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List of articles of the Journal of Egyptology (RdE) -

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French Society of Egyptology

By Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier


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Volume 1 (1933)




1-50 Etienne Drioton Trial on private cryptography at the end of the XVIIIe dynasty (with five boards, IV)
51-74 Alexandre Piankoff Some passages from the “Instructions de Douaf” on a tablet in the Louvre Museum (with a board, VI)
75-80 Madeleine Gauthier-Laurent A stele of the Middle Kingdom (with a plate, VII)
81-85 Etienne Drioton An oudja with hermopolitan representation
87-104 Gustave Lefebvre Egyptian texts from the Louvre
105-160 Henri Hyvernat and Emile Porcher Analysis of 131 Coptic Manuscripts1-8 of the National Library, with an indication of the biblical texts (to be continued)
161-179 Alexandre Piankoff The naos D 29 of the Louvre Museum (with a plate, VIII)
181-196 Raymond Weill The meaning of pȝj, verb "to be realized", "to exist"
197-202 Marianne Guentch-Ogloueff Syrian Astarte and the DED Osiris
203-229 Etienne Drioton A cryptographic figuration on a stele of the Middle Kingdom (with a board, IX)
231-278 Emile Porcher Analysis of 131 Coptic Manuscripts1-8 of the National Library, with an indication of the biblical texts (suite) [to be continued]
279-288 Fernand Bisson de la Roque and Etienne Drioton Excavations of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology at Medamoud (1931-1933)
289-310 Henri Gauthier Excavations in Egypt in 1932-1933

Volume 2 (1936)

Pages Authors Securities
1-20 Etienne Drioton The ornamental protocols of Abydos
21-33 Etienne Drioton The cryptogram of Montou de Medamoud
35-36 Marius Chaine The ⲣⲁ-form of the verb ⲓⲣⲓ 
37-41 Alexandre Piankoff A Coptic lamp at the Louvre Museum
43-64 Jacques Vandier Four unpublished stelae from the end of the Old Kingdom and the first intermediate period (with 2 boards)
65-123 Emile Porcher Analysis of Coptic Manuscripts at 1311-8 of the National Library, with indication of the biblical texts (continuation and end)
125-133 Warren R. Dawson Francis Llewellyn Griffith. Biographical note.
135-163 Emile Massoulard Forked spears and peseshkaf. About two recent acquisitions of the Louvre Museum (with 3 boards)
165-171 Edith Stavnik A suggestion about Princess Sat-Hathor-Yount's crown
173-176 Alexandre Varille A colossus Amenophis III in the quarries of Assouan (with 1 board)
177-181 Alexandre Varille, Clément Robichon New excavations of Theban funerary temples (1934-1935) (with 3 boards)

Volume 3 (1938)

Pages Authors Securities
1-16 Jacques Pirenne A new interpretation of "King Kheti's Instructions to his son Merikara" (IXe dynasty)
17-25 Christiane Desroches A model of a New Kingdom town house (Louvre Museum: n ° E. 5357) (with plates I-II)
27-35 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie A civil fresco of Deir el-Medinah (with plate III)
37-67 Louis Speleers The resurrection and the toilet of the dead according to the texts of the Pyramids
69-79 Raymond Weill Words BJȝ "Copper", "metals", "mine", "quarry", "blocks", "transport", "wonder", and their determinatives
81-89 Raymond Weill The writing of Cretan tablets in Syria-Palestine, to the XIIIe century
91-97 Baudouin van de Walle A hymn of the Middle Kingdom completed by means of two stelae of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (with boards IV)
99-102 Clément Robichon, Alexandre Varille Excavations of the Theban funeral temples (1937) (with VX boards)
103-113 Jacques Jean Clère Onomastic Notes, About H. Ranke's Dictionary of Names of Persons
115-127 Raymond Weill Notes on the monuments of the Step Pyramid of Saqqara from the overall publications

Volume 4 (1940) Volume dedicated to the memory of Alexandre Moret

Pages Authors Securities
1-14 Alexandre Moret The doctrine of Maat
15-25 Gustave Lefèbvre An Egyptian Tale: Truth and Lies
27-43 Maurice Pillet Egyptian locks model homes
45-65 Ludwig Keimer On an Egyptian monument of the Louvre Museum (with boards I-IV)
67-74 Fernand Bisson de la Roque Tod, excavations prior to 1938
75-80 Marianne Guentch-Ogloueff Sarcophagus Fragments of Akhenaton's Time
81-112 Raymond Weill The verb of affirmation and existence (Chapter II and III)
113-121 Jacques Jean Clère About the word (ZBI) of the inscription of Nékhébou

Volume 5 (1946) Volume dedicated to the memory of Charles Boreux

Pages Authors Securities
1-9 Jacques Vandier Charles Boreux (1874-1944)
Jacques Vandier Summary Bibliography of the works of Charles Boreux
11-24 Bernard Bruyère Excavations of the French Institute at Deir el Medineh from 1914 to 1940
25-44 Fernand Bisson de la Roque Excavations of the French Institute at Medamoud from 1925 to 1938
45-50 Gustave Lefèbvre About a pyramid name
-51-56 Georges Posener Undefined criminals and unnamed deaths
57-118 Maurice Alliot Rites of net hunting, temples of Karnak, Edfu and Esneh
119-131 Michel Malinine A slave sale at the time of Psammetic Ier
133-135 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie About larval busts
137-187 Raymond Weill The ancient submerged ports of the Eastern Mediterranean and the displacement of the sea level

Volume 6 (1951)

1-4 Gustave Lefèbvre Victor Loret (1859-1946)
5-20 Victor Loret Millipedes and the pharaoh's chair
21-26 Jacques Vandier The block statue of Touroi (with 2 boards)
27-48 Georges Posener The unknown riches of Egyptian literature (with 1 board)
49-88 Raymond Weill The existence verb PA and its derivatives
89-114 Louis-Antoine Christophe Geographical notes. About the campaigns of Thutmosis III
115-133 Alan Gardiner A protest against unjustified tax-demands
135-156 Jacques Jean Clère A statuette of the eldest son of King Nectanabô (with 1 board)
157-178 Michel Malinine A judgment rendered to Thebes under the XXVe dynasty (with 6 boards)
179-186 Raymond Weill Bibliography of Alexandre Moret

Volume 7 (1950) Volume dedicated to the memory of Pierre Jouguet

Pages Authors Securities
I-IV Gustave Lefèbvre Pierre Jouquet (1869-1949)
1-8 Pierre du Bourguet On some jobs of the independent pronoun old to the XVIIIe dynasty
9-13 Serge Sauneron, Jean Yoyotte The cynocephalic as a graphie named Thot
15-18 Jean-Philippe Lauer Discovery serdab from Chancellor Icheṯi to Saqqara
19-32 Jacques Jean Clère The stele of a police commissioner (mr SnT) of the first intermediate period
33-35 Jacques Vandier A statue of Ibis
37-46 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt A small memorial monument of the Athlete King
47-51 Eva Jelínkova Magic Statuette # 238 until National Library
53-62 Serge Sauneron Three characters from the Elephantine scandal
63-66 Jean Yoyotte The locality, military establishment of the time of Merenptah
67-70 Serge Sauneron, Jean Yoyotte Traces of Asian settlements in Middle Egypt under Ramses II
71-84 Georges Posener Final Section of Unknown Wisdom (Literary Research, II)
85-88 Charles Maystre The count of epagomenes in individual chronologies
89-105 Raymond Weill New proposals for historical and chronological reconstruction of the Middle Kingdom
107-120 Michel Malinine A contract to sell building sites from the time of King Achoris (Lille pap. No. 26)
121-126 Serge Sauneron Two mentions of Houroun

Supplementary Journal of Egyptology (1950) *

Pages Authors Securities
1-42 Raymond Weill Negative adjective etc., etc.
43-61 Raymond Weill The literary transmissions from Egypt to Israel
63-82 Maurice Pillet About Akhenaton (with 5 boards)

Volume 8 (1951) Volume dedicated to the memory of Raymond Weill

Pages Authors Articles
I-VI Jacques Vandier Raymond Weill (1874-1950) [Frontispiece]
VII-XVI Jacques Jean Clère Bibliography of Raymond Weill
1-7 Maurice Alliot Pount-Pwāne, the Opôné of the geographer Ptolémée
9-19 Paul Barguet A group of signs related to the names of king
21-23 Pierre du Bourguet A special form of crosses on a Coptic fabric of the Raymond Weill legacy [pl. 1]
25-29 Jaques-Jean Clère About the order of succession of the kings of the XXXe dynasty
31-46 François Daumas On two liturgical chants of the mammisis of Dendara [pl. 2]
47-61 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt Two great precious obelisks of a shrine in Karnak
63-70 André Jean Festugière The five seals of Aiôn Alexandrin [pl. 3] (with observations by E. Coche de la Ferté and J. Vandier)
71-78 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Philological notes on the Texts of the Pyramids
79-90 Madeleine Gauthier-Laurent Goldsmith's wreaths with support band of the Old Kingdom
91-100 Gérard Godron Two notes of thinite epigraphy
101-120 Jean Leclant The "Ethiopian" inscriptions on the door of the IVe pylon of the Great Temple of Amun at Karnak [pl. 4-5]
121-125 Gustave Lefèbvre Grammatical observations on Pap. Harris I
127-150 Michel Malinine Three documents from the Amasis era on land renting [pl. 6-7]
151-162 Janine Monnet The magic bricks of the Louvre Museum [pl. 8 to 11]
163-170 Pierre Montet King Ougaf at Medamoud
171-189 Georges Posener Ostraca unpublished from the Turin Museum (Literary Research III) [pl. 12 to 14]
191-194 Serge Sauneron The name of Heliopolis in the Late Period
195-198 Jacques Schwartz Note on archeology of LXX
199-206 Jacques Vandier About a fragmentary bas-relief from the end of the XVIIIe dynasty (Louvre Museum) [pl. 15]
207-214 Helen Wall A Coptic Fragment concerning the Childhood of John the Baptist [pl. 16]
215-239 Jean Yoyotte The hammering of the Ethiopian royal names by Psammetic II

Volume 9 (1952)

Pages Authors Securities
I-VII Maurice Alliot The life and work of Alexandre Varille (1909-1951)
1-22 Paul Barguet The archaic ritual of foundation of the temples of Medinet-Habou and Luxor [pl. 1-2]
23-47 Philippe Derchain Bébon, the god and the myths
49-67 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt Anthropomorphic pots and magico-medical recipes in ancient Egypt [pl. 3]
69-79 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Studies on the necropolis of Giza under IVe dynasty
81-90 Pierre Lacau On the fall of the final, mark of the feminine
91-99 Janine Monnet A vase with royal libation of the cult of Amon-Re de Gematon [pl. 4]
101-108 Richard A. Parker Sothic Dates and Calendar "Adjustments"
109-120 Georges Posener The beginning of the Teaching of Hardjedet (Literary research, IV). Complements to "Unknown wealth"
121-123 Jacques Vandier The legend of Baba (Bébon) in the Papyrus Jumilhac (Louvre E. 17110)
125-137 Jean Yoyotte An epithet of Min as explorer of the eastern regions
139-151 Jean Yoyotte A police force in Pharaonic Egypt
153-159 short notes The base of the Abydenian Reliquary (P. Barguet); On three passages by Lebensmüder (W. Golénischeff); On Bata, master of Sako (J. Yoyotte)

Volume 10 (1955)

Pages Authors Securities
1-7 Maurice Alliot A reconstituted family of words: Pyr., Gr., iNS "To be red"
9-31 Sir Alan Gardiner The Problem of the Month-Names [pl. 1]
33-35 Eva Jelínkova-Reymond Some notes on the practice of the transfer of offerings (WDB-IHT)
37-47 Janine Monnet A monument of the regency of the Divine Adorers Nitocris and Ankhenesneferibré [pl. 2 and 3]
49-59 Richard A. Parker The Function of the Imperfective sḏm.f in Middle Egyptian
61-72 Georges Posener The Exord of Amennakhte Educational Instruction (Literary Research, V) [pl. 4]
73-79 Jacques Vandier Hemen and Taharqa [pl. 5]
81-89 Jean Yoyotte Writing Games on a Statuette of the XIXe dynasty [pl. 6]
91-92 Etienne Drioton Still the acrophony
92 Hans Goedicke How to have a passage in Weni's Biography
92-94 Georges Posener urk. IV, 139, 2-7

Volume 11 (1957)

Pages Authors Securities
1-38 Jacques Jean Clère Notes on the funerary chapel of Ramses I at Abydos and his dedicatory inscription [pl. 1]
39-42 Etienne Drioton About the expression bȝk ỉm
43-56 Sir Alan Gardiner Hymns to Sobk in a Ramesseum Papyrus [pl. 2 to 4]
57-60 Hans Goedicke A Lion-Cult of the Old Kingdom connected with the Royal Temple
61-71 Hans Goedicke Provision Jar of the Time of Asosis [pl. 5]
73-75 Paule Kriéger A portrait of Amenemhat III [pl. 6]
77-84 Herman de Meulenaere Late onomastic notes
85-107 Richard A. Parker The Problem of the Month-Names: A Reply
109-117 Hans Jakob Polotsky The "Emphatic" sḏ Shape
119-137 Georges Posener The tale of Neferkare and General Sisene (Literary Research, VI) [pl. 7 and 8]
139-143 Claude Frederic-Armand Schaeffer A bronze sword of Ugarit (Ras Shamra) carrying the cartridge of Mineptah
145-155 Jacques Vandier The group and the offering table of Ankhoudjes [pl. 9 to 11]
157-158 Jacques Jean Clère The Egyptian name for "tweezers"
158-159 Jacques Jean Clère New observations on the expression prỉ ḫrw
159-161 Hans Goedicke Hry-ḏb', "Suckled calf"
161-163 Richard A. Parker A Late Coptic Memorial Tablet
163-164 Richard A. Parker The Length of Reign of Ramses X

Volume 12 (1960)

Pages Authors Securities
1-26 Robert-P. Charles The Egyptian monuments of the Marseille Museum. The cube statue of Sobek-hotep, governor of Fayum [pl. 1 and 2]
27-31 Etienne Drioton An ancient deciphering error
33-35 Etienne Drioton Reading of the title of funeral priest transcribes Sḫnw-ȝḫ
37-58 Paule Kriéger A statuette of king-falcon at the Louvre Museum [pl. 3 and 4]
59-65 Gustave Lefebvre Cow milk and other milks in Egypt
67-74 Herman de Meulenaere Late Onomastic Notes (Second Series)
75-82 Georges Posener A New Returning Story (Literary Research, VII) [pl. 5]
83-88 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Two original subjects on figurative ostraca [pl. 6]
89-90 Etienne Drioton The cryptographic value of the sign representing the solar boat with the disk
90-91 Etienne Drioton The Sinai desert covered by an impenetrable forest?

