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List of articles of the Journal of Egyptology (RdE) -

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French Society of Egyptology

By Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier


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Volume 1 (1933)




1-50 Etienne Drioton Trial on private cryptography at the end of the XVIIIe dynasty (with five boards, IV)
51-74 Alexandre Piankoff Some passages from the “Instructions de Douaf” on a tablet in the Louvre Museum (with a board, VI)
75-80 Madeleine Gauthier-Laurent A stele of the Middle Kingdom (with a plate, VII)
81-85 Etienne Drioton An oudja with hermopolitan representation
87-104 Gustave Lefebvre Egyptian texts from the Louvre
105-160 Henri Hyvernat and Emile Porcher Analysis of 131 Coptic Manuscripts1-8 of the National Library, with an indication of the biblical texts (to be continued)
161-179 Alexandre Piankoff The naos D 29 of the Louvre Museum (with a plate, VIII)
181-196 Raymond Weill The meaning of pȝj, verb "to be realized", "to exist"
197-202 Marianne Guentch-Ogloueff Syrian Astarte and the DED Osiris
203-229 Etienne Drioton A cryptographic figuration on a stele of the Middle Kingdom (with a board, IX)
231-278 Emile Porcher Analysis of 131 Coptic Manuscripts1-8 of the National Library, with an indication of the biblical texts (suite) [to be continued]
279-288 Fernand Bisson de la Roque and Etienne Drioton Excavations of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology at Medamoud (1931-1933)
289-310 Henri Gauthier Excavations in Egypt in 1932-1933

Volume 2 (1936)

Pages Authors Securities
1-20 Etienne Drioton The ornamental protocols of Abydos
21-33 Etienne Drioton The cryptogram of Montou de Medamoud
35-36 Marius Chaine The ⲣⲁ-form of the verb ⲓⲣⲓ 
37-41 Alexandre Piankoff A Coptic lamp at the Louvre Museum
43-64 Jacques Vandier Four unpublished stelae from the end of the Old Kingdom and the first intermediate period (with 2 boards)
65-123 Emile Porcher Analysis of Coptic Manuscripts at 1311-8 of the National Library, with indication of the biblical texts (continuation and end)
125-133 Warren R. Dawson Francis Llewellyn Griffith. Biographical note.
135-163 Emile Massoulard Forked spears and peseshkaf. About two recent acquisitions of the Louvre Museum (with 3 boards)
165-171 Edith Stavnik A suggestion about Princess Sat-Hathor-Yount's crown
173-176 Alexandre Varille A colossus Amenophis III in the quarries of Assouan (with 1 board)
177-181 Alexandre Varille, Clément Robichon New excavations of Theban funerary temples (1934-1935) (with 3 boards)

Volume 3 (1938)

Pages Authors Securities
1-16 Jacques Pirenne A new interpretation of "King Kheti's Instructions to his son Merikara" (IXe dynasty)
17-25 Christiane Desroches A model of a New Kingdom town house (Louvre Museum: n ° E. 5357) (with plates I-II)
27-35 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie A civil fresco of Deir el-Medinah (with plate III)
37-67 Louis Speleers The resurrection and the toilet of the dead according to the texts of the Pyramids
69-79 Raymond Weill Words BJȝ "Copper", "metals", "mine", "quarry", "blocks", "transport", "wonder", and their determinatives
81-89 Raymond Weill The writing of Cretan tablets in Syria-Palestine, to the XIIIe century
91-97 Baudouin van de Walle A hymn of the Middle Kingdom completed by means of two stelae of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (with boards IV)
99-102 Clément Robichon, Alexandre Varille Excavations of the Theban funeral temples (1937) (with VX boards)
103-113 Jacques Jean Clère Onomastic Notes, About H. Ranke's Dictionary of Names of Persons
115-127 Raymond Weill Notes on the monuments of the Step Pyramid of Saqqara from the overall publications

Volume 4 (1940) Volume dedicated to the memory of Alexandre Moret

Pages Authors Securities
1-14 Alexandre Moret The doctrine of Maat
15-25 Gustave Lefèbvre An Egyptian Tale: Truth and Lies
27-43 Maurice Pillet Egyptian locks model homes
45-65 Ludwig Keimer On an Egyptian monument of the Louvre Museum (with boards I-IV)
67-74 Fernand Bisson de la Roque Tod, excavations prior to 1938
75-80 Marianne Guentch-Ogloueff Sarcophagus Fragments of Akhenaton's Time
81-112 Raymond Weill The verb of affirmation and existence (Chapter II and III)
113-121 Jacques Jean Clère About the word (ZBI) of the inscription of Nékhébou

Volume 5 (1946) Volume dedicated to the memory of Charles Boreux

Pages Authors Securities
1-9 Jacques Vandier Charles Boreux (1874-1944)
Jacques Vandier Summary Bibliography of the works of Charles Boreux
11-24 Bernard Bruyère Excavations of the French Institute at Deir el Medineh from 1914 to 1940
25-44 Fernand Bisson de la Roque Excavations of the French Institute at Medamoud from 1925 to 1938
45-50 Gustave Lefèbvre About a pyramid name
-51-56 Georges Posener Undefined criminals and unnamed deaths
57-118 Maurice Alliot Rites of net hunting, temples of Karnak, Edfu and Esneh
119-131 Michel Malinine A slave sale at the time of Psammetic Ier
133-135 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie About larval busts
137-187 Raymond Weill The ancient submerged ports of the Eastern Mediterranean and the displacement of the sea level

Volume 6 (1951)

1-4 Gustave Lefèbvre Victor Loret (1859-1946)
5-20 Victor Loret Millipedes and the pharaoh's chair
21-26 Jacques Vandier The block statue of Touroi (with 2 boards)
27-48 Georges Posener The unknown riches of Egyptian literature (with 1 board)
49-88 Raymond Weill The existence verb PA and its derivatives
89-114 Louis-Antoine Christophe Geographical notes. About the campaigns of Thutmosis III
115-133 Alan Gardiner A protest against unjustified tax-demands
135-156 Jacques Jean Clère A statuette of the eldest son of King Nectanabô (with 1 board)
157-178 Michel Malinine A judgment rendered to Thebes under the XXVe dynasty (with 6 boards)
179-186 Raymond Weill Bibliography of Alexandre Moret

