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Summary of BSFE 199:

- Michel Dewachter Information on the recent dispersion of archives of Mrs. Alice de La Brière, nee Champollion-Figeac

- Olivier Perdu A new pair of sphinxes in Iséum Campense

- Nadia Licitra Twelve Chabaka Treasure Hunt Campaigns in Karnak: Archeology of an Economic Institution

- Jean-Pierre Corteggiani Some updates on the Great Pyramid

- Nicolas Leroux Recommendations to priests: an inventory

- Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs Digging a grave in the Theban hill: the archeological project Life Histories of Theban Tombs from the University of Basel

- Raphaële MEFFRE and Frédéric PAYRAUDEAU Chronicle - Epigraphic, Stylistic and Historical Survey of the Blocks of the Sacred Lake of Mout in Tanis: Comments on a recently published book

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Le Bulletin of the French Society of Egyptology (BSFE) is published twice a year and delivers the text

complete set of papers presented at the three annual meetings of SFE


The Bulletin is coming from 1949

in a small format that makes it special

but ... who knew how to evolve!

In 8° 20 Pages Formerly At Near 100

today he understands the report

concise but faithful of our three meetings,

information about the Company life

and especially the text of communications.

It sometimes has some articles

additional in connection with the news!


Accessible and in Frenchhe does not dispense

less quality information from the

international search, in an attractive format,

pleasantly illustrated, suitable for amateurs

fond of egyptology as professionals.

Any member of the SFE receives it in the format

paper twice a year.

It is available online for members of the SFE.


Responsible for the publication: Mrs. Laetitia Gallet.