Volume 13 (1961)

Pages Authors Securities
7-8 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Maurice Alliot (1903-1960)
9-18 Jacques Vandier The canon Etienne Drioton (1889-1961) [pl. 1]
19-25 Etienne Drioton Gustave Lefebvre (1879-1957) [pl. 2]
27-49 Jean Doresse The bindings of the Coptic Gnostic manuscripts discovered at Khénoboskion [4 pl. and 11 fig.]
51-64 Mikhail Korostovtsev Philological notes
65-69 Jacques Vandier The stele of Hori [2 pl. and 1 fig.]
71-105 Jean Yoyotte Geographical studies I. [5 fig.]
107-109 Henry Georges Fischer Land Records on Stelae of the Twelfth Dynasty [1 fig.]
109-110 Eva Jelínkova-Reymond The meaning of the demotic group
110-111 Jacques Vandier About the tomb of Uhikheep at Meir
111-112 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Sobek and Willow

Volume 14 (1962)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 Pierre du Bourguet Count Louis de Vaucelles (1798-1851), pioneer of Egyptology in Nubia [9 fig.]
21-36 Jean-Philippe Lauer On the age and the possible attribution of the monumental excavation of Zaouiet el-Aryan [1 pl. and 2 fig.]
37-43 Michel Malinine A demotic letter to Amenothes son of Hapou [pl. 2]
45-51 Herman de Meulenaere Late Onomastic Notes (3e series)
53-57 Serge Sauneron Perseus, god of Khemmis (Herodotus II, 91)
59-73 Jacques Vandier The table of offerings of Houy [4 pl.]
75-111 Jean Yoyotte Geographic Studies II

Volume 15 (1963)

Pages Authors Securities
7-10 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Pierre Lacau (1873-1963) [1 pl.]
11-25 Philippe Derchain Fishing with the eye and the mysteries of Osiris with Dendara [6 fig.]
27-28 Claire Lalouette Statuette # 37.48 E of the Brooklyn Museum [2 pl.]
29-33 Jesús Lopez The Papyrus Millingen [5 pl.]
35-47 Dimitri Meeks The Four Ka Of the Demiurge memphite [2 fig.]
49-62 Serge Sauneron Notes of philology and etymology
63-67 Wolfgang Schenkel Notes on the transmission of traditional autobiography
69-75 Jean Vercoutter Excavations at Mirgissa (October-November 1962) [3 pl.]
77-85 Baudouin van de Walle New details on Sobek-Hotep, son of Min [1 pl. and 4 fig.]
87-119 Jean Yoyotte Geographic Studies II
121-123 Jacques Jean Clère A new topographical epithet of Sekhmet [4 fig.]
124-125 Michel Malinine About the demonic ostracon of Brooklyn
125-127 Siegfried Morenz Lautliches und Sachliches in der Gleichung Min-Perseus
127-128 Georges Posener On the phonetic value ȝṯ > ȝt sign

Volume 16 (1964)

Pages Author Securities
7-8 Jacques Vandier Sir Alan H. Gardiner (1879-1963) [pl. 1]
9-10 Jacques Vandier Jean Saint Fare Garnot (1908-1963)
11-17 Henri Chevrier Construction techniques in ancient Egypt. I. Raw brick walls
19-23 Philippe Derchain About a magic stele of the Kestner Museum, Hanover [pl. 2]
25-36 André Heyler The solemn invocation of Meroitic epitaphs [pl. 3]
37-43 Georges Posener Expression bỉȝ.t'ȝ.t " bad character "
45-53 Michel Vallogia Notes on the names of Queen Sebek-Ka-Re Neferou-Sebek
55-146 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet [pl. 4 and 5]
147-177 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Familiar monkeys in ancient Egypt. I. The Old Kingdom
179-191 Jean Vercoutter The stele of Mirgissa IM.209 and the location of Iken (Kor or Mirgissa?) [Pl. 6]
193-208 Abd El-Hamid Zayed Free standing Stela of the XIXth Dynasty [pl. 7 and 8]
209-213 Michel Malinine About us HRJ = "Holy"
213-214 Georges Posener Néshi of the trial of Mès
214 Georges Posener The Egyptian word for the "magic name"

Volume 17 (1965)

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Siegfried Schott Aufnahmen vom Hungersnotrelief aus dem Aufweg der Unaspyramide [pl. 1-4]
15-20 Jean-Louis of Cenival The texts of the E. 25550 statue of the Louvre Museum
21-80 Paul Huard Research on the cultural traits of ancient hunters of the Eastern Central Sahara and the Nile
81-87 Siegfried Schott Nut spricht als Mutter und Sarg
89-176 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet, II [pl. 5]
177-188 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Famous monkeys in ancient Egypt (Paintings and bas-reliefs). II. The Middle Kingdom
189-191 Françoise de Cenival Some corrections to the names of eponymous priests for the year 145 before J.-C.
192 André Heyler Five new Meroitic “solemn invocations” (cf. RdE 16, 25-36)
192-193 Georges Posener "Mute, mutilated" in Egyptian
193-195 Georges Posener The name of the sign called "Khons" ()
195-197 Pierre Ramond An oushebti of a vizier of Saïte

Volume 18 (1966)

Pages Authors Securities
7-30 Françoise de Cenival A demotic document relating to the sharing of a house
31-36 Philippe Derchain Ménès, the king "Someone"
37-44 France The Corsu Some surviving Egyptian motifs in Alexandrian religious architecture
45-65 Georges Posener Four Early Period School Tablets [pl. 1-2]
67-142 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet, III [pl. 3]
143-201 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Famous monkeys in ancient Egypt (Paintings and bas-reliefs), III. The New Kingdom
203 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological note
203-204 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Egyptian collection of Malmaison

Volume 19 (1967)

Pages Authors Securities
7-9 Esther Wolff Pierre Montet (1885-1966)
10-20 France The Corsu Bibliography of Pierre Montet
21-28 Michel Baud The tomb of Khâemouaset (No. 261 at Thebes) [pl. 2]
29-37 Raphael Giveon Royal Seals of the XIIth Dynasty from Western Asia
39-50 Pierre Lacau The central painting of the Egyptian stele-door
51-66 Jesús Lopez Old Kingdom inscriptions in Khor El-Aquiba
67-85 Michel Malinine Testamentary Share of a Family Property (Moscow Pap. No. 123) [pl. 3-5]
87-98 Erika Schott Eine datierte Apisbronze [pl. 6-7]
99-110 Siegfried Schott Rs-Nt and MH-Nt als Häuser der Neith
111-121 Aristide Theodoridès The so-called legal expression pn'r mdt
123-159 Claude Vandersleyen A storm under the reign of Amosis [pl. 8-10]
161-163 Michel Gitton A monument of Queen Kheñsa in Karnak
163-166 Michel Malinine Demotic writing games
166-169 Pascal Vernus A locality in the Heracleopolis region

  Volume 20 (1968)

Pages Authors Securities
7-36 Jürgen von Beckerath Die “Stele der Verbannten” im Museum des Louvre [pl. 1]
37-50 Françoise de Cenival An unpublished document relating to the exploitation of Fayoum lands (P. dem Lille, Inv.Sorb 1186) [pl. 2]
51-54 Jacques-Jean Clère New fragments of jubilee scenes of Amenophis IV [pl. 3]
55-61 Mordechai Gilula An Adjective Predicative Expression of Possession in Middle Egyptian
63-96 Jean-Claude Goyon The ceremonial to bring out Sokaris [pl. 4]
97-107 Jean-Philippe Lauer Search and discovery of the southern tomb of Horus Sekhem-khet in Saqqara [pl. 5-6]
109-125 France The Corsu Egyptian doorstones with interlocking elements from the Greco-Roman period
127-234 Claude Vandersleyen Two new fragments of the Amosis stele recounting a storm
135-148 Jacques Vandier Iousâas and (Hathor) -Nébet-Hétépet, IV (additions)
149-170 Abd el Hamid Zayed Painted Wooden Stelae in the Cairo Museum [pl. 7-16]
171-175 Jacques Jean Clère A word for "marriage" in Egyptian in the Ramesside period
175-176 Erich Winter Die Hieroglyphe als IMJ "Befindlich in"

Volume 21 (1969)

Pages Authors Securities
7-17 Paul Barguet Essay of Interpretation of the Book of Two Paths
19-25 Philippe Derchain Snefrou and the Rowers (with additional note)
27-47 Labib Habachi Queen Touy, wife of Seti I, and her close relatives known [pl. 1-3]
49-54 Peter Kaplony Zwei Statuenköpfe der ägyptischen Spätzeit in der Sammlung Albert Koster [pl. 4-7]
55-62 Jean-Philippe Lauer and Jean Leclant Discovery of statues of prisoners at the temple of the pyramid of Pepy I [pl. 8-10]
63-69 Serge Sauneron The notation of the hour in Esna's texts
71-76 Ramadan El-Sayed Does Thoth really have no mother?
77-83 Erika Schott Die Sockelinschrift des Narmeraffen
85-105 Aristide Theodoridès The final oath of "Truth-Lie" (Fr. Chester Beatty II, 11, 1-3) [pl. 11]
107-133 Michel Valloggia Amenemhat IV and his coégégence with Amenemhat III [pl. 12-13]
135-145 Dietrich Wildung Zur Deutung der Pyramid of Medum
147 Georges Posener The ecstatic of Ounamon, 1, 38-40
148-150 Georges Posener Achoris
150-151 Georges Posener "Make-up artist" in Egyptian
151-153 Alexandre Roccati Note on the grapheme in the Middle Kingdom
155-158 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological Note II

Volume 22 (1970)

Pages Authors Securities
7-14 Paul Barguet The 313-321 chapters of the Pyramid Texts and the birth of light
15-39 Henri Chevrier Technical construction in ancient Egypt. II. - Problems posed by obelisks [pl. 1-2]
41-49 Jacques Jean Clère Notes on the biographical inscription of Sarenpout Ier in Aswan [pl. 3]
51-62 Christiane Coche A new statue of the goddess léontocéphale Ouadjit wp tȝwy [Pl. 4]
63-78 François Daumas The sacred objects of the goddess Hathor at Dendara [pl. 5]
79-83 Philippe Derchain The reception of Sinouhe at the court of Sesostris Ier
85-98 Georges Goyon New observations on the orientation of the Cheops pyramid [pl. 6-8]
99-109 Peter Kaplony Denkmäler der Prinzessin Neferurê und der Königin Timienêse in der Sammlung A. Ghertsos [pl. 9-10]
111-129 Bernadette Menu The management of Hekanakhte's land "heritage"
131-137 Paule Posener-Kriéger The night of Rea
139-154 Aristide Theodoridès The Egyptian notion of possession expressed by the prepositive phrase m-di
155-169 Pascal Vernus On a particularity of the Middle Kingdom's onomastics
171-199 André Vila The arming of the fortress of Mirgissa-Iken [pl. 11-14]
201-203 Jaroslav Černy Survival of an old practice
203-204 Erhart Graefe HPJ "Weggehen, zur Ruhe gehen, sterben"
204-205 Georges Posener On naming a child
206-207 Alain-Pierre Zivie About the place name HDBT mentioned in the Texts of the Pyramids

Volume 23 (1971)