Volume 7 (1950) Volume dedicated to the memory of Pierre Jouguet

Pages Authors Securities
I-IV Gustave Lefèbvre Pierre Jouquet (1869-1949)
1-8 Pierre du Bourguet On some jobs of the independent pronoun old to the XVIIIe dynasty
9-13 Serge Sauneron, Jean Yoyotte The cynocephalic as a graphie named Thot
15-18 Jean-Philippe Lauer Discovery serdab from Chancellor Icheṯi to Saqqara
19-32 Jacques Jean Clère The stele of a police commissioner (mr SnT) of the first intermediate period
33-35 Jacques Vandier A statue of Ibis
37-46 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt A small memorial monument of the Athlete King
47-51 Eva Jelínkova Magic Statuette # 238 to National Library
53-62 Serge Sauneron Three characters from the Elephantine scandal
63-66 Jean Yoyotte The locality, military establishment of the time of Merenptah
67-70 Serge Sauneron, Jean Yoyotte Traces of Asian settlements in Middle Egypt under Ramses II
71-84 Georges Posener Final Section of Unknown Wisdom (Literary Research, II)
85-88 Charles Maystre The count of epagomenes in individual chronologies
89-105 Raymond Weill New proposals for historical and chronological reconstruction of the Middle Kingdom
107-120 Michel Malinine A contract to sell building sites from the time of King Achoris (Lille pap. No. 26)
121-126 Serge Sauneron Two mentions of Houroun

Supplementary Journal of Egyptology (1950) *

Pages Authors Securities
1-42 Raymond Weill Negative adjective etc., etc.
43-61 Raymond Weill The literary transmissions from Egypt to Israel
63-82 Maurice Pillet About Akhenaton (with 5 boards)

Volume 8 (1951) Volume dedicated to the memory of Raymond Weill

Pages Authors Blog
I-VI Jacques Vandier Raymond Weill (1874-1950) [Frontispiece]
VII-XVI Jacques Jean Clère Bibliography of Raymond Weill
1-7 Maurice Alliot Pount-Pwāne, the Opôné of the geographer Ptolémée
9-19 Paul Barguet A group of signs related to the names of king
21-23 Pierre du Bourguet A special form of crosses on a Coptic fabric of the Raymond Weill legacy [pl. 1]
25-29 Jaques-Jean Clère About the order of succession of the kings of the XXXe dynasty
31-46 François Daumas On two liturgical chants of the mammisis of Dendara [pl. 2]
47-61 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt Two great precious obelisks of a shrine in Karnak
63-70 André Jean Festugière The five seals of Aiôn Alexandrin [pl. 3] (with observations by E. Coche de la Ferté and J. Vandier)
71-78 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Philological notes on the Texts of the Pyramids
79-90 Madeleine Gauthier-Laurent Goldsmith's wreaths with support band of the Old Kingdom
91-100 Gérard Godron Two notes of thinite epigraphy
101-120 Jean Leclant The "Ethiopian" inscriptions on the door of the IVe pylon of the Great Temple of Amun at Karnak [pl. 4-5]
121-125 Gustave Lefèbvre Grammatical observations on Pap. Harris I
127-150 Michel Malinine Three documents from the Amasis era on land renting [pl. 6-7]
151-162 Janine Monnet The magic bricks of the Louvre Museum [pl. 8 to 11]
163-170 Pierre Montet King Ougaf at Medamoud
171-189 Georges Posener Ostraca unpublished from the Turin Museum (Literary Research III) [pl. 12 to 14]
191-194 Serge Sauneron The name of Heliopolis in the Late Period
195-198 Jacques Schwartz Note on archeology of LXX
199-206 Jacques Vandier About a fragmentary bas-relief from the end of the XVIIIe dynasty (Louvre Museum) [pl. 15]
207-214 Helen Wall A Coptic Fragment concerning the Childhood of John the Baptist [pl. 16]
215-239 Jean Yoyotte The hammering of the Ethiopian royal names by Psammetic II

Volume 9 (1952)

Pages Authors Securities
I-VII Maurice Alliot The life and work of Alexandre Varille (1909-1951)
1-22 Paul Barguet The archaic ritual of foundation of the temples of Medinet-Habou and Luxor [pl. 1-2]
23-47 Philippe Derchain Bébon, the god and the myths
49-67 Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt Anthropomorphic pots and magico-medical recipes in ancient Egypt [pl. 3]
69-79 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Studies on the necropolis of Giza under IVe dynasty
81-90 Pierre Lacau On the fall of the final, mark of the feminine
91-99 Janine Monnet A vase with royal libation of the cult of Amon-Re de Gematon [pl. 4]
101-108 Richard A. Parker Sothic Dates and Calendar "Adjustments"
109-120 Georges Posener The beginning of the Teaching of Hardjedet (Literary research, IV). Complements to "Unknown wealth"
121-123 Jacques Vandier The legend of Baba (Bébon) in the Papyrus Jumilhac (Louvre E. 17110)
125-137 Jean Yoyotte An epithet of Min as explorer of the eastern regions
139-151 Jean Yoyotte A police force in Pharaonic Egypt
153-159 short notes The base of the Abydenian Reliquary (P. Barguet); On three passages by Lebensmüder (W. Golénischeff); On Bata, master of Sako (J. Yoyotte)

Volume 10 (1955)

Pages Authors Securities
1-7 Maurice Alliot A reconstituted family of words: Pyr., Gr., iNS "To be red"
9-31 Sir Alan Gardiner The Problem of the Month-Names [pl. 1]
33-35 Eva Jelínkova-Reymond Some notes on the practice of the transfer of offerings (WDB-IHT)
37-47 Janine Monnet A monument of the regency of the Divine Adorers Nitocris and Ankhenesneferibré [pl. 2 and 3]
49-59 Richard A. Parker The Function of the Imperfective sḏm.f in Middle Egyptian
61-72 Georges Posener The Exord of Amennakhte Educational Instruction (Literary Research, V) [pl. 4]
73-79 Jacques Vandier Hemen and Taharqa [pl. 5]
81-89 Jean Yoyotte Writing Games on a Statuette of the XIXe dynasty [pl. 6]
91-92 Etienne Drioton Still the acrophony
92 Hans Goedicke How to have a passage in Weni's Biography
92-94 Georges Posener urk. IV, 139, 2-7

