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NEHET review number 4
  Matthew Begon    
1 - 24
  Axelle Bremont    
  "Aspect" or rather "multispective"?
The lessons of the paradox of the goat
25 - 44
  Eleanor Frayssignes    
  New perspectives on weaving techniques in the Old Kingdom: a textile certification of the use of tubular looms (Wadi el-Jarf, Red Sea)  
45 - 58
  Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier    
  Note on the use of a cryptographic column in a Middle Kingdom papyrus  
59 - 64
  Chloe ragazzoli    
  Textual Genres and Material Media: Visitor Registration as Exercise on Ostracon (Ostracon University College 31918)  
65 - 76
  Felix reports-montserrat    
  The sign D19, in search of the senses of a determinative (II): the uses of a sign  
77 - 121
  Julien sits    
  Djedhéteprê Dedmésou and Djednéferrê Dédoumès: attribution of sources and new dates  
123 - 134
  Tallet stone    
  A seal-cylinder in the name of Sahourê on the art market  
135 - 138
  Thomas vermeulen    
  Reflections on the middle layers of Egyptian society  
139 - 165
  Claire Balandier, The defense of Syria-Palestine from the Achaemenids to the Lagids. History and archeology of the fortifications in the West Jordan from 532 to 199 BC with appendices on Jerusalem, the fortified works of Transjordan and North Sinai, Paris, 2014  
167 - 169
  Report by Dominique Valbelle    
171 - 173