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Michael Atzler Randglossen zum Totengott Sokar
15-22 Paul Barguet The specific texts of the various panels of the sarcophagi of the Middle Kingdom
23-48 Oleg Dmitrievitch Berlev The so-called "city dwellers" in the Middle Kingdom
49-65 Danielle Bonneau The festivals of the flood of the Nile. Problems of places, dates and organization
67-111 Henri Chevrier Technical construction in ancient Egypt. III. - Structural work, masonry [pl. 15]
113-136 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade. I. - The veiled God in his shrine [pl. 6-8]
137-153 Georges Goyon The Pyramid Harbors and the Great Memphis Canal [pl. 9]
155-163 Bernadette Menu Some remarks about the comparative study of the legal stele of Karnak and the "stele" of Ahmès-Nefertari
165-191 Jacques Vandier Ramses-Siptah [pl. 10-12]
193-199 Pascal Vernus Proper names juxtaposed with the Middle Kingdom

Volume 24 (1972) Volume dedicated to the memory of Michel Malinine

Pages Authors Securities
7-11 Paul Barguet Am-Douat and royal funeral
12-16 Oleg Dmitrievitch Berlev Table of offerings belonging to an inhabitant of the city of the pyramid of Sesostris II [pl. 1]
17-19 Pierre du Bourguet About the origin of the relative nty
20-24 Bernard Boyaval An unpublished Greek stele from the island of Saï
25-30 Edda Bresciani A mandibola di cammello con testo demotico di Epoca Augustea [pl. 2]
31-39 Françoise de Cenival A sale of slaves from the time of Artaxerxes III (Inv.os 1276 and 1277) [pl. 3-4]
40-45 Jean-Louis of Cenival On Form sḏm.f to repetition or mrr.f
46-54 Jacques Jean Clère A hathoric Naophoric statue of Saïte Epoch [pl. 5-6]
55-59 Alla Ivanovna Elanskaya The law of proportion in Coptic and the category of time in Egyptian
60-63 Raymond Oliver Faulkner Boat-Building in the Coffin Texts
64-71 Henry Georges Fischer sḫȝ.sn (Florence 1774) [pl. 7]
72-79 André Grabar Two images taken from the life of Saint Pachomius [pl. 8]
80-83 Antoine Guillaumont Coptic = "to draw water"
84-90 Helen Jacquet-Gordon To Donation Stela of Apries [pl. 9]
91-95 Rodolphe Kasser Did the highlight precede the "djinkim" in ancient Bohaïric texts?
96-100 Mihail Korostovtsev The classification of simple sentences in Neo-Egyptian
101-107 Martin Krause Ein Fall friedensrichterlicher Tätigkeit im ersten Jahrzehnt from 7. Jahrhunderts in Oberägypten [pl. 10]
108-110 Charles Kuentz About the demotic name, Coptic and Nubian henna, and his use as an anthroponym
111-115 Jesús Lopez Wrecked, col. 36-37 and 105-106
116-119 Dimitri Meeks IWN-n-pt = = "Flax"
120-128 Bernadette Menu A demotic loan contract concluded during the reign of Ptolemy IV Philopator (P. Marseille, Inv.No 297) [pl. 11-12]
129-136 Richard A. Parker An Abstract of a Loan in Demotic from the Fayum [pl. 13]
137-141 Jaqueline Pirenne Did the Egyptian population participate in the local administration?
142-146 Georges Posener On some errors in the calendars of the good and bad days
147-151 Paule Posener-Kriéger About a Wrong Transcription in the Abousir Papyrus
152-159 Alexandre Roccati An Egyptian legend of Anat [pl. 14]
160-164 Serge Sauneron An Egyptian description of the chameleon
165-168 Erwin Seidl Die Verrechnung und die Kompensation in den juristischen demotischen Papyri
169-175 William Kelly Simpson The Lintels of Si-Hathor-Nehy in Boston and Cairo [pl. 15]
176-187 Harry Sidney Smith Dates of the Obsequies of the Mothers of Apis
188-192 Aristide Theodoridès Put things under someone's feet
193-200 Jacques Vandier The block statuette of Padikhonsou [pl. 16]
201-208 Jean Vercoutter A military campaign of Séti I in Haute Nubie. Stele of Saï S. 579 [pl. 17]
209-215 Henri Wild A statue of the XIIe dynasty used by King Herman Thot-em-hat XXIIIe [Pl. 18]
216-223 Jean Yoyotte Petoubastis III [pl. 19]
224-228 Jan Zandee The exemplarism of the transcendent world in relation to the visible world in the Codex Jung Tractatus Tripartitus (pages 51-140)

Volume 25 (1973)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 François Daumas After Pepi Ier in Dendara [pl. 1]
21-34 Pieter Willem Pestman Determinative games in demotic
35-49 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie The swan in ancient Egypt [pl. 2-4]
50-57 Jozef Vergote The Coptic dialect P (P. Bodmer VI: Proverbs). Identification test
58-83 Baudouin van de Walle and Herman de Meulenaere Complements to medical prosopography [pl. 5-7]
84-91 Winfried Barta Bemerkungen zu einem alten Götterhymnus
92-135 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade (continued) [pl. 8-9]
136-177 Paul Huard and Jean Leclant Figurations of traps of the ancient hunters of the Nile and the Sahara
178-191 Jesús Lopez The author of the Teaching for Mérikare
192-208 Michel Malinine A case concerning partition (P. Vienna D 12003 and D 12004) [pl. 10-12]
209-216 Dimitri Meeks The name of the dolphin and the fish of Mendes
217-234 Pascal Vernus The C 3 stele of the Louvre [pl. 13]
235-250 Erich Winter Arensnuphis. Sein Name und seine Herkunft
251-252 Georges Posener A new Aménémopé tablet
252-253 Jesús Lopez A passage from the Teaching of Amenemhat Ier (P. Millingen, I, 7-9)
254-255 Alexandre Roccati reads WHM
255-256 Pascal Vernus A fragment of the Middle Kingdom
257-261 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological Note III

Volume 26 (1974)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 Philippe Derchain crumbs
21-33 Labib Habachi Amenophis III and Amenhotep, son of Hapu, to Athribis [pl. 1-2]
34-51 Michel Malinine A sale of prebends under the XXXe Dynasty (Moscow Paperm No. 135) [pl. 3-5]
52-65 Dimitri Meeks Lexicography notes (1)
66-72 Bernadette Menu An unprecedented demotic stele [pl. 6]
73-82 Ramadan El Sayed About the 407 and 408 Spells of the Sarcophagus Texts
83-99 Robert Lunsingh Scheurleer Some terracotta memphites [pl. 7-9]
100-114 Pascal Vernus A formula of shaouabtis on a pseudo-naos of the XIIIe dynasty [pl. 10-11]
115-117 Jesús Lopez A ramesside stele from the Aubert Collection
117-121 Claude Vandersleyen Sinouhe B 221
121-123 Pascal Vernus On a formula of judicial documents of the time ramesside
123-124 Baudouin van de Walle A family of doctors of the XIXe dynasty

Volume 27 (1975) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jacques Vandier

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Georges Posener Jacques Vandier (1904-1973)
14-29 France The Corsu Bibliography of Jacques Vandier
30-36 Paul Barguet The Book of the Gates and the transmission of royal power
37-40 Hellmut Brunner Osiris in Byblos
41-55 Emma Brunner-Traut Drei altägyptische Totenboote und vorgeschichtliche Bestattungsgefässe (Negade II) [pl. 1-2]
56-61 Françoise de Cenival Act of sale of a donkey of the year 9 of Ptolemy Epiphanes (Inv. Sorbonne No. 217a) [pl. 3]
62-69 Jean-Louis of Cenival About the Chechi stele. Study of some types of private titles of the Old Kingdom
70-77 Jacques Jean Clère A monument of the popular religion of the Ramesside Epoch [pl. 4]
78-92 John D. Cooney Three Royal Sculptures [pl. 5-6]
93-101 Silvio Curto Museo Egizio di Torino: una scheda di restauro [pl. 7-8]
102-109 François Daumas The simultaneous offering of incense and gold in temples of the late period
110-116 Philippe Derchain On the name of Chou and his function
117-124 Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards Something which Herodotus may have seen [pl. 9]
125-131 Erik Hornung Das Grab Thutmosis' II
132-136 Otto Koefoed-Petersen Khenti-khéti, chtonian god. About the AEIN 895 stele of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek in Copenhagen [pl. 10]
137-149 Jean Leclant At the pyramid of Pepi I, the north wall of the passage AF (antechamber-burial chamber)
150-163 Bernadette Letellier Around the stele of Qadech: a family from Deir el-Medinah [pl. 11-12]
164-174 Michel Malinine Sale of tombs at the time Saïte [pl. 13]
175-179 Charles Maystre An object of the High Priest Memphite Ty (Louvre E 8420) [pl. 14]
180-194 Hans Wolfgang Müller Neue frühgeschichtliche Funde aus dem Delta [pl. 15-17]
195-210 Georges Posener Personal piety before the Amarnian Age [pl. 18-21]
211-221 Paule Posener-Kriéger The papyri of Gébélein. Preliminary remarks
222-234 Jean Vercoutter King Ugaf and XIIIe dynasty on the IIe Cataract (Stela of Mirgissa IM 375) [pl. 22-23]

Volume 28 (1976)

Pages Authors Securities
7-24 Baudouin van de Walle The discovery of Amarna and Akhenaton [pl. 1-3]
25-37 Paul Barguet The Book of Caves and the reconstitution of the divine body
38-47 John Callender Concerning the late Egyptian negatives bw and bn
48-60 Juan José Castillos A late Egyptian mummy at the National Natural History Museum of Montevideo [pl. 4-6]
61-65 Philippe Derchain The kyphi recipe
66-73 Michel Dewachter King Sahathor and the Neferhotep I family
74-86 Georges Goyon A method of working granite by thermal action among ancient Egyptians [pl. 7-9]
87-96 Dimitri Meeks Lexicography notes (§ 2-4)
97-110 Ramadan El-Sayed About the title HRP-ḥwwt
111-118 Miroslav Verner Discovery of an obelisk at Abusir [pl. 10]
119-138 Pascal Vernus Two inscriptions of the XIIe dynasty from Saqqara [pl. 11-14]
139-145 Pascal Vernus The formula "the breath of the mouth" in the Middle Kingdom
146-148 Georges Posener Transcript Notes
148-151 Paul Barguet Note on the great temple of Aton in El-Amarna
151-153 Michel Dewachter Viceroy Nehy and the year 52 of Tuthmosis III
153-154 Henry Georges Fischer Military singers in Gébélein and Hatnoub?
155-156 Raphael Giveon Nakhman - A personal name with the plant determinative
156-158 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Still the family of Iouny
158-160 Bernadette Menu Kôm el-Hisn Stele No. 2
160-162 Beatrix Midant-Reynes St. IMN, "Wife" or "daughter" of Amun?
162-164 Pierre Ramond About an implausibly false papyrus!
165-170 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological note IV

Volume 29 (1977)

Pages Authors Securities
5-13 Guillemette Andreu and Sylvie Cauville Vocabulary absent from dictionary
14-20 Paul Barguet The lunar cycle according to two Edfu texts
21-37 Jean-Louis of Cenival The writings of the verb mAA "to see" in the Texts of the Sarcophagi. Their theoretical consequences
38-42 Dieter Jankuhn Der Spruch: "Die Häuser im Wasser zu bauen" (CT VI, Sp. 571)
43-52 Bernadette Letellier A Happy New Year's Wish for a Kushite Queen [pl. 1]
53-67 Olivier Masson Some Egyptian bronzes with Greek inscription [pl. 2-4]
68-85 Olivier Perdu Khenemet-nefer-hedjet: a princess and two queens of the Middle Kingdom
86-96 Paule Posener-Kriéger Measurements of fabrics in the Old Kingdom
97-116 John D. Ray The Complaint of Herieu [pl. 5-6]
117-124 Gerard Roquet A Coptic Epitaph of Nag'ad-Dayr [pl. 7]
125-137 Marie-Louise Ryhiner About pantheist trigrams
138-178 Abdel Monem AH Sayed Discovery of the site of the 12th dynasty port at Wadi Gawasi on the Red Sea shore [pl. 8-16]
179-193 Pascal Vernus The word štȝw, "Branches, groves, wood"
194-202 Jean Yoyotte Contribution to the history of the 162 Chapter of the Book of the Dead
203-214 Christiane Ziegler Drums kept in the Louvre Museum [pl. 17-18]
215-223 Alain-Pierre Zivie A fragment of cubit of the XIXe dynasty
225-226 Guillemette Andreu A fragment of ouchebti in the name of Nectanebo Ier
226 Henry Georges Fischer Still Sḫȝ sn (RdE 24, 64-71)
226-227 Jean Yoyotte A goddess named 'ayt
227-228 Jean Yoyotte Seshat makeup artist
229-230 Christiane M. Zivie A new mention of Djedem

Volume 30 (1978)