Volume 11 (1957)

Pages Authors Securities
1-38 Jacques Jean Clère Notes on the funerary chapel of Ramses I at Abydos and his dedicatory inscription [pl. 1]
39-42 Etienne Drioton About the expression bȝk ỉm
43-56 Sir Alan Gardiner Hymns to Sobk in a Ramesseum Papyrus [pl. 2 to 4]
57-60 Hans Goedicke A Lion-Cult of the Old Kingdom connected with the Royal Temple
61-71 Hans Goedicke Provision Jar of the Time of Asosis [pl. 5]
73-75 Paule Kriéger A portrait of Amenemhat III [pl. 6]
77-84 Herman de Meulenaere Late onomastic notes
85-107 Richard A. Parker The Problem of the Month-Names: A Reply
109-117 Hans Jakob Polotsky The "Emphatic" sḏ Form
119-137 Georges Posener The tale of Neferkare and General Sisene (Literary Research, VI) [pl. 7 and 8]
139-143 Claude Frederic-Armand Schaeffer A bronze sword of Ugarit (Ras Shamra) carrying the cartridge of Mineptah
145-155 Jacques Vandier The group and the offering table of Ankhoudjes [pl. 9 to 11]
157-158 Jacques Jean Clère The Egyptian name for "tweezers"
158-159 Jacques Jean Clère New observations on the expression prỉ ḫrw
159-161 Hans Goedicke Hry-ḏb', "Suckled calf"
161-163 Richard A. Parker A Late Coptic Memorial Tablet
163-164 Richard A. Parker The Length of Reign of Ramses X

Volume 12 (1960)

Pages Authors Securities
1-26 Robert-P. Charles The Egyptian monuments of the Marseille Museum. The cube statue of Sobek-hotep, governor of Fayum [pl. 1 and 2]
27-31 Etienne Drioton An ancient deciphering error
33-35 Etienne Drioton Reading of the title of funeral priest transcribes Sḫnw-ȝḫ
37-58 Paule Kriéger A statuette of king-falcon at the Louvre Museum [pl. 3 and 4]
59-65 Gustave Lefebvre Cow milk and other milks in Egypt
67-74 Herman de Meulenaere Late Onomastic Notes (Second Series)
75-82 Georges Posener A New Returning Story (Literary Research, VII) [pl. 5]
83-88 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Two original subjects on figurative ostraca [pl. 6]
89-90 Etienne Drioton The cryptographic value of the sign representing the solar boat with the disk
90-91 Etienne Drioton The Sinai desert covered by an impenetrable forest?

Volume 13 (1961)

Pages Authors Securities
7-8 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Maurice Alliot (1903-1960)
9-18 Jacques Vandier The canon Etienne Drioton (1889-1961) [pl. 1]
19-25 Etienne Drioton Gustave Lefebvre (1879-1957) [pl. 2]
27-49 Jean Doresse The bindings of the Coptic Gnostic manuscripts discovered at Khénoboskion [4 pl. and 11 fig.]
51-64 Mikhail Korostovtsev Philological notes
65-69 Jacques Vandier The stele of Hori [2 pl. and 1 fig.]
71-105 Jean Yoyotte Geographical studies I. [5 fig.]
107-109 Henry Georges Fischer Land Records on Stelae of the Twelfth Dynasty [1 fig.]
109-110 Eva Jelínkova-Reymond The meaning of the demotic group
110-111 Jacques Vandier About the tomb of Uhikheep at Meir
111-112 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Sobek and Willow

Volume 14 (1962)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 Pierre du Bourguet Count Louis de Vaucelles (1798-1851), pioneer of Egyptology in Nubia [9 fig.]
21-36 Jean-Philippe Lauer On the age and the possible attribution of the monumental excavation of Zaouiet el-Aryan [1 pl. and 2 fig.]
37-43 Michel Malinine A demotic letter to Amenothes son of Hapou [pl. 2]
45-51 Herman de Meulenaere Late Onomastic Notes (3e series)
53-57 Serge Sauneron Perseus, god of Khemmis (Herodotus II, 91)
59-73 Jacques Vandier The table of offerings of Houy [4 pl.]
75-111 Jean Yoyotte Geographic Studies II

Volume 15 (1963)

Pages Authors Securities
7-10 Jean Sainte Fare Garnot Pierre Lacau (1873-1963) [1 pl.]
11-25 Philippe Derchain Fishing with the eye and the mysteries of Osiris with Dendara [6 fig.]
27-28 Claire Lalouette Statuette # 37.48 E of the Brooklyn Museum [2 pl.]
29-33 Jesús Lopez The Papyrus Millingen [5 pl.]
35-47 Dimitri Meeks The Four Ka Of the Demiurge memphite [2 fig.]
49-62 Serge Sauneron Notes of philology and etymology
63-67 Wolfgang Schenkel Notes on the transmission of traditional autobiography
69-75 Jean Vercoutter Excavations at Mirgissa (October-November 1962) [3 pl.]
77-85 Baudouin van de Walle New details on Sobek-Hotep, son of Min [1 pl. and 4 fig.]
87-119 Jean Yoyotte Geographic Studies II
121-123 Jacques Jean Clère A new topographical epithet of Sekhmet [4 fig.]
124-125 Michel Malinine About the demonic ostracon of Brooklyn
125-127 Siegfried Morenz Lautliches und Sachliches in der Gleichung Min-Perseus
127-128 Georges Posener On the phonetic value ȝṯ > ȝt sign

Volume 16 (1964)

