dead always speak to the living", by B. Mathieu, the Saturday 2 February 2019

-"The 0 dynastyby J.-P. Patznick, the Saturday 9 March 2019

-"Death and survival of the gods of Egypt", by Ch. Cannuyer, the Saturday 27 April 2019




Marseille (13)


*Provence Egyptology

- "The ScanPyramids project and its discoveries", by Mr Tayoubi, Thursday 13 December 2018 (17h30).

- " Living in the Diaspora - The Biblical Story of Joseph in Egypt", by Th. Römer, the Thursday 7 February 2019 (17h30).

- "Amenophis II: from the discovery of his tomb to the rediscovery of an extraordinary pharaoh", by P. Piacentini, the Thursday March 21 2019 (17h30).

Nantes (44)


*Association Isis

- "Fantastic animals in ancient Egypt", by P. Vernus, the Saturday November 24 2018 (14h30).

 - "New discoveries in the royal necropolis of Pepy I in Saqqara", by Ch. Collombert, the Saturday 30 March 2019 (14h30).

Paris (75)

* Louvre Museum / Sorbonne University / INHA


- 14th International Congress of Nubian Studies, 10 15 in September 2018


Périgueux (24)


 *Kemet Association


-"Known and Unrecognized Aspects of Seth, God of Needed Confusion", by Ch. Cannuyer, on Friday November 23, 2018 (20h).
-"Karnak Photos Tour", by G. Reveillac, the Friday 1er February 2019 (Schedule not specified).
-"The Osirian Chapels in the North Sector of Karnak (recent works)", by L. Coulon, the Friday 15 March 2019 (Schedule not specified).
-"Closed beds "de Deir el Medinah"by J. * P. Patznick, the Friday April 5 2019 (Schedule not specified).