Pages Authors Securities
7-9 France The Corsu Bibliography of Michel Malinine
10-21 Guillemette Andreu and Sylvie Cauville Vocabulary absent from dictionary (II)
22-50 Jan Assmann Eine Traumoffenbarung der Göttin Hathor
51-56 Paul Barguet Remarks on some scenes of the room of Ramses VI's sarcophagus
57-66 Philippe Derchain Crumbs (continued)
67-73 Didier Devauchelle A demotic guarantee: P. Dém. Leconte 1 [pl. 1]
74-77 Danielle Bonneau Greek subscription of Father Dem. Leconte 1
78-95 Henry Georges Fischer Some so-called antiquities of the Old Kingdom [pl. 2-6]
96-100 Friedrich Junge "Emphasis by anticipation" im Mittelägyptischen Verbalsatz
101-114 Olivier Perdu The preposition HFT and non-concomitant temporalities
115-146 Pascal Vernus Literature and autobiography. The inscriptions of Sȝ-Mwt nickname Kyky
147-150 Jean Yoyotte Apophis and the Red Mountain
151-162 Alain-Pierre Zivie The quarries and the hillock of Yak
163-167 Raphael Giveon The XIIIth dynasty in Asia [pl. 7]
168 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Additional documentation on Iouny (RdE 28, 156-8)
168-171 Jaromir Málek Spt in Urk. IV, 23, 9
172-174 Marie-Louise Ryhiner A fragment of hieroglyphic inscription found at Leptis Magna
174-175 Jean Yoyotte A memory of a memphite high priest in Cyrenaica
175-177 Alain-Pierre Zivie A seal imprint of Epoque Saïte

Volume 31 (1979)

Pages Authors Securities
3-28 Jocelyne Berlandini The "ruined" pyramid of Sakkara-Nord and King Ikaouhor-Menkaouhor [pl. 1-4]
29-35 Didier Devauchelle The demotic papyrus Louvre E 9415. A division of goods [pl. 5]
36-65 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade (continued)
66-80 Anthony Spalinger The negatives and the Piye (Piankhy) Stela
81-96 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of Ranke, PN
97-100 Miroslav Verner Neue Papyrusfunde in Abusir
101-119 Pascal Vernus A hymn to Amon, protector of Tanis, on a hieratic shelf (Cairo JE 87889) [pl. 6]
120-134 Christiane Ziegler The false door of Prince Kanefer "son of Snefrou" [pl. 10-11]
135-151 Alain-Pierre Zivie The tomb of an officer of the XVIIIe dynasty at Saqqara [pl. 10-11]
152-153 Michel Dewachter Type No. 2 of Corpus funerary cones
153-156 Jaromir Malek A shawabti of the Draftsman Pay of Deir el-Medina
157 Eugen Strouhal How does the paper of JJ Castillos (RdE 28, 48-60)

Volume 32 (1980)

Pages Authors Securities
3-17 Winfried Barta Die Mondfinsternis im 15. Regierungsjahr Takelots II
19-31 Horst Beinlich Ein Morgenlied an Osiris aus dem Hathor-Tempel von Dendara [pl. 1]
33-46 Joris Frans Borghouts The Ram as a Protector and Prophesier
47-64 Sylvie Cauville A specific offering of Osiris: the container of dates (m'ḏȝ n bnr)
65-68 Didier Devauchelle The tree rdmt
69-73 Michel Dewachter A new "royal son" of the XVIIIe dynasty: Qenamon [pl. 2]
75-82 Sami Farag A Memphite inscription of the XIIe dynasty [pl. 3-5]
83-93 Paule Posener-Kriéger Fragments of papyrus from Saqqara [pl. 6-7]
95-116 Anthony Spalinger Remarks on the Family of Queen Ḫ'.s.nbw and the Problem of Kingship in Dynasty XIII [pl. 8]
117-134 Pascal Vernus Studies of philology and linguistics
135-136 Sylvie Cauville SHN-Rhyt : a designation of the necropolis of Edfu
136-138 Jean-Claude Degardin About the objects reported by the Lepsius Expedition
138-139 Didier Devauchelle Anthroponyms Pȝ-'t et Pȝ-'ẖm
140-141 Michel Dewachter A new type of funerary cones
141-144 Bernadette Menu Note on the inscriptions of Sȝ-mwt nickname Kyky
144-145 Michel pezin Mummy labels from the Le Blant collection
145-146 Pascal Vernus Once again the inscriptions of Sȝ-mwt nickname Kyky

  Volume 33 (1981)

Pages Authors Securities
3-9 Essam El-Banna Has the obelisk of Sesostris I in Heliopolis been moved? [pl. 1]
11-22 Joris Frans Borghouts Monthu and matrimonial squabbles
23-28 Annie Gasse A Heliopolitan influence in the science of construction?
29-37 Yvan Koenig The fright of Kenikerkhepeshef (P. Deir el-Medinah 40) [pl. 2]
39-45 Beatrix Midant-Reynes The names of flint in Egyptian
47-58 Paule Posener-Kriéger Building a tomb west of Mn-nfr (P. Cairo 52002) [pl. 3-4]
59-65 David P. Silverman Plural Demonstrative Constructions in Ancient Egyptian
67-77 Rainer Stadelmann The pyramid city in the Old Kingdom
79-87 Michelle Thirion Onomastic notes (second series)
89-124 Pascal Vernus Omina calendrical and offerings accounting on a hieratic shelf of the XVIIIe dynasty [pl. 5-6]
125-132 Christiane Ziegler A family of "great of the gold djebels" of Amun [pl. 7]
133-134 Michel Dewachter The origin of the date of the unpublished bas-relief Toulon Inv. 957-85-1
134-137 Marc Heimer A statuette of bewitchment in alabaster of the Middle Kingdom
137-138 Yvan Koenig Notes on some "neo-Egyptian" words
138-140 Georges Posener Transcript Notes

Tome 34 (1982-1983)

Pages Authors Securities
3-21 Sydney Aufrère Characters and divine origin of minerals
23-26 Sylvie Cauville A stele of Nag el-Hassaïa [pl. 1]
27-52 John L. Foster The sḏm.f and sḏ Forms in the Tale of Sinuhe
53-58 Annie Gasse Seramon, a member of the Theban clergy of the XXIe dynasty
59-69 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Further Thoughts on Egyptian Chronology in the Third Intermediate Period
71-75 Dieter Kurth Der komische Hintergrund of the Horfmuthos von Edfu
77-91 Anthony Leahy Two Donation Stelae of Necho II [pl. 2-3]
93-100 Michel Malinine Hieroglyphic transcriptions of four texts of the Louvre Museum written in abnormal hieratics [pl. 4-7]
101-114 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (third series)
115-128 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (II)
129-136 Jean Yoyotte The Amon of Naukratis
137 Sylvie Cauville IRT : a name of the situla?
137-140 Michel Dewachter Statue Besançon Inv. 890.1.66: a find by Mariette that we thought had been lost
140-142 Charles C. van Siclen, III Three comments on the ostraca of Deir el-Bahari
142-145 Jean Yoyotte A Happy New Year wish for Prince Nechao
145-148 Jean Yoyotte A divine wife in Heracleopolis
148-149 Jean Yoyotte The god Horemheb

Volume 35 (1984)

Pages Authors Securities
3-21 Schafik Allam A marriage contract, P. demotic Cairo J. 68567 [pl. 1-3]
23-30 Sydney Aufrère Brgt (Stele of famine 16). Remarks on terms used to denote emerald, beryl and olivine
31-55 Sylvie Cauville and Didier Devauchelle The temple of Edfu: stages of construction and new historical data
57-82 Virginia Condon Two Papyri Account of the Late Eighteenth Dynasty (Brooklyn 35.1453 A and B) [pl. 4-7]
83-94 Michel Dewachter The “first royal sons of Amun”. Complements and remarks [pl. 8]
95-103 Hans Goedicke The Riddle of Sinuhe's Flight
105-126 François-René Herbin A liturgy of the ten-day rites of Djemê, P. Vienna 3865 [pl. 9]
127-137 Ginette Lacaze, Olivier Masson and Jean Yoyotte Two Memphite documents copied by J.-M. Vansleb in the XVIIe century [pl. 10-11]
139-158 Véronique Laurent A statue from Tell el-Maskoutah [pl. 12]
159-188 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (III)
189-191 Christian Cannuyer Learned monkey or chameleon?
191-195 Jean-Claude Degardin Boat procession in Khonsu temple
195-199 Michel Dewachter King Sahathor, complements
199-200 Michel Dewachter The date of Neferoubenef's papyrus
200-203 Alain-Pierre Zivie The location of the tomb of Ptah Ptahemhat-Ty's High Priest
203-205 Christiane Ziegler Isis found

Volume 36 (1985)

Pages Authors Securities
1-15 Schafik Allam Le HM-kȝ was he exclusively a funeral priest?
17-20 Amin AMA Amer Tutankhamun's Decree for the Chief Treasurer Maya [pl. 1]
21-34 Sydney Aufrère Heart, left ring finger, Sekhmet and heart disease
35-42 Leo Depuydt "See" and "watch" in Coptic: synchronic and diachronic study
43-66 Michel Dewachter New information on the exploitation of the royal necropolis of Drah Abul Neggah [pl. 2-3]
67-72 Ali Ahmed Gasm el Seed The tomb of Tanutamon at El Kurru (Ku 16) [pl. 4]
73-87 Bernadette Menu Sale of services and debt commitments under the Kushite and Saite kings
89-113 Olivier Perdu The monument of Samtoutefnakht in Naples [first part]
115-119 Georges Posener For the reconstruction of the teaching of a man to his son
121-124 Carl Nicholas Reeves Fragments of an Embalming-ritual Papyrus in the Oriental Museum, Durham [pl. 5]
125-143 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic, contribution to a revision of Ranke PN [fourth series]
145-152 Miroslav Verner The statuettes of wooden prisoners of Abousir [pl. 6-8]
153-168 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (IV)
169-170 Jean-Luc Chappaz Wood we make the oushebtis
170-172 Didier Devauchelle About two demotic steles from Kom el-Hisn
172-174 Didier Devauchelle Again the construction of the temple of Hathor in Dendara
175-177 Michel Dewachter About Thot Temple in North Karnak
177-179 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen The consequences of the Libyan wars of Ramses III
179-181 Véronique Laurent A statue of Tell el-Maskoutah found
181-185 Jaromir Malek Paiuenamun, Sambehdet, and Howard Carter's Survey of Tell el-Balamun in 1913
185-187 Christiane Ziegler Discoveries in the museums of Le Mans
187 Michel Dewachter Again the temple of Thot at Karnak North [addendum]
189-200 Marguerite-Marie Cour-Marty The weight collection of the Cairo Museum revisited

Volume 37 (1986)

Pages Authors Securities
3-11 Jocelyne Berlandini Small memphite statuary in the Louvre Museum, the Sadeaouy dyad and the statuette of Tchay [pl. 1-2]
13-29 Françoise de Cenival Accounts of a Theban religious association dating from the 29 to 33 years of King Amasis (P. Louvre E 7840 bis) [pl. 3-4]
31-43 Michel Chauveau The cults of Edfa in Roman times [pl. 5-8]
45-51 Didier Devauchelle Fragments of Ptolemaic decrees in the Egyptian language preserved at the Louvre Museum [pl. 9-10]
53-62 Michel Dewachter The funerary scarab of Nechao II and two unpublished amulets of the Jacquemart-André Museum [pl. 11-13]
63-80 Karin Götte Eine Individualcharakteristik ptolemäischer Herrscher anhand der Epitheta Sequenzen beim Weinopfer
81-89 Jean-Claude Grenier The prophet and the autokrator [pl. 14]
91-96 Georges Posener New on Kombabos [pl. 15]
97-106 Jan Quaegebeur Amenophis, royal name and divine name. Methodological issues
107-130 Stephen Quirke The Regular Titles of the Late Middle Kingdom
131-137 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic, contribution to a revision of Ranke PN [fifth series]
139-147 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (V) [pl. 16]
149-150 Didier Devauchelle Notes on the Bentresh stele
150-151 Georges Posener Still the title
151-155 François Neveu The rental price of donkeys in Deir el Medina
155-159 Bernard Mathieu A new fragment of Prâemheb's papyrus
159-163 Michel Dewachter Two bas-reliefs lost from the 2003 well of Deir el-Medinah

Volume 38 (1987)

Pages Authors Securities
3-11 Françoise de Cenival The Dodgson papyrus: (P. Ashmolean Museum Oxford 1932-1159). An interrogation at the gates of the gods [pl. 1]
13-48 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of the military cadres of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period
49-54 Aidan Dodson Psusennes II [pl. 2]
55-61 Arno Egberts A note on the building history of the temple of Edfu
63-80 Hans Goedicke "Menna's Lament"
81-104 Jean-Claude Grenier The Pharaonic Protocol of the Roman Emperors (Formal Analysis and Historical Significance)
105-110 Yvan Koenig Nubia in the magical texts "The disturbing strangeness"
111-115 Peter Lacovara and Carl Nicholas Reeves The colossal statue of Mycerinus reconsidered [pl. 3-4]
117-137 Jaromir Malek The Saqqara statue of Ptahmose, mayor of the Memphite suburbs [pl. 5]
139-146 Nigel Strudwick The overseer of the treasury ny-kȝw-PTH [Pl. 6]
147-162 Claude Traunecker The "high temples" of the Late Period: an aspect of the economic functioning of temples
163-181 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (VI) [pl. 7]
183-184 Sylvie Cauville A prefix p in Egyptian?
185-187 Sylvie Cauville About the designations of the scribe palette
187-190 Michel Defossez Lexicographical note on the word ḥwtf
190-193 Michel Dewachter The great elbow of the Nile at Amada and the toponym tȝ ḳ'ḥ (t)
194-197 Claude Vandersleyen A head of Chephren pink granite