Pages Author Securities
7-8 Jacques Vandier Sir Alan H. Gardiner (1879-1963) [pl. 1]
9-10 Jacques Vandier Jean Saint Fare Garnot (1908-1963)
11-17 Henri Chevrier Construction techniques in ancient Egypt. I. Raw brick walls
19-23 Philippe Derchain About a magic stele of the Kestner Museum, Hanover [pl. 2]
25-36 André Heyler The solemn invocation of Meroitic epitaphs [pl. 3]
37-43 Georges Posener Expression bỉȝ.t'ȝ.t " bad character "
45-53 Michel Vallogia Notes on the names of Queen Sebek-Ka-Re Neferou-Sebek
55-146 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet [pl. 4 and 5]
147-177 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Familiar monkeys in ancient Egypt. I. The Old Kingdom
179-191 Jean Vercoutter The stele of Mirgissa IM.209 and the location of Iken (Kor or Mirgissa?) [Pl. 6]
193-208 Abd El-Hamid Zayed Free standing Stela of the XIXth Dynasty [pl. 7 and 8]
209-213 Michel Malinine About us HRJ = "Holy"
213-214 Georges Posener Néshi of the trial of Mès
214 Georges Posener The Egyptian word for the "magic name"

Volume 17 (1965)

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Siegfried Schott Aufnahmen vom Hungersnotrelief aus dem Aufweg der Unaspyramide [pl. 1-4]
15-20 Jean-Louis of Cenival The texts of the E. 25550 statue of the Louvre Museum
21-80 Paul Huard Research on the cultural traits of ancient hunters of the Eastern Central Sahara and the Nile
81-87 Siegfried Schott Nut spricht als Mutter und Sarg
89-176 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet, II [pl. 5]
177-188 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Famous monkeys in ancient Egypt (Paintings and bas-reliefs). II. The Middle Kingdom
189-191 Françoise de Cenival Some corrections to the names of eponymous priests for the year 145 before J.-C.
192 André Heyler Five new Meroitic “solemn invocations” (cf. RdE 16, 25-36)
192-193 Georges Posener "Mute, mutilated" in Egyptian
193-195 Georges Posener The name of the sign called "Khons" ()
195-197 Pierre Ramond An oushebti of a vizier of Saïte

Volume 18 (1966)

Pages Authors Securities
7-30 Françoise de Cenival A demotic document relating to the sharing of a house
31-36 Philippe Derchain Ménès, the king "Someone"
37-44 France The Corsu Some surviving Egyptian motifs in Alexandrian religious architecture
45-65 Georges Posener Four Early Period School Tablets [pl. 1-2]
67-142 Jacques Vandier Iousas and (Hathor) -Nebet-Hetepet, III [pl. 3]
143-201 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Famous monkeys in ancient Egypt (Paintings and bas-reliefs), III. The New Kingdom
203 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological note
203-204 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie Egyptian collection of Malmaison

Volume 19 (1967)

Pages Authors Securities
7-9 Esther Wolff Pierre Montet (1885-1966)
10-20 France The Corsu Bibliography of Pierre Montet
21-28 Michel Baud The tomb of Khâemouaset (No. 261 at Thebes) [pl. 2]
29-37 Raphael Giveon Royal Seals of the XIIth Dynasty from Western Asia
39-50 Pierre Lacau The central painting of the Egyptian stele-door
51-66 Jesús Lopez Old Kingdom inscriptions in Khor El-Aquiba
67-85 Michel Malinine Testamentary Share of a Family Property (Moscow Pap. No. 123) [pl. 3-5]
87-98 Erika Schott Eine datierte Apisbronze [pl. 6-7]
99-110 Siegfried Schott Rs-Nt and MH-Nt als Häuser der Neith
111-121 Aristide Theodoridès The so-called legal expression pn'r mdt
123-159 Claude Vandersleyen A storm under the reign of Amosis [pl. 8-10]
161-163 Michel Gitton A monument of Queen Kheñsa in Karnak
163-166 Michel Malinine Demotic writing games
166-169 Pascal Vernus A locality in the Heracleopolis region

  Volume 20 (1968)

Pages Authors Securities
7-36 Jürgen von Beckerath Die “Stele der Verbannten” im Museum des Louvre [pl. 1]
37-50 Françoise de Cenival An unpublished document relating to the exploitation of Fayoum lands (P. dem Lille, Inv.Sorb 1186) [pl. 2]
51-54 Jacques-Jean Clère New fragments of jubilee scenes of Amenophis IV [pl. 3]
55-61 Mordechai Gilula An Adjective Predicative Expression of Possession in Middle Egyptian
63-96 Jean-Claude Goyon The ceremonial to bring out Sokaris [pl. 4]
97-107 Jean-Philippe Lauer Search and discovery of the southern tomb of Horus Sekhem-khet in Saqqara [pl. 5-6]
109-125 France The Corsu Egyptian doorstones with interlocking elements from the Greco-Roman period
127-234 Claude Vandersleyen Two new fragments of the Amosis stele recounting a storm
135-148 Jacques Vandier Iousâas and (Hathor) -Nébet-Hétépet, IV (additions)
149-170 Abd el Hamid Zayed Painted Wooden Stelae in the Cairo Museum [pl. 7-16]
171-175 Jacques Jean Clère A word for "marriage" in Egyptian in the Ramesside period
175-176 Erich Winter Die Hieroglyphe als IMJ "Befindlich in"

Volume 21 (1969)

Pages Authors Securities
7-17 Paul Barguet Essay of Interpretation of the Book of Two Paths
19-25 Philippe Derchain Snefrou and the Rowers (with additional note)
27-47 Labib Habachi Queen Touy, wife of Seti I, and her close relatives known [pl. 1-3]
49-54 Peter Kaplony Zwei Statuenköpfe der ägyptischen Spätzeit in der Sammlung Albert Koster [pl. 4-7]
55-62 Jean-Philippe Lauer and Jean Leclant Discovery of statues of prisoners at the temple of the pyramid of Pepy I [pl. 8-10]
63-69 Serge Sauneron The notation of the hour in Esna's texts
71-76 Ramadan El-Sayed Does Thoth really have no mother?
77-83 Erika Schott Die Sockelinschrift des Narmeraffen
85-105 Aristide Theodoridès The final oath of "Truth-Lie" (Fr. Chester Beatty II, 11, 1-3) [pl. 11]
107-133 Michel Valloggia Amenemhat IV and his coégégence with Amenemhat III [pl. 12-13]
135-145 Dietrich Wildung Zur Deutung der Pyramid of Medum
147 Georges Posener The ecstatic of Ounamon, 1, 38-40
148-150 Georges Posener Achoris
150-151 Georges Posener "Make-up artist" in Egyptian
151-153 Alexandre Roccati Note on the grapheme in the Middle Kingdom
155-158 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological Note II

