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 Summary of BSFE 202, last issue published (lThe newsletter is available by accessing the website)



Bulletin of the French Society Egyptology

 Octobre 2019 - February 2020                                                             no 202


   i  - Compte rendu de la réunion du 9 octobre 2019

   ii - Compte rendu de la réunion du 1er février 2020

   iii - Nos ,

     iv - Communications

 Sitting held on October 9, 2019

  Aurore Ciavatti - Sorbonne University - UMR 8167

          The Octaeterid and the Chronology of the Old Kingdom: Prolegomena

  Anne Boud'hors - CNRS - Institute de research et history of the texts

          Edfu at viie century AD: the contribution of the "papyrus jar"

  Julien siesse - Louvre Museum

          Montouhotep-Resséneb: a forgotten governor of Middle Elephantine of the XIIIe dynasty

 Session of 1er February 2020

   Massimiliano Nuzzolo - Charles University, Prague - IKKiO-PAN, Varsovie

          The Palermo stone and associated fragments. New discoveries on the oldest Egyptian royal records

Simon Connor - University de Cork

        "Ramessise" statues

Alain Arnaudiès - CNRS - UMS 2409

          A meeting in the large courtyard of the Karnak temple in 1860. Émile Prisse d'Avennes and Jakob August Lorent


Le Bulletin of the French Society of Egyptology (BSFE

is published twice a year

and deliver the text complete papers presented

during the three annual meetings of the SFE



The Bulletin has been published since 1949 in a small format which makes its specificity, but which has evolved!

 In-8 ° from 20 pages formerly to nearly 100 today, it includes the reportconcise but faithful to our three meetings, information on the Company life and especially the text of communications. It sometimes includes a few items additional in connection with the news!

 Accessible and in French, it does not dispense any less information from  quality from international research, in an attractive, pleasantly illustrated format suitable for amateurs Egyptology enthusiasts as well as professionals.

 Any SFE member receives it in the format paper twice a year.

It is accessible online for SFE members, and on the website for the non-member public.



Responsible for publication: Mme Laetitia Gallet