Volume 39 (1988) Volume dedicated to the memory of Georges Posener

Pages Authors Securities
I-III Arpag Mekhitarian Georges Posener (1907-1988)
3-36 Thierry Bardinet Notes on skin diseases, leprosy, and divine punishment
37-46 Françoise de Cenival Papyrus Seymour de Ricci: the oldest of the regulations of religious association (P. BN E 241) [pl. 1]
47-62 Danielle Unknown-Bocquillon Thot of Pnoubs (the city) or Thot of the nebès (the tree)
63-82 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics. I. The heptametric couplet in love songs
83-106 Stephen Quirke State and Labor in the Middle Kingdom. A Reconsideration of the Term ḫnrt
107-129 Anthony Spalinger A Sequence System
131-146 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (sixth series)
147-154 Pascal Vernus The formula of good behavior (nfrt)
155-178 Jean Yoyotte Lions and cats. Contribution to the prosopography of the Lybian era [pl. 2-6]
179-195 Alain-Pierre Zivie Portrait of woman. A stuccoed wooden head recently discovered in Saqqara [pl. 7-11]
197-204 Nathalie Beaux Star and starfish: an attempt to identify the sign
204-208 Leo Depuydt The End of ḫr.f sḏm.f in the Heqanakhte Letters
208 Didier Devauchelle A Persian in Ptolemaic Egypt
209-210 Michel Dewachter The appearance of the Papyrus Prisse (pBN 183-194)
210-211 Frédérique von Känel The "Director of the Château de Serket"
211-213 Bernadette Menu The renting of donkeys in Deir el-Medina
213-214 Vincent Rondot A monument of the Xe nome of Upper Egypt found
215-227 Michel Dewachter The paradox of the “Salvolini papers” of the National Library (MSS NAF 20450-20454) and the question of the manuscripts of the Champollion brothers

Volume 40 (1989) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jacques Jean Clère

Pages Authors Securities
I-II Jean Vercoutter Jacques Jean Clère (1906-1989)
III-IX Jean-Louis of Cenival Bibliography of Jacques Jean Clère
3-36 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of the military cadres of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period
37-47 Philippe Derchain Eloquence and politics. Akhtoy's opinion
49-63 Eric Doret Nominal Sentence, Identity and Substitution in Sarcophagus Texts [Part One]
65-89 Danielle Unknown-Bocquillon The titles ḥry ỉdb et ḥry wḏb in the inscriptions of the Greco-Roman temples
91-111 Jean-Philippe Lauer The problem of the construction of the Great Pyramid [pl. 1-3]
113-123 Robert Navailles and François Neveu What did we mean by “slave day” in the New Kingdom? (hrw m ḥm (t), hrw n bȝk)
125-129 Gabriella Scandone-Matthiae A sphinx of Amenemhat III at the Museum of Aleppo [pl. 4]
131-144 Michel Valloggia The Bodmer 107 papyrus or the late reflections of a conception of eternity [pl. 5]
145-161 Pascal Vernus The stele of Pharaoh MnTw-Htpi in Karnak: a new testimony by the political and military situation at the beginning of the DPI [pl. 6-7]
163-185 Francis Geus Surveys of Meroitic funerary practices and customs. The contribution of non-royal cemeteries. Preliminary approach
187-188 Essam El-Banna An unpublished stele of a singer from the Temple of Ptah in Memphis
189-190 Didier Devauchelle Ptolemaic Notes (1-3)
191-194 Pierre Grandet The Thebes Road compared to a rope
194-195 Yvan Koenig Notes on the Papyrus Deir el-Medinah XXVI AB
195-197 Olivier Perdu Another trace of the goddess Âayt in the herakleopolitan onomastic at the origin of the Pakhrof fleet leader
197-198 Joaquim Friedrich Quack On the euphemistic use of HFT "Enemy" in demotic
199-200 Pascal Vernus again mid governing a suffix form -t
201-215 Michel Dewachter The manuscripts of engineer Jollois and correspondence relating to his first year in Egypt (1798-1799)
215-218 Michel Dewachter The so-called portrait of Champollion in Naples, painted by François Bouchot in 1828
218-220 Michel Dewachter The artists collectors and a testimony on the beginnings of the antique dealer Joseph Brummer: the “Souvenirs” of Zadkine

  Volume 41 (1990)

Pages Authors Securities
3-8 Michel Chauveau Glorification of an anonymous death (Dem Louvre N 2450 c) [pl. 1]
9-30 Philippe Derchain The author of the papyrus Jumilhac
31-37 Aidan Dodson The Canopic Chest of Ramesses II [pl. 2]
39-56 Eric Doret Nominal sentence, identity and substitution in the Sarcophagus Texts [second part]
57-63 Adel Farid General Hathor, Daughter of Strategos Hjȝrgs-P'khqm [Pl. 3-4]
65-93 Hans Goedicke Two Mining Records from the Wadi Hammamat
95-99 Pierre Grandet A historical text from Ramses III to El-Kab (and other Ramesside texts) [pl. 5-6]
101-125 Yvan Koenig The texts of spell of Mirgissa
127-141 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics II. Metric constraints and textual production in theHymn to the flood of the Nile
143-152 François Neveu About Fr. DM 28: a royal council dedicated to the affairs of "La Tombe"
153-208 Pascal Vernus Between Neo-Egyptian and Demotic: the language used in the translation of the Ritual of repelling the Aggressive (Studies on diglossia I)
209-213 Alain Charron Animal Massacres in the Late Period
213-217 Elisabeth Delange, Mr Grange, Bruce Kusko and Eve Menei Appearance of the metallogallic ink in Egypt from the Louvre papyrus collection
218-220 Didier Devauchelle Again rdmt
220-221 Jean Vercoutter ḥmȝgt : Semi-precious stones or resin?
221 Pascal Vernus About the pharaoh stela Mntw-SICT
223-230 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Addenda and corrigenda to the prosopography of the Egyptian military cadres of the Late Period

Volume 42 (1991)

Pages Authors Securities
3-10 Mohammed Ibrahim Bakr and Alexandra Nibbi Three Stone Anchors from Tell Basta [pl. 1]
11-24 Nathalie Baum Some ideas about the hair tree ḫt n šn
25-41 Nadine Cherpion By reconsidering the great sphinx of the Louvre (A 23)
43-88 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of military cadres of the Middle Kingdom
89-94 Hans Goedicke Egyptian Military Actions in "Asia" in the Middle Kingdom
95-116 Yvan Koenig The hieratic ostraca of the Louvre Museum
117-145 Eddy Lanciers Die ägyptischen Priest of the Pole Königskultes [pl. 2]
147-169 Christian Leblanc and I. Abdel-Rahman Remarks on the tomb of Queen Douatentipet [pl. 3-10]
171-181 Richard Bruce Parkinson The Date of the "Tale of the Eloquent Peasant"
183-187 Olivier Perdu A saite statue of a priest from the province of the West [pl. 11]
189-207 Joaquim Friedrich Quack The Konstruktion of the Infinitivs in der Cleft Sentence
209-222 Anthony Spalinger An Unexpected Source in a Festival Calendar
223-240 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (seventh series)
241-249 Pascal Vernus A statue of Neshor nicknamed Psamétik-menkhib [pl. 12-13]
251-252 Christophe Barbotin A fragment of inspection text from Merenptah to Tod
253-255 Alain Charron An offering table at the Meudon Museum
256-260 Paolo Gallo I babbuini di Thot il toro: da Busiri al Campidoglio
260-261 Bernadette Letellier "Bite analysis": the real name of the "treatise on ophiology"?
262-263 Bernard Mathieu “Remembering the West” (sxA Jmnt.t): an expression of religious piety in the Middle Kingdom
264-266 Olivier Perdu The oushebtys of General Pashérientaihet (Psentaès) son of Bastetreshti
266 Pascal Vernus About the Ritual of Pushing the Aggressive
267-281 Juan José Castillos Pottery Distribution in Upper Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries

Volume 43 (1992)

Pages Authors Securities
3-9 Andrey O. Bolshakov The Earliest Known Gold Pharaonic Coin
11-34 Pierre-Marie Cheverau Contribution to the prosopography of military cadres of the Middle Kingdom
35-47 Philippe Derchain The beginnings of History
49-74 Eric Doret Nominal sentence, identity and substitution in the Sarcophagus Texts [third part]
75-85 Hans Goedicke Wisdom of Any VII, 12-7
87-105 Catherine Graindorge Onions of Sokar [pl. 1]
107-122 Jacobus Johannes Janssen Gear for the Tombs [pl. 2]
123-132 Yvan Koenig The registered patches of the Louvre
133-143 Jesús Lopez The love orchard
145-162 Olivier Perdu Base of a statue of Neshor in Abydos
163-168 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (eighth series)
169-194 Ursula Verhoeven Textgeschichtliche Beobachtungen am Schlusstext von Totenbuchspruch 146
195-202 Sylvie Cauville The “specific” priests of Dendara
202-204 Didier Devauchelle Two Memphite Fragments of the New Kingdom
205-207 Didier Devauchelle The title of high priest memphite
207-210 Annie Gasse A new stele of Horus on crocodiles
210-214 Michel pezin Hor, son of Labys Frontistής /SWRD of Hathor of Dendera, in 98
215-221 Pierre Prévot Observations on Memphis Serapeum steles

Volume 44 (1993)

Pages Authors Securities
3-10 Michèle Broze The creation of the world and the opposition sḏm.f - sḏ in the temple of Esna
11-18 Herman de Meulenaere Some remarks on saite donation stelae [pl. 1]
19-31 Marc Etienne (and Dominique Farout) The 26.1.19 stele found [pl. 2]
33-54 Jean Kerisel Pyramid of Cheops. Last searches
55-73 Yvan Koenig The labels of jars of the Louvre Museum
75-80 Jean-Philippe Lauer On the use and the role of color in the monuments of the funeral complex of King Djoser [pl. 3]
81-101 Alexandra Nibbi An Early Dynastic Hide-Covered Papyrus Boat Model [pl. 4-7]
103-140 Claude Obsomer The date of Nésou-Montou (Louvre C 1)
141-151 Joaquim Friedrich Quack Ägyptisches und südarabisches Alphabet
153-160 Heike Schmidt Foreign Affairs under Egypt's "Dazzling Sun"
161-184 Anthony Spalinger A Religious Calendar Year at the Mut Temple at Karnak
185-188 Eve Menei Remarks on the manufacture of papyrus rolls: details on the formation and assembly of slips
189-191 Claude Vandersleyen Rahotep, Sebekemsaf Ier and Djéhouty, king of the 13e dynasty
192-194 Claude Vandersleyen The lamenting scenes of the rooms alpha et gamma in the tomb of Akhenaton
195-198 Gérard Colin A particularity of the language of the Ethiopian Synaxarian: the inchoative use of the verb (kona) (a parallel to a value of HPR)

Volume 45 (1994) Volume dedicated to the memory of Charles Maystre

Pages Authors Securities
3-5 Michel Valloggia Charles Maystre (1907-1993)
6-9 Michel Valloggia Bibliography of Charles Maystre
11-15 Christian Barbotin A statue of the high priest of Amon Bakenkhonsu II [pl. I-IV]
17-39 Nathalie Baum SNTR : a revision
41-48 Charles Bonnet Palaces and temples in the urban topography. Examples of the Kerma Basin
49-73 Leo Depuydt We have Late Egyptian and Demotic Idiom
75-86 Didier Devauchelle Notes and Documents for the History of the Memphis Serapeum (IV) [pl. V-VII]
87-116 Eric Van Essche-Merchez For a "stratigraphic" reading of the walls of the temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habou [pl. VIII-XII]
117-132 Ahmed Farid Sieben Metalgefüte mit demotischen Inschriften aus Kairo und Paris
133-138 Jean-Marie Kruchten A conjunctive use after a verb of will on a stele of Ramses IV
139-154 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics. III. A metric innovation in a Theban litany of the New Kingdom
155-173 Jan Quaegebeur The table of great and pure offerings of Amon
175-188 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (ninth series)
189-192 Amin AMA Amer A Stela from Liverpool
193-196 Basma Koura Anmerkungen zu den Elfenbeinfragmenten Louvre E 11203 aus der Amarnazeit
197 Joaquim Friedrich Quack Notwendige Korrekturen
198-200 Nicholas Reeves A Fragment from the Canopic Jar of an Amarna Queen
201-205 Nicholas Reeves Observations on a Royal Sarcophagus Model in the British Museum
207-234 Alfred Muzzolini Tanks in the Sahara and Egypt. The tanks of the “Peoples of the Sea” and the “Eastern Wave” in Africa

Volume 46 (1995)

Pages Authors Securities
3 - 8 Miroslaw Arwik News about Pacherenmin's papyrus at the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow
9 - 41 Jocelyne Berlandini-Keller Ptah-demiurge and the exaltation of the sky
43 - 54 Gérard Colin Pharaonic Egypt in the Chronicle of John, Bishop of Nikiou
55 - 79 Philippe Collombert Hout-sekhem and the seventh nome of Upper Egypt, the divine Oudjarenes
89 - 98 Philippe Derchain Egypt, symbol of the eye The age of Ra's decree
119 - 137 Christina Karlshausen The evolution of Amon's processional boat at 18e dynasty
139 - 148 Michel Chauveau A demotic dedication to the god Atoum
149 - 161 Peter Pamminger Insights into a translucent name bead
171 - 186 Michelle Thirion Onomastic notes, contribution to a revision of the Ranke NP, tenth series
187 - 202 Jean Winand Grammar to help text dating
213 -214 Feet Bernadette Menu About "Donation Stelae"