Volume 22 (1970)

Pages Authors Securities
7-14 Paul Barguet The 313-321 chapters of the Pyramid Texts and the birth of light
15-39 Henri Chevrier Technical construction in ancient Egypt. II. - Problems posed by obelisks [pl. 1-2]
41-49 Jacques Jean Clère Notes on the biographical inscription of Sarenpout Ier in Aswan [pl. 3]
51-62 Christiane Coche A new statue of the goddess léontocéphale Ouadjit wp tȝwy [Pl. 4]
63-78 François Daumas The sacred objects of the goddess Hathor at Dendara [pl. 5]
79-83 Philippe Derchain The reception of Sinouhe at the court of Sesostris Ier
85-98 Georges Goyon New observations on the orientation of the Cheops pyramid [pl. 6-8]
99-109 Peter Kaplony Denkmäler der Prinzessin Neferurê und der Königin Timienêse in der Sammlung A. Ghertsos [pl. 9-10]
111-129 Bernadette Menu The management of Hekanakhte's land "heritage"
131-137 Paule Posener-Kriéger The night of Rea
139-154 Aristide Theodoridès The Egyptian notion of possession expressed by the prepositive phrase m-di
155-169 Pascal Vernus On a particularity of the Middle Kingdom's onomastics
171-199 André Vila The arming of the fortress of Mirgissa-Iken [pl. 11-14]
201-203 Jaroslav Černy Survival of an old practice
203-204 Erhart Graefe HPJ "Weggehen, zur Ruhe gehen, sterben"
204-205 Georges Posener On naming a child
206-207 Alain-Pierre Zivie About the place name HDBT mentioned in the Texts of the Pyramids

Volume 23 (1971)

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Michael Atzler Randglossen zum Totengott Sokar
15-22 Paul Barguet The specific texts of the various panels of the sarcophagi of the Middle Kingdom
23-48 Oleg Dmitrievitch Berlev The so-called "city dwellers" in the Middle Kingdom
49-65 Danielle Bonneau The festivals of the flood of the Nile. Problems of places, dates and organization
67-111 Henri Chevrier Technical construction in ancient Egypt. III. - Structural work, masonry [pl. 15]
113-136 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade. I. - The veiled God in his shrine [pl. 6-8]
137-153 Georges Goyon The Pyramid Harbors and the Great Memphis Canal [pl. 9]
155-163 Bernadette Menu Some remarks about the comparative study of the legal stele of Karnak and the "stele" of Ahmès-Nefertari
165-191 Jacques Vandier Ramses-Siptah [pl. 10-12]
193-199 Pascal Vernus Proper names juxtaposed with the Middle Kingdom

Volume 24 (1972) Volume dedicated to the memory of Michel Malinine

Pages Authors Securities
7-11 Paul Barguet Am-Douat and royal funeral
12-16 Oleg Dmitrievitch Berlev Table of offerings belonging to an inhabitant of the city of the pyramid of Sesostris II [pl. 1]
17-19 Pierre du Bourguet About the origin of the relative nty
20-24 Bernard Boyaval An unpublished Greek stele from the island of Saï
25-30 Edda Bresciani A mandibola di cammello con testo demotico di Epoca Augustea [pl. 2]
31-39 Françoise de Cenival A sale of slaves from the time of Artaxerxes III (Inv.os 1276 and 1277) [pl. 3-4]
40-45 Jean-Louis of Cenival On Form sḏm.f to repetition or mrr.f
46-54 Jacques Jean Clère A hathoric Naophoric statue of Saïte Epoch [pl. 5-6]
55-59 Alla Ivanovna Elanskaya The law of proportion in Coptic and the category of time in Egyptian
60-63 Raymond Oliver Faulkner Boat-Building in the Coffin Texts
64-71 Henry Georges Fischer sḫȝ.sn (Florence 1774) [pl. 7]
72-79 André Grabar Two images taken from the life of Saint Pachomius [pl. 8]
80-83 Antoine Guillaumont Coptic = "to draw water"
84-90 Helen Jacquet-Gordon To Donation Stela of Apries [pl. 9]
91-95 Rodolphe Kasser Did the highlight precede the "djinkim" in ancient Bohaïric texts?
96-100 Mihail Korostovtsev The classification of simple sentences in Neo-Egyptian
101-107 Martin Krause Ein Fall friedensrichterlicher Tätigkeit im ersten Jahrzehnt from 7. Jahrhunderts in Oberägypten [pl. 10]
108-110 Charles Kuentz About the demotic name, Coptic and Nubian henna, and his use as an anthroponym
111-115 Jesús Lopez Wrecked, col. 36-37 and 105-106
116-119 Dimitri Meeks IWN-n-pt = = "Flax"
120-128 Bernadette Menu A demotic loan contract concluded during the reign of Ptolemy IV Philopator (P. Marseille, Inv.No 297) [pl. 11-12]
129-136 Richard A. Parker An Abstract of a Loan in Demotic from the Fayum [pl. 13]
137-141 Jaqueline Pirenne Did the Egyptian population participate in the local administration?
142-146 Georges Posener On some errors in the calendars of the good and bad days
147-151 Paule Posener-Kriéger About a Wrong Transcription in the Abousir Papyrus
152-159 Alexandre Roccati An Egyptian legend of Anat [pl. 14]
160-164 Serge Sauneron An Egyptian description of the chameleon
165-168 Erwin Seidl Die Verrechnung und die Kompensation in den juristischen demotischen Papyri
169-175 William Kelly Simpson The Lintels of Si-Hathor-Nehy in Boston and Cairo [pl. 15]
176-187 Harry Sidney Smith Dates of the Obsequies of the Mothers of Apis
188-192 Aristide Theodoridès Put things under someone's feet
193-200 Jacques Vandier The block statuette of Padikhonsou [pl. 16]
201-208 Jean Vercoutter A military campaign of Séti I in Haute Nubie. Stele of Saï S. 579 [pl. 17]
209-215 Henri Wild A statue of the XIIe dynasty used by King Herman Thot-em-hat XXIIIe [Pl. 18]
216-223 Jean Yoyotte Petoubastis III [pl. 19]
224-228 Jan Zandee The exemplarism of the transcendent world in relation to the visible world in the Codex Jung Tractatus Tripartitus (pages 51-140)

Volume 25 (1973)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 François Daumas After Pepi Ier in Dendara [pl. 1]
21-34 Pieter Willem Pestman Determinative games in demotic
35-49 Jeanne Vandier of Abbadie The swan in ancient Egypt [pl. 2-4]
50-57 Jozef Vergote The Coptic dialect P (P. Bodmer VI: Proverbs). Identification test
58-83 Baudouin van de Walle and Herman de Meulenaere Complements to medical prosopography [pl. 5-7]
84-91 Winfried Barta Bemerkungen zu einem alten Götterhymnus
92-135 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade (continued) [pl. 8-9]
136-177 Paul Huard and Jean Leclant Figurations of traps of the ancient hunters of the Nile and the Sahara
178-191 Jesús Lopez The author of the Teaching for Mérikare
192-208 Michel Malinine A case concerning partition (P. Vienna D 12003 and D 12004) [pl. 10-12]
209-216 Dimitri Meeks The name of the dolphin and the fish of Mendes
217-234 Pascal Vernus The C 3 stele of the Louvre [pl. 13]
235-250 Erich Winter Arensnuphis. Sein Name und seine Herkunft
251-252 Georges Posener A new Aménémopé tablet
252-253 Jesús Lopez A passage from the Teaching of Amenemhat Ier (P. Millingen, I, 7-9)
254-255 Alexandre Roccati reads WHM
255-256 Pascal Vernus A fragment of the Middle Kingdom
257-261 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological Note III

Volume 26 (1974)

Pages Authors Securities
7-20 Philippe Derchain crumbs
21-33 Labib Habachi Amenophis III and Amenhotep, son of Hapu, to Athribis [pl. 1-2]
34-51 Michel Malinine A sale of prebends under the XXXe Dynasty (Moscow Paperm No. 135) [pl. 3-5]
52-65 Dimitri Meeks Lexicography notes (1)
66-72 Bernadette Menu An unprecedented demotic stele [pl. 6]
73-82 Ramadan El Sayed About the 407 and 408 Spells of the Sarcophagus Texts
83-99 Robert Lunsingh Scheurleer Some terracotta memphites [pl. 7-9]
100-114 Pascal Vernus A formula of shaouabtis on a pseudo-naos of the XIIIe dynasty [pl. 10-11]
115-117 Jesús Lopez A ramesside stele from the Aubert Collection
117-121 Claude Vandersleyen Sinouhe B 221
121-123 Pascal Vernus On a formula of judicial documents of the time ramesside
123-124 Baudouin van de Walle A family of doctors of the XIXe dynasty

Volume 27 (1975) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jacques Vandier

Pages Authors Securities
7-13 Georges Posener Jacques Vandier (1904-1973)
14-29 France The Corsu Bibliography of Jacques Vandier
30-36 Paul Barguet The Book of the Gates and the transmission of royal power
37-40 Hellmut Brunner Osiris in Byblos
41-55 Emma Brunner-Traut Drei altägyptische Totenboote und vorgeschichtliche Bestattungsgefässe (Negade II) [pl. 1-2]
56-61 Françoise de Cenival Act of sale of a donkey of the year 9 of Ptolemy Epiphanes (Inv. Sorbonne No. 217a) [pl. 3]
62-69 Jean-Louis of Cenival About the Chechi stele. Study of some types of private titles of the Old Kingdom
70-77 Jacques Jean Clère A monument of the popular religion of the Ramesside Epoch [pl. 4]
78-92 John D. Cooney Three Royal Sculptures [pl. 5-6]
93-101 Silvio Curto Museo Egizio di Torino: una scheda di restauro [pl. 7-8]
102-109 François Daumas The simultaneous offering of incense and gold in temples of the late period
110-116 Philippe Derchain On the name of Chou and his function
117-124 Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards Something which Herodotus may have seen [pl. 9]
125-131 Erik Hornung Das Grab Thutmosis' II
132-136 Otto Koefoed-Petersen Khenti-khéti, chtonian god. About the AEIN 895 stele of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek in Copenhagen [pl. 10]
137-149 Jean Leclant At the pyramid of Pepi I, the north wall of the passage AF (antechamber-burial chamber)
150-163 Bernadette Letellier Around the stele of Qadech: a family from Deir el-Medinah [pl. 11-12]
164-174 Michel Malinine Sale of tombs at the time Saïte [pl. 13]
175-179 Charles Maystre An object of the High Priest Memphite Ty (Louvre E 8420) [pl. 14]
180-194 Hans Wolfgang Müller Neue frühgeschichtliche Funde aus dem Delta [pl. 15-17]
195-210 Georges Posener Personal piety before the Amarnian Age [pl. 18-21]
211-221 Paule Posener-Kriéger The papyri of Gébélein. Preliminary remarks
222-234 Jean Vercoutter King Ugaf and XIIIe dynasty on the IIe Cataract (Stela of Mirgissa IM 375) [pl. 22-23]

Volume 28 (1976)

Pages Authors Securities
7-24 Baudouin van de Walle The discovery of Amarna and Akhenaton [pl. 1-3]
25-37 Paul Barguet The Book of Caves and the reconstitution of the divine body
38-47 John Callender Concerning the late Egyptian negatives bw and bn
48-60 Juan José Castillos A late Egyptian mummy at the National Natural History Museum of Montevideo [pl. 4-6]
61-65 Philippe Derchain The kyphi recipe
66-73 Michel Dewachter King Sahathor and the Neferhotep I family
74-86 Georges Goyon A method of working granite by thermal action among ancient Egyptians [pl. 7-9]
87-96 Dimitri Meeks Lexicography notes (§ 2-4)
97-110 Ramadan El-Sayed About the title HRP-ḥwwt
111-118 Miroslav Verner Discovery of an obelisk at Abusir [pl. 10]
119-138 Pascal Vernus Two inscriptions of the XIIe dynasty from Saqqara [pl. 11-14]
139-145 Pascal Vernus The formula "the breath of the mouth" in the Middle Kingdom
146-148 Georges Posener Transcript Notes
148-151 Paul Barguet Note on the great temple of Aton in El-Amarna
151-153 Michel Dewachter Viceroy Nehy and the year 52 of Tuthmosis III
153-154 Henry Georges Fischer Military singers in Gébélein and Hatnoub?
155-156 Raphael Giveon Nakhman - A personal name with the plant determinative
156-158 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Still the family of Iouny
158-160 Bernadette Menu Kôm el-Hisn Stele No. 2
160-162 Beatrix Midant-Reynes St. IMN, "Wife" or "daughter" of Amun?
162-164 Pierre Ramond About an implausibly false papyrus!
165-170 Danielle Bonneau Papyrological note IV