Volume 47 (1996)

Pages Authors Securities
9 -28 Feet Pierre-Marie Chevereau The standard bearer Maienheqaou
37 -41 Feet Anne Minault-Gout A head of Queen Tiyi discovered in Saï Island, Sudan
43 -66 Feet Olivier Perdu The warning of Amenardis Ire on his statue Cairo JE 3420 = CG 565
67 -77 Feet Anthony John Spalinger Some times
107 -115 Feet Claude Vandersleyen The monuments of Wadi Gaouasis and the possibility of going to the country of Punt by the Red Sea
147 -170 Feet Carles Wolterman A vizier of Ramses III visits the oracle of Amun and Deir el-Medina
171 -172 Feet Didier Devauchelle Ptolemaic notes
173-176 Peter Lacovara, Carl Nicholas Reeves, W. Raymond Johnson and A composite statue in the museum of fine arts, Boston
177-179 Robert H. Tykot The Geological Source of an Obsidian Ear (04.1941) from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
180 -181 Feet Michel pezin Two new demotic testimonies of the Aramaic anthroponym Bl-Str
183 -203 Feet Marianne Cornevin Paleoclimatology and settlement of ancient Egypt

Volume 48 (1997)

Pages Authors Securities
5-10 Jean Yoyotte Paule Posener-Kriéger
11-14 Jean Yoyotte Bibliography of Paule Posener-Kriéger
15-70 Philippe Collombert Hout-sekhem and the seventh nome of Upper Egypt II: the late stelae [pl. I-VII]
71-80 Philippe Derchain Crumbs (IV)
81-93 Konrad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7852. A Land Lease from the Reign of Taharka [Pl. VIII]
95-108 Stephen Quirke Black Copper in Bronze Age Egypt [pl. IX]
109-163 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics, IV. Enneamametric tristics in the Amon hymn of Leiden [Pl. X-XV]
165-184 Olivier Perdu A revisited “autobiography” of Horirâa
185-200 Chantal Sambin The purification of the Divine Eye or the two vessels of Kom Ombo [Pl. XVI]
201-217 Eric van Essche The added value of the determinative sign in the figurative writing ramesside
219-226 Jean Vercoutter Egyptians and Prehellenes. New points of view
227-245 Christiane Ziegler The statues of Akhethetep, owner of the Louvre Chapel [Pl. XVII-XIX]
247-250 Christophe Barbotin A new certificate of Kemit
251-256 Juan José Castillos New Data on Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries
257-259 Philippe Collombert When Menkheperrê addresses Amon (stele of banishment, L. 12)
260-263 Didier Devauchelle The oaths at the door of Djema
264-266 Véronique Laurent About an oushebti
267-273 Elsa Rickal A statue of a priest of Herishef at the XVIIIe dynasty
274-278 Vincent Rondot Alexander IV Aegos and Ptolemy Ier Serve at the Besançon museum
279-282 Kim Ryholt Two New Kingdom Oracle Petitions. O. BMFA 72.659, 72.666
283-289 Jean-Jacques Fiechter The Rosetta Stone and other Egyptian antiquities taken by the English in 1801
290 Myriam Wyssa Grafma

Volume 49 (1998)

Pages Authors Securities
5-24 Jocelyne Berlandini A statuette head of a Lybian dynasty (Pl. I-III)
25-36 Juan José Castillos Inequality in Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries
37-45 Marc Coenen An Introduction to the Document of Breathing made by Isis
47-58 Philippe Collombert The eternal succession of generations. About a formula of late autobiographies
59-89 Judith Devaux Definition of some technical characteristics of soft stone statuary in ancient Egypt (Pl. IV-XI)
91-105 Koenraad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7856 verso and recto: Leasing Land in the Reign of Taharka (Pl. XII-XIII)
107-149 Françoise Labrique The escort of the moon on the gate of Evergète in Karnak (Pl. XIV-XXI)
151-160 Juan Carlos Moreno García From the Old Kingdom to the First Intermediate Period: the autobiography of Qȝr of Edfu, between tradition and innovation
161-173 Milena Perraud A connection to the Louvre: the headrest E 4231 + E 4293 with figuration of Bes (Pl. XXII-XXV)
175-194 Olivier Perdu The "director of the council scribes"
195-220 Chris H. Reintges Mapping Information Structure to Syntactic Structure: One Syntax for jn
221-237 Ursula Verhoeven International Totenbuch-Puzzle (Pl. XXVI-XXVIII)
239-242 Philippe Collombert The Nesmin stele (complement to RdE 48 (1997), p. 15-70)
243-249 Alexandra c. Lieven Die "Theology" der Türeinfassung Kairo JdE 48832-3
250-254 Olivier Perdu The torso of Irethorerou from the Béhague collection
255-256 Joachim Friedrich Quack Ein übersehener Beleg for den Imhotep-Kult in Theben
257-258 Christophe Thiers A propos of ẖp.w / HP (y) .w "Relief figures, engravings"
259-264 Christophe Thiers A statue of Ptolemy Evergete Ier
265-271 Sydney Aufrère The first drawings of liturgical paintings of the temple of Khnum-Re in Esna. About the visits of the Jesuit Claude Sicard in 1718 and 1720

Volume 50 (1999)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 49 Christophe Barbotin The Chassinat papyrus III [Pl. I-XII]
51 - 65 Anne-Sophie von Bomhard The Shipwrecked Tale and the Prisse Papyrus
67 - 105 Mark Depauw Demotic Witness-Copy-Contracts
107 - 133 Leo Depuydt The Two Problems of the Month Names
135 - 147 Koenraad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7851 front and back: Two More Land Leases from the Reign of Taharka [Pl. XIII-XIV]
149 - 239 François-René Herbin Three original manuscripts from the Louvre bearing the “Book of Breaths made by Isis” (P. Louvre N 3121, N 3083 and N 3166) [Pl. XV-XXII]
241 - 257 Juan Carlos Moreno García "I filled the pastures with spotted cows ..." Cattle, royal economy and ideology in Egypt, from the Old to the Middle Kingdom
259 - 268 René Preys Hathor, mistress of the Sixteen and the feast of navigation at Dendera
269 - 271 Michel Chauveau The chronology of the so-called "Pherendatès" correspondence
272 - 274 Michel Chauveau A contemporary indigenous strategist of the last Cleopatra
275 - 277 Judith Devaux Nature of metal used for tools of Egyptian sculptors
278 - 282 Luc Gabolde Canopus and the north-south directions of Karnak established by Thutmose III
283 - 285 François-René Herbin P. Louvre N 3176 H: the stuttering papyrus
286 - 288 Eric Rannou Three canopic jars preserved in Mayenne (France)

Volume 51 (2000)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 8 Magdy El-Ghandour Obituary of Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Moussa (1934 - 1998)
9 - 19 Eugene Cruz-Uribe Two early demotic letters from Thebes (Louvre P. E 3231c and 3231b) [Pl. I-II]
21 - 37 Didier Devauchelle Notes and Documents on the History of the Memphis Serapeum (VI-X) [Pl. III-V]
39 - 67 Judith Devaux Definition of some technical features of hard stone statuary in ancient Egypt [Pl. VI-XII]
69 - 81 Ivan Guermeur The Aristonikos syngenes and the city of To-Bener (Cairo Statue JE 85743) [Pl. XIII-XIV]
83 - 101 Dimitri Laboury From the spatial relationship between the characters of royal statuary groups in pharaonic art [Pl. XV-XVIII]
103 - 121 Alexandra von Lieven Kleine Beiträge zur Vergöttlichung Amenophis II Amenophis I. auf schildförmigen Mumienamuletten [Pl. XIX-XXII]
123 - 139 Juan Carlos Moreno García Acquisition of serfs during the First Intermediate Period: a study of social history in III Egypte Millennium
141 - 152 Elsa Oreal A proofreading Merikare, E 109-115
153 - 173 Peter Pammiger Features of the Past. A Royal Statuary and its Secret [Pl. XXIII-XXVIII]
175 - 193 Olivier Perdu Incidence of Incentives to Act [Pl. XXIX]
195 - 221 René Preys The amounts of Per-Nou and the festival of the Good Meeting in Dendera
223 - 251 Stephen Quirke Six hieroglyphic inscriptions in University College Dublin [Pl. XXX-XXXIII]
253 - 256 Juan José Castillos The Predynastic Cemeteries at Badari
257 - 261 Michel Chauveau Again Ptolemy "VII" and the god Neos Philipatôr!
262 - 265 Luc Gabolde and Mansour el-Noubi Stele of Gegi (PPI) with an invocation to the "Furious" (?) In the shops of Luxor
266 - 270 Christophe Thiers A pharaonic protocol from Antoninus Pius?
271 - 275 Sydney Hervé Aufrère A Toulouse friend from Champollion, the antique dealer Alexandre Du Mège and his knowledge of Egyptian antiquities

Volume 52 (2001)

Pages Authors Securities
7 - 27 Michel Azim A forgotten Karnak monument: the central gate of the Ouadjyt
29 - 55 Christophe Barbotin The dedicatory inscription of Khâemouaset at Saqqara Serapeum
57 - 67 Jeanne Bulté Original iconography of an unpublished “foster” Bes: illustration of an obscene curse [Pl. XIII-XIV]
69 - 84 Marc Coenen On the demise of the Book of the Dead in Ptolemaic Thebes
85 - 125 Laurent Coulon When Amon speaks to Plato (The Cairo statue JE 38033) [Pl. XV-XXI]
127 - 149 Louise Gestermann Grab and Stele of Psametich, Oberarzt und Vorstecher der TMHW [Pl. XXII]
151 - 181 Christian Leblanc The true identity of Pentaouret, the "cursed" prince [Pl. XXIII-XXVII]
183 - 217 Olivier Perdu Example of an archaic stele for a model priest [Pl. XXVIII]
219 - 249 Vincent Rondot The biphenous god is Lycurgus [Pl. XXIX-XXXV]
251 - 264 Cathie Spieser Serket, protector of the unborn and the dead to be reborn
265 - 276 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (Eleventh series)

Volume 53 (2002)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 60 Jocelyne Berlandini The "recumbent double-chaouabti" of princes Ramses and Khâemouaset [Pl. I-VIII]
61 - 74 Jean-Yves Carrez-Maratray The epithet Philometor and the lagid reconciliation of 124-116
75 - 102 Christina Riggs and Mark Depauw "Soternalia" from Deir El-Bahri, Including two Coffin Lids with Demotic Inscriptions [Pl. IX-XIV]
103 - 136 Rita E. Freed Another Look at the Sculpture of Amenemhat III [Pl. XV-XX]
137 - 156 Christian Leitz Die Chronokratenliste von Edfu - ein Pantheon aus der der zweiten Hälfte der 12. Dynasty
157 - 178 Olivier Perdu King Rudamun in person ! [Pl. XXI-XXIV]
179 - 196 Patrizia Piacentini The “Writings Officers” in the Egypt of the IIIe millennium BC AD
197 - 212 René Preys Hathor at the scepter-ouas. Images and texts in the service of theology
213 - 234 Eric Varin Notes on the dispersion of some Egyptian objects from the villa Quirini to Alticchiéro [Pl. XXV-XXIX]
235 - 243 Marie-Noëlle Fraisse and Abeid Mahmoud Hamed Saqqâra: information note on recent works at the funeral complex of Queen Ânkhesenpépy II: I. The offering sign from the north chapel of the Ânkhesenpépy II pyramid. II. A deposit of raw clay, in the mortuary temple of Queen Ânkhesenpépy II
244 Françoise Labrique : Rare graph
245 - 249 Jean Revez Unpublished photos of the statue of the Middle Kingdom of Hapidjefa, discovered in Kerma (BMFA 14.724)
250 - 255 Frédéric Payraudeau The fragment 6 of the annals of the priests of Amon in Karnak and a new branch of the family of Néseramon

Volume 54 (2004)

Pages Authors Securities
VII-XIII Bernadette Letellier Jean-Louis of Cenival (1971-2003)
XIV-XVI Jean Yoyotte Jesus Lopez
1 - 29 Jeanne Bulté A rare "Thouéris" crowned in "polka-dot earthenware" [Pl. IV]
31 - 46 Jean-Yves Carrez-Maratray About name Thmouite
47 - 65 Abdel Gawad Migahis and Günter Vittman Zwei weitere frühdemotische Briefe an Thoth [Pl. VI-VIII]
67 - 129 François-René Herbin The rebirth ofOsiris at the temple of Opet (P. Vatican Inv. 38608) [Pl. IX]
131 - 153 Frédéric Payraudeau The designation of the Governor of Thebes in Libyan and Ethiopian times
155 - 166 Olivier Perdu Pendants as ex-voto
167 - 175 Claude Rilly The inscriptions of funeral offerings: a first key to understanding Meroitic
177 - 190 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Twelfth series]
191 - 217 Dominique Valbelle L'amon of Pnoubs [Pl. X-XII]
219 - 265 Jean Yoyotte A new memory of Sheshanq Ier and a heliopolitan wall of more [Pl. XIII-XVIII]
267 - 269 Damien Agut-Labordère P. Insinger 28. 4-5: a distich
270 - 274 Wolfram Grajetzki Two monuments of the High Steward Senaa-ib of the Middle Kingdom
275 - 278 Françoise Labrique Nwd⸗f-ḫn'-ỉt⸗f : "He-moves-with-his-father", a designation of the waxing moon
279 - 285 Elsa Oreal Héka, πρώτοv μάγευμα. An explanation of Jamblique, From Mysteriis VIII, 3
286 - 287 Lisa Sabbahy A note on the Goddess Selket as Protector of Rebirth
288 - 294 Pierre Tallet Meket / Meketre