Volume 29 (1977)

Pages Authors Securities
5-13 Guillemette Andreu and Sylvie Cauville Vocabulary absent from dictionary
14-20 Paul Barguet The lunar cycle according to two Edfu texts
21-37 Jean-Louis of Cenival The writings of the verb mAA "to see" in the Texts of the Sarcophagi. Their theoretical consequences
38-42 Dieter Jankuhn Der Spruch: "Die Häuser im Wasser zu bauen" (CT VI, Sp. 571)
43-52 Bernadette Letellier A Happy New Year's Wish for a Kushite Queen [pl. 1]
53-67 Olivier Masson Some Egyptian bronzes with Greek inscription [pl. 2-4]
68-85 Olivier Perdu Khenemet-nefer-hedjet: a princess and two queens of the Middle Kingdom
86-96 Paule Posener-Kriéger Measurements of fabrics in the Old Kingdom
97-116 John D. Ray The Complaint of Herieu [pl. 5-6]
117-124 Gerard Roquet A Coptic Epitaph of Nag'ad-Dayr [pl. 7]
125-137 Marie-Louise Ryhiner About pantheist trigrams
138-178 Abdel Monem AH Sayed Discovery of the site of the 12th dynasty port at Wadi Gawasi on the Red Sea shore [pl. 8-16]
179-193 Pascal Vernus The word štȝw, "Branches, groves, wood"
194-202 Jean Yoyotte Contribution to the history of the 162 Chapter of the Book of the Dead
203-214 Christiane Ziegler Drums kept in the Louvre Museum [pl. 17-18]
215-223 Alain-Pierre Zivie A fragment of cubit of the XIXe dynasty
225-226 Guillemette Andreu A fragment of ouchebti in the name of Nectanebo Ier
226 Henry Georges Fischer Encore Sḫȝ sn (RdE 24, 64-71)
226-227 Jean Yoyotte A goddess named 'ayt
227-228 Jean Yoyotte Seshat makeup artist
229-230 Christiane M. Zivie A new mention of Djedem

Volume 30 (1978)

Pages Authors Securities
7-9 France The Corsu Bibliography of Michel Malinine
10-21 Guillemette Andreu and Sylvie Cauville Vocabulary absent from dictionary (II)
22-50 Jan Assmann Eine Traumoffenbarung der Göttin Hathor
51-56 Paul Barguet Remarks on some scenes of the room of Ramses VI's sarcophagus
57-66 Philippe Derchain Crumbs (continued)
67-73 Didier Devauchelle A demotic guarantee: P. Dém. Leconte 1 [pl. 1]
74-77 Danielle Bonneau Greek subscription of Father Dem. Leconte 1
78-95 Henry Georges Fischer Some so-called antiquities of the Old Kingdom [pl. 2-6]
96-100 Friedrich Junge "Emphasis by anticipation" im Mittelägyptischen Verbalsatz
101-114 Olivier Perdu The preposition HFT and non-concomitant temporalities
115-146 Pascal Vernus Literature and autobiography. The inscriptions of Sȝ-Mwt nickname Kyky
147-150 Jean Yoyotte Apophis and the Red Mountain
151-162 Alain-Pierre Zivie The quarries and the hillock of Yak
163-167 Raphael Giveon The XIIIth dynasty in Asia [pl. 7]
168 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Additional documentation on Iouny (RdE 28, 156-8)
168-171 Jaromir Málek Spt in Urk. IV, 23, 9
172-174 Marie-Louise Ryhiner A fragment of hieroglyphic inscription found at Leptis Magna
174-175 Jean Yoyotte A memory of a memphite high priest in Cyrenaica
175-177 Alain-Pierre Zivie A seal imprint of Epoque Saïte

Volume 31 (1979)

Pages Authors Securities
3-28 Jocelyne Berlandini The "ruined" pyramid of Sakkara-Nord and King Ikaouhor-Menkaouhor [pl. 1-4]
29-35 Didier Devauchelle The demotic papyrus Louvre E 9415. A division of goods [pl. 5]
36-65 Marianne Doresse The veiled god in his shrine and the feast of the beginning of the decade (continued)
66-80 Anthony Spalinger The negatives and the Piye (Piankhy) Stela
81-96 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of Ranke, PN
97-100 Miroslav Verner Neue Papyrusfunde in Abusir
101-119 Pascal Vernus A hymn to Amon, protector of Tanis, on a hieratic shelf (Cairo JE 87889) [pl. 6]
120-134 Christiane Ziegler The false door of Prince Kanefer "son of Snefrou" [pl. 10-11]
135-151 Alain-Pierre Zivie The tomb of an officer of the XVIIIe dynasty at Saqqara [pl. 10-11]
152-153 Michel Dewachter Type No. 2 of Corpus funerary cones
153-156 Jaromir Malek A shawabti of the Draftsman Pay of Deir el-Medina
157 Eugen Strouhal How does the paper of JJ Castillos (RdE 28, 48-60)

Volume 32 (1980)