Volume 55 (2004)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 21 Laurent Coulon and Luc Gabolde A stele on the forecourt of the temple of Opet Karnak [Pl. I-VI]
23 - 43 Annie Gasse A stele of Horus on the crocodiles. Regarding “Text C” [Pl. VII-IX]
45 - 79 Karl Jansen-Winkeln Zu einigen Inschriften der Dritten Zwischenzeit [Pl. X-XVI]
81 - 93 Frédéric Payraudeau Nespanetjerendjérê, treasurer of the Libyan kings (Statue Cairo JE 37323) [Pl. XVII-XVIII]
95 - 111 Olivier Perdu The chiefdom of Sebennytos de Piankhy à Psammetic Ier
113 - 123 Barbara russo An early ritual in the tomb of the Middle Kingdom from Neha
125 - 148 Frédéric Servajean Golden moon or sun? An episode of Adventures of Horus and Seth (P / Chester Beatty IR °, 11, 1 - 13,1)
149 - 159 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Thirteenth series]
161 - 166 Hanane Gaber Copyist errors in chapter 54 of LOS (Tomb of Pached [TT3])
167 - 171 Holger Kockelmann Zwei Personennamen in Hieratisch-Demotischer Mischschreibung: Angerkungen zue graphischen Form und Lesung der Besitzernamen in den Totenbuch-Handschriften pLondon, British Museum EA 10306 and M. Madrid Inv 84 / 79 / IX / 10
172 - 181 Lionel Schmitt An unpublished block in the name of a Horus Shertaouy at Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg (IES 346)
182 - 188 Tadas Rutkauskas A Fragment of the Book of the Dead from MK Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas (pKaunas Tt-12848)

Volume 56 (2005)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 44 Mohammed Abd El-Maksoud and Dominique Valbelle Tell Héboua-Tjarou. The contribution of epigraphy [Pl. I-XI]
45 - 54 Damien Agut-Labordère The title of the “Decree of Cambyse” (P. Bn verso column d)
55 - 78 El-Sayed Mahfouz Directors of the Amon Gold Deserts
79 - 94 James K. Hofmeier and Ronald D. Bull New Listings Mentioning Tjaru from Tell el Borg, North Sinai [Pl. XII-XV]
95 - 128 Juan Carlos Moreno García Two families of provincial potentates and the foundations of their power: Elkab and El-Hawawish under the VIe dynasty
129 - 166 Olivier Perdu A god from the countryside
167 - 176 Jerome Rizzo "To be without a boat" on the supposed meaning of the verb JWJ
177 - 190 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Fourteenth series]
191 - 194 Christophe Barbotin I. A musical quote at New Empire. II. Civil war and foreign war according to the stele of Nysoumontou
195 - 202 Élisabeth Delange Archival details
203 - 207 Frédéric Payraudeau The statue Cairo CG 717 and the family of Ânkhpakhéred son of Pashedmout
208 - 213 Harco Willems The Feather of the West
215 - 250 Yves Laissus I. Study on the publication of the Description of Egypt. II. Summary tables
251 - 253 Henri-Charles Loffet The last writing of Jean-François Champollion

Volume 57 (2006)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 46 Laurent Coulon The seats of priests of late period. About three Theban documents [Pl. I-VII]
47 - 76 Agnès Degrève The Asian campaign of year I of Seti Ier represented on the north outside wall of the hypostyle hall of the temple of Amon at Karnak [Pl. VIII-XIII]
77 - 94 Holger Kockelmann Drei Götter unterm Totenbett. Zu einem ungewöhnlichen Bildmotiv in einer späten Totenbuch-Handschrift [Pl. XIV]
95 - 108 Julie Masquelier-Loorius The double lash whip
109 - 150 Colleen Manassa The Judgment Hall of Osiris in the Book of Gates [Pl. XV-XVIII]
151 - 198 Olivier Perdu Documents relating to the governors of delta at the beginning of the XXVIe dynasty [Pl. XIX-XXIII]
199 - 216 René Preys Hathor, daughter of Nun: creator and demiurge in the temple of Dendera
217 - 232 Mark Smith The Great Decree Issued to the Your name of the Silent Land
233 - 234 Françoise de Cénival About the word designating in demotic "association"
235 - 238 Philippe Collombert The strippyr at the neck of the distress
239 - 240 Dominique Farout A statuette from the tomb of Izi in Edfu: the lady Irenhorneferouiry from the Louvre Museum
241 - 244 Yannis Gourdon Ptah facing his worshipers in the names of individuals in the Old Kingdom
245 - 248 Dominique Lefèvre  / : a phantom toponym in Coptic?
249 - 254 Frédéric Payraudeau A new mention of vizier Nakhtefmut on a naophoric cube statue (Cairo JE 37851)
255 - 259 Elsa Rickal Kaherkhent (y), royal herald under Amenhotep II
260 - 263 Aminata Sakho-Autissier Some remarks on the Louvre E 25562 block
264 - 267 Pierre Tallet The scarab seals of two mining officials

Volume 58 (2007)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 27 Michel Baud A tomb decoration put in context: the “scribe at work” of the Louvre (E 14321) and the mastaba M IX by Abu Rawach [Pl. I-VIII]
29 - 39 Sylvie Cauville The impossible shaking of the hand or the Pax Romana in Dendara
41 - 69 Dominique Farout Three new monuments of the family of governors of Edfu at the Second Intermediate Period [Pl. IX-XV]
71 - 85 Stéphane Pasquali The date of the BM 10056 papyrus: Tuthmosis III ou Amenhotep II ? [Pl. XVI]
87 - 109 Rosanna Pirelli Two new stelae from Mersa Gawasis [Pl. XVII-XVIII]
111 - 122 René Preys Paophi's feast and ancestor worship
123 - 135 Jerome Rizzo The term DW as superlative of the impure. The example of ȝbw ḏw
137 - 156 Anthony Spalinger Transformations in Egyptian Folktales: The royal Influence
157 - 185 Dominique Valbelle Penrê and the directors of the southern foreign countries in the first half of the XVIIIe dynasty [Pl. XIX-XXIII]
187 - 192 Stéphane Pasquali A new stele of Parthenios, son of Paminis of Coptos
193 - 200 Isabelle Régen A Late Bronze Age tombstone with Texts of the Pyramids (TP 242-243) re-used in the Ayyubid wall in Cairo
201 - 236 Sylvie Guichard A little-known collection of Egyptian antiquities: the Thédenat-Duvent collection

Volume 59 (2008)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 32 Jeanne Bulté Earthenware and stone “offering spoons” messengers of well-being and prosperity [Pl. I-VII]
33 - 80 Sylvie Cauville The god and his king
81 - 110 John Coleman Darnell The Eleventh Royal Dynasty Inscription from Deir el-Ballas [Pl. VIII-IX]
111 - 124 Leo Depuydt Late Egyptian nf and mn mdj.f "He has no"
125 - 154 François-René Herbin Three hieroglyphic papyri of the Roman period [Pl. X-XIII]
155 - 180 Moustapha Rezk Ibrahim and Pierre Tallet Three bas-reliefs from the Thinite period at Wadi El-Humur: the origins of the exploitation of South Sinai by the Egyptians [Pl. XIV-XVI]
181 - 230 Dimitri Laboury Colossi and perspective. From the consideration of parallax in large-scale pharaonic statuary in the New Kingdom [Pl. XVII-XXXIII]
231 - 266 Christian Leitz The first thirty verses of the litany of Osiris at Esna (Esna 217)
267 - 334 El-Sayed Mahfouz The hieratic ostraca of the Wadi Gaouasis [Pl. XXXIV-LVII]
335 - 356 Elsa Oreal " Welcome ! "(Ptahhotep, maxime 22). Distribution of goods and individual salvation
357 - 368 Stéphane Pasquali The extra-sepulchral deposit found by Fl. Petrie in Giza-South
369 - 380 Julie Stauder-Porchet A formula of ethical biography: translation and commentary
381 - 388 Julie Cayzac Textile fringes or hair strands? About a bas-relief of Isis in Philæ
389 - 393 François-René Herbin An anonymous funeral document concerned with the preservation of the name: Fr. Berlin 3163
394 - 399 Frédéric Payraudeau A testimony of the fourth prophet of Amon Nakhtefmut (A) during the reign of Takélot II

Volume 60 (2009)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 16 Hanane Gaber Two variants of the scene of psychostasis (chapters 30 and 125 of Book of the Dead) [Pl. I-II]
17 - 40 David Klotz The cult-topographical text of Qasr al-Zayyan [Pl. III]
41 - 46 Stéphane Pasquali One or two Apis bulls buried under Horemheb?
47 - 62 Isabelle Régen A magic brick of the viceroy of Nubia Mérymès (Louvre 33059) [Pl. IV-V]
63 - 138 Patricia Rigault and Elisabeth Delange The funeral bed of Djhutyhotep (Louvre AF 9170) [Pl. VI-XIX]
139 - 146 Serge Rosmorduc From some passages of Israel's stele
147 - 158 Sami Uljas Adverbial sentence wh-questions in Egyptian Earlier
159 - 178 Wolfgang Wegner Ein Demotischer Brief aus Tebtynis (Yale P. 4628 Qua) [Pl. XX]
179 - 194 Gihane Zaki The god Mandoulis of Paptoulis at Talmis [Pl. XXI-XXIII]
195 - 198 André Block Preziosität und die Kunst, sich kurz zu fassen: zwei Beispiele aus Edfu
199 - 200 Philippe Derchain The game of 16: a discreet tribute to Hathor
201 - 204 Caroline Dorion-Peyronnet Unpublished scarab seals in the name of two late viziers
205 - 208 Essam Mr. el-Said The statue of the great intendant of Ramesseum, Youpa, kept in the museum of the faculty of letters in Alexandria
209 - 214 Wolfram Grajetzki Women and writing in the Middle Kingdom: stela Louvre C 187
215 - 221 Raphaële Meffre A Heracleopolitan princess from the Libyan era: Sopdet (em) haâout
222 - 226 Harco Willems and Rob Demarée A visitor's graffito in Dayr Abū Hinnis. Remarks on the source of limestone in the construction of al-Amarna

Volume 61 (2010) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jean Yoyotte

Pages Authors Securities
V - XIV Olivier Perdu Jean Yoyotte (1927-2009)
1 - 42 Sylvie Cauville The three capitals - Osiris - The king
43 - 75 Leo Depuydt The Double Genitive Particle in the Latest Late Egyptian, Demotic, and Coptic
77 - 89 Khaled El-Enany Fragment of an Apis stele mentioning King Téti (Cairo JE 40044) [Pl. I]
91 - 111 Alexandra von Lieven Das Verhältnis zwischen Tempel und Grab im griechisch-römischen Ägypten [Pl. II-IV]
113 - 134 Gianluca Miniaci The Incomplete Hieroglyphs System at the End of the Middle Kingdom
135 - 150 Elsa Oreal “Welcome in peace! »The ritual reception of the deceased at the funeral
151 - 157 Olivier Perdu The so-called “year V” mentioned on the “Piânkhi blocks”
159 - 177 René Preys Nekhbet, the right eye of the solar god
179 - 185 Christophe Barbotin A circular basin fragment in the name of Hakoris [Pl. V-VI]
187 - 195 Laëtitia Coillot and Chloé Ragazzoli The BN 246 papyrus: an unpublished copy of the Book I of breaths preserved in the National Library of France [Pl. VII]
197 - 199 Rémi Legros An early certificate of title JMY-RȜ with the sign of the tongue F20 [Pl. VIII]
201 - 207 Frédéric Payraudeau A Takélot II Triad Pedestal (Cairo JE 25672)
209 - 224 Elizabeth David A draft by Mariette: a project for an Antiquities Service of Egypt International [Pl. IX-XI]
225 - 231 Isabelle Régen The tomb and funerary furnishings of Viceroy Mérymès: an overview [Pl. XII]

Volume 62 (2011)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 40 Mohamed Abd el-Maksoud, Dominique Valbelle Like Hebua II. Preliminary report on the decoration and epigraphy of the architectural elements discovered during the 2008-2009 campaigns in the central area of khétem from Tjarou [Pl. I-IX / notebook in colors pl. 1-6]
41-56 Sylvie Cauville The pronaos of Edfu: a starry vault
57-72 Marleen Meyer The Fifth Dynasty Royal Decree of Ia-ib at Dayr al-Barsha [Pl. XII-XV]
73-88 David Lorand Ramses II Also "admired" Amenhotep III : about the statuary group CG 555 of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo [Pl. XIV-XIX]
89-104 Tamas Mekis, Takwa Sayed, Kholoud Abdalla The Ensemble of Djed-hor (coffin, cardboard and hypocephalus) in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo [Pl. XX / notebook in colors pl. 7-9]
105-114 Juan Carlos Moreno García The mnḥw : Society and agrarian transformations in Egypt between the end of IIe and the beginning of Ier Millennium
115-140 Andréa Pillon The polychrome stele of a notable thinite of the First Intermediate Period [Pl. XXI / notebook in colors pl. 10]
141-158 Vincent Rondot From the function of statues-cubes as a door-lock [Pl. XXII-XXV]
159-174 Anaïs Tillier About us nr nfr as a divine epithet: contribution to the study of Osiris-king in the Middle Kingdom
175-198 Pascal Vernus The fallow land of the demiurge and the sovereignty of the pharaoh. On the concept of "empire"
199-204 Luc Gabolde A stele in the name of the soldier Sa-pa-ir dedicated by his brother, the pure priest Men-kheper [Pl. XXVI]
205-210 Cédric Larcher Min and the party-High rise : re-examination of a scene of the temple of Soleb [Pl. XXVII]
211-214 Sylvie Guichard A new document in the name of King Ramses III identified at Louvre Museum

Volume 63 (2012) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jean Leclant

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 20 Christophe Barbotin The dialogue of Khâkheperrêseneb with its ba. British Museum tablet EA 5645 / ostracon Cairo JE 50249 + papyri Amherst III & Berlin 3024
21-42 Christian J. Bayer & Marianne Eaton-Krauss The Amarna Triad [Pl. I-IV / Pl. coul. 1)
43-66 Gaëlle Chantrain & Jean Winand The adverb gr in Neo-Egyptian
67-82 Sylvain Dhennin A stele of Mefkat (Montgeron 2007.4) [Pl. V-VI]
83-102 Sylvie Donnat The puny child of a Sethian woman, or the solar newborn of a divine mother? About ḥm.t dšr.t et ḫprw in mother and child (formula V)
103-114 Dominique Farout The king's declarations Sahu [Pl. VII-VIII]
115-122 Jérôme Gonzalez Harpocrates armed and the ἒνοπλοι παΐδες [Pl. IX]
123-136 Karl Jansen-Winkeln Die Biographie eines Kinderlosen (Kairo JE 44065) [Pl. X / Pl. coul. 2-5]
137-186 Christian Leitz Die Geierweibchen Thothbuches in den 42 Gauen Ägyptens
187-196 Mark Smith New References to the Deceased Wsỉr n NN from the Third Intermediate Period and the Earliest Reference to a Deceased Woman as Ḥ.t-Ḥr NN
197-200 Jean-Christophe Antoine Theophoric anthroponyms of the Wilbour papyrus : a socio-cultural and geographical analysis
201-208 Frédéric Mougenot As close as possible to the offerings: statues of individuals in the attic of the god at New Empire [Pl. XI]

Volume 64 (2013)

Pages Authors Securities
1-14 Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud and Dominique Valbelle A stele of the year 7 Apriès discovered on the site of Tell Defenneh [Pl. coul. 1]
15-24 Dominique Farout Birth of a court dialogue on the monuments of the Old Kingdom
25-40 David Klotz Remarks on Ptolemaic Epigraphy and Lexicography (1-4)
41-62 Raphaële Meffre Notes on the text of the triad of Osorkon II (Louvre E 6204). With a list of Di-aset-heb-sed [Pl. coul. 2-5]
63-92 Frédéric Payraudeau Genealogy and family memory in the Third Intermediate Period: the case of the Cairo statue JE 37880 [Pl. I / Pl. col. 6-7]
93-134 Olivier Perdu The Isis of Ptahirdis found [Pl. II / Pl. coul. 8-11]
135-176 Georges Posener Tablets-figurines of prisoners [Pl. III-IX / Pl. coul. 6-7]
177-188 René Preys The tentyrite land: tȝrr et tȝ-n-jtm
189-210 Pierre Tallet Two notes on expeditions to the land of Punt in the light of new archaeological evidence [Pl. X-XI / PI. coul. 13-15]
211-230 Caroline Thomas The snake-horse, a curious funerary genius [Pl. XII-XIII / Pl. coul. 13-15]
231-248 Andreas Winkler A Royal Star: on the "Miracle of the Star" in Thutmoses III's Gebel Barkal Stela and a Note on the King as a Star in Personal Names

Volume 65 (2014)

Pages Authors Securities
1-28 Philippe Collombert The toponym and geography of the 17e and 18e nomes of Upper Egypt
29-48 Andrés Diego Espinel Surveyors, guides and other officials in the Egyptian and Nubian deserts
49-74 Dominique Farout The declarations of King Ounas (Pl. I)
75-106 Raphaële Meffre The Memphite ouchebtis of the Libyan era: local typological characteristics (Pl. II-VI)
107-140 Olivier Perdu A very special stelephorus statue (Pl. VII-IX)
141-164 Paul Whelan An unusual shabti for a steward of divine-offerings of Abydos (Pl. X)
165-178 Mathieu Begon A fragment of the first dynasty's label preserved in the Louvre Museum (Inv.E 30463) (Pl. XI-XII)
179-184 Frederic Colin A set of determinatives in demotic
185-192 Khaled el-Enany A stele of Apis found in the monastery of St. Jeremiah at Saqqara (Cairo JE 40043) (Plate XIII)
193-202 Cédric Larcher An unpublished stele of Horus on the crocodiles of the Cartier collection (Pl. XIV)
203-216 Florence Mauric-Barberio The origin of the relief of Avignon (museum Calvet, inv.A8) and two other related fragments of the Book of the celestial Cow (Pl.
217-226 Christoffer Theis
Die in Genesis 10,13 - Die Bewohner des Deltas

Volume 66 (2015)

Pages Authors Securities
1-20 Sylvie Cauville Hathor of Dendara, Pakhet and Hatshepsut
21-32 Laurent Coulon and Frédéric Payraudeau A saite princess at Thebes under the XXVe dynasty?
33-50 Marsha Hill, Appendix Deborah Schorsch A gilded-silver Pendant of Nephtys naming Mereskhonsu (Plate I-II)
51-110 David Klotz The Cuboid Statue of Ser-Djehuty, Master Sculptor in Karnak. Los Angeles County Museum of Art 48.24.8 + Cambridge University, Museum of Archeology and Anthropology 51.533 (Pl. III-XI)
111-132 Maria Michela Luiselli, Martin Bommas Annex Early Mut (s). The Goddess Mut and Her Cult (Pl. XII)
133-150 Raphaële Meffre The Memphite ouchebtis from the Lybian period: the funeral servants of the Apis bulls found in the Serapeum (Pl. XIII-XVII)
151-184 Alexandra Nespoulous-Phalippou Aristonikos, son of Aristonikos. floruit of a eunuch and commander-in-chief of the cavalry during the reign of Ptolemy Epiphanius
185-198 Stéphane Pasquali The two districts of Chenes. Memphito-Heliopolitan Geography Note
199-226 Jeremy Pope The Historicity of Pediese, sound of Ankhsheshonq (Pl. XVIII-XXV)
227-248 Julien Siesse, Simon Connor collaboration New dating for King Sobekhotep Khâânkhrê (Pl. XXVI-XXX)
249-252 Stefan Bojowald Ein neuer Deutungsversuch für das ägyptische Wort Thw aus dem Grab der Mutirdis unter besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner Verbindung zu Lotus
253-256 Pearce Paul Creasman Additional information in the identification of the Cairo Dahshur boats
257-260 Sybille Emerit A new interpretation of the title ḏȝḏȝwy From the tomb of Ramses III
261-272 Åke Engsheden An unpublished letter from Champollion to Migliarini

Volume 67 (2016)

Pages Authors Securities
1-32 Sylvie Donnat A ticket against heat-Seref : the papyrus hierat. 69 of the BNU of Strasbourg (Pl. I)
33-54 Nadia Licitra A copper alloy plate in the name of the first prophet Menkheperre and Priest Horemakhbit (Pl. II-III)
55-76 Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier On the meeting of two fragments of a stele from the end of the Middle Kingdom (Bodmer 20 and Rouen AEg.348) (Plate IV-V)
77-140 Olivier Perdu An unpublished testimony on a great Saite dignitary: the preceptor Horirâa (Pl. VI-X)
141-156 Andreas Stauder The origin of the neo-Egyptian subject pronoun (tWI, twk, swEtc.).
157-178 Lorenzo Uggetti The God Djeme (Pl. XI)
179-198 Sami Uljas On Adjunct Positioning Clause in Earlier Egyptian
199-206 Raphaële Meffre Assumptions about a daughter of King Rudham
207-210 Annik Wüthrich A seal-cylinder in the name of Sékhemkare

Tome 68 (2017-2018)





Lucia Diaz-Iglesias Llanos

Two Early Shrouds Inscribed with Book of the Dead Spells from Dra Abu el-naga (Pl. I-III)


Luc Gabolde

A royal head from the beginning of the XVIIIe dynasty attributable to Amenhotep II


Alexander Ilin-Tomich

The Governor's Court in Late Middle Kingdom Antaeopolis


Massimiliano Nuzzolo, Patrizia Zanfagna

The Search for the Lost Sun Temples: a Glimpse from the Satellite


Andrea Pillon

Satis and Khnum masters of Elephantine: a scholarly letter from the end of the Old Kingdom (Pl. IV-V)


Michel Valloggia

Note on two Tutankhamun's silver ingots


Josef wegner

The Stela of Idudju-Iker: Foremost-One of the Chiefs of Wawat. New Evidence on the Conquest of Thinis under Wahankh Intef II (Pl. VI-XII)



The name of Thutmose IV on the tree-iched in Karnak


Jeremy Hourdin

The divine topography from Anhourmes to Nag'al-Mashayekh


Raphaële Meffre

About the statue of Nectanebo Ier of the Rodin museum (co. 1420)


Frédéric Payraudeau

Three new fragments from the priestly annals of Karnak


Olivier Perdu

The origin of the Osiris Louvre N 3952


Sepideh Qahéri

Egyptian mirror handles from Susa


Volume 69 (2019)





Juan Jose Archidona Ramirez

Papyrus Louvre E 7860: a Land Lease from the Reign of Apries (Pl. I-II)


Kevin M. Cahail

The Earliest Attestation of the Late Egyptian tw = j ḥr sḏm Construction in the Second Intermediate Period Tomb of Seneb-Kay at South Abydos: Evidence of a Residence Sociolect?


Julie Cayzac

A duo of deceased deified in the pantheon of Kalabcha


Didier Devauchelle

In Search of a Lost Ptolemaic Apis! (Pl. III-V)


Marc Gabolde

A private stele with royal decree from the end of the XNUMXth centurye dynasty at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum (Pl. VI)


Raphaële Meffre, Frederic Payraudeau

A new king at the end of the Libyan era: Pami II


Olivier Perdu

The request of a just to the guarantor of justice (effigy of Ptah Paris, BnF n ° inv. 66.486ter) (Pl. VII)


Julien siesse

New light on a family of the Theban elite of the XXIe dynasty: the superiors of the temple scribes of the domain of Amon Nesimen, Horemakhbit and Imenhetep (Pl. VIII-XIV)


Filip Taterka

The Secretary Bird of Deir el-Bahari: One More Piece to the Puzzle of the Location of the Land of Punt


Koenraad Donker Van Heel

A Very Curious Abnormal Hieratic Preposition


Pauline Leroy

A shabti of the royal mother Oudjachou found in Shemamok


Volume 70 (2020)





Sophie Grisel

Two funerary masks from the Roman period at the Dobrée museum in Nantes (Pl. I-IV)


Elena Luise Hertel

A New Stela of Parthenios Son of Pamin in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden) (Pl. V-VII)


Guiseppina Lenzo

A funerary papyrus from the Third Intermediate Period from the old Passalacqua collection (Pl. VIII-XIV)


Nicolas leroux

The “pseudo-recommendations to priests”: intertextuality and textual production (Edfu V, 334,1-6) (Pl. XV-XVI)


Branko F. Van Oppen de Ruiter

Exalted Eroticism: Ancient Egyptian Wooden Statue of a Young Woman (Pl. XVII-XVIII)


Olivier Perdu

The chéchonqide imprint in the sanctuary of Nectanebo II in Bubastis (Pl. XIX-XX)


Julien siesse

About some unpublished elements of the funerary furniture of Soutymès (beginning of XXIe dynasty) (Pl. Xxi-XXV)


Marco di pietri

A manuscript by J.-Fr. Champollion on a stele in Pavia: some notes


Raphaële Meffre

The family of the director of the royal fleet Hékaemsaf, contemporary of Amasis


Olivier Perdu

A modest but significant testimony concerning the head of customs Ouahibrê


Stephane Polis, Jean Winand

Rent the donkey of Nebnefer (o. Winand 1)


Sepideh Qahéri, Shahrokh Razmjou

a new testimony of the royal Achaemenid statuary in Susa


Andreas Stauder

Senebkay, Block r 11. An Alternative Reading. With a Note on Bare Initial tw and pre-New Kingdom Instances of the Late Egyptian Subject Pronoun twỉ, twk, sw...