Pages Authors Securities
3-17 Winfried Barta Die Mondfinsternis im 15. Regierungsjahr Takelots II
19-31 Horst Beinlich Ein Morgenlied an Osiris aus dem Hathor-Tempel von Dendara [pl. 1]
33-46 Joris Frans Borghouts The Ram as a Protector and Prophesier
47-64 Sylvie Cauville A specific offering of Osiris: the container of dates (m'ḏȝ n bnr)
65-68 Didier Devauchelle The tree rdmt
69-73 Michel Dewachter A new "royal son" of the XVIIIe dynasty: Qenamon [pl. 2]
75-82 Sami Farag A Memphite inscription of the XIIe dynasty [pl. 3-5]
83-93 Paule Posener-Kriéger Fragments of papyrus from Saqqara [pl. 6-7]
95-116 Anthony Spalinger Remarks on the Family of Queen Ḫ'.s.nbw and the Problem of Kingship in Dynasty XIII [pl. 8]
117-134 Pascal Vernus Studies of philology and linguistics
135-136 Sylvie Cauville SHN-Rhyt : a designation of the necropolis of Edfu
136-138 Jean-Claude Degardin About the objects reported by the Lepsius Expedition
138-139 Didier Devauchelle Anthroponyms Pȝ-'t et Pȝ-'ẖm
140-141 Michel Dewachter A new type of funerary cones
141-144 Bernadette Menu Note on the inscriptions of Sȝ-mwt nickname Kyky
144-145 Michel pezin Mummy labels from the Le Blant collection
145-146 Pascal Vernus Once again the inscriptions of Sȝ-mwt nickname Kyky

  Volume 33 (1981)

Pages Authors Securities
3-9 Essam El-Banna Has the obelisk of Sesostris I in Heliopolis been moved? [pl. 1]
11-22 Joris Frans Borghouts Monthu and matrimonial squabbles
23-28 Annie Gasse A Heliopolitan influence in the science of construction?
29-37 Yvan Koenig The fright of Kenikerkhepeshef (P. Deir el-Medinah 40) [pl. 2]
39-45 Beatrix Midant-Reynes The names of flint in Egyptian
47-58 Paule Posener-Kriéger Building a tomb west of Mn-nfr (P. Cairo 52002) [pl. 3-4]
59-65 David P. Silverman Plural Demonstrative Constructions in Ancient Egyptian
67-77 Rainer Stadelmann The pyramid city in the Old Kingdom
79-87 Michelle Thirion Onomastic notes (second series)
89-124 Pascal Vernus Omina calendrical and offerings accounting on a hieratic shelf of the XVIIIe dynasty [pl. 5-6]
125-132 Christiane Ziegler A family of "great of the gold djebels" of Amun [pl. 7]
133-134 Michel Dewachter The origin of the date of the unpublished bas-relief Toulon Inv. 957-85-1
134-137 Marc Heimer A statuette of bewitchment in alabaster of the Middle Kingdom
137-138 Yvan Koenig Notes on some "neo-Egyptian" words
138-140 Georges Posener Transcript Notes

Tome 34 (1982-1983)

Pages Authors Securities
3-21 Sydney Aufrère Characters and divine origin of minerals
23-26 Sylvie Cauville A stele of Nag el-Hassaïa [pl. 1]
27-52 John L. Foster The sḏm.f and sḏ Forms in the Tale of Sinuhe
53-58 Annie Gasse Seramon, a member of the Theban clergy of the XXIe dynasty
59-69 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen Further Thoughts on Egyptian Chronology in the Third Intermediate Period
71-75 Dieter Kurth Der komische Hintergrund of the Horfmuthos von Edfu
77-91 Anthony Leahy Two Donation Stelae of Necho II [pl. 2-3]
93-100 Michel Malinine Hieroglyphic transcriptions of four texts of the Louvre Museum written in abnormal hieratics [pl. 4-7]
101-114 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (third series)
115-128 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (II)
129-136 Jean Yoyotte The Amon of Naukratis
137 Sylvie Cauville IRT : a name of the situla?
137-140 Michel Dewachter Statue Besançon Inv. 890.1.66: a find by Mariette that we thought had been lost
140-142 Charles C. van Siclen, III Three comments on the ostraca of Deir el-Bahari
142-145 Jean Yoyotte A Happy New Year wish for Prince Nechao
145-148 Jean Yoyotte A divine wife in Heracleopolis
148-149 Jean Yoyotte The god Horemheb

Volume 35 (1984)

Pages Authors Securities
3-21 Schafik Allam A marriage contract, P. demotic Cairo J. 68567 [pl. 1-3]
23-30 Sydney Aufrère Brgt (Stele of famine 16). Remarks on terms used to denote emerald, beryl and olivine
31-55 Sylvie Cauville and Didier Devauchelle The temple of Edfu: stages of construction and new historical data
57-82 Virginia Condon Two Papyri Account of the Late Eighteenth Dynasty (Brooklyn 35.1453 A and B) [pl. 4-7]
83-94 Michel Dewachter The “first royal sons of Amun”. Complements and remarks [pl. 8]
95-103 Hans Goedicke The Riddle of Sinuhe's Flight
105-126 François-René Herbin A liturgy of the ten-day rites of Djemê, P. Vienna 3865 [pl. 9]
127-137 Ginette Lacaze, Olivier Masson and Jean Yoyotte Two Memphite documents copied by J.-M. Vansleb in the XVIIe century [pl. 10-11]
139-158 Véronique Laurent A statue from Tell el-Maskoutah [pl. 12]
159-188 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (III)
189-191 Christian Cannuyer Learned monkey or chameleon?
191-195 Jean-Claude Degardin Boat procession in Khonsu temple
195-199 Michel Dewachter King Sahathor, complements
199-200 Michel Dewachter The date of Neferoubenef's papyrus
200-203 Alain-Pierre Zivie The location of the tomb of Ptah Ptahemhat-Ty's High Priest
203-205 Christiane Ziegler Isis found

Volume 36 (1985)

Pages Authors Securities
1-15 Schafik Allam Le HM-kȝ was he exclusively a funeral priest?
17-20 Amin AMA Amer Tutankhamun's Decree for the Chief Treasurer Maya [pl. 1]
21-34 Sydney Aufrère Heart, left ring finger, Sekhmet and heart disease
35-42 Leo Depuydt "See" and "watch" in Coptic: synchronic and diachronic study
43-66 Michel Dewachter New information on the exploitation of the royal necropolis of Drah Abul Neggah [pl. 2-3]
67-72 Ali Ahmed Gasm el Seed The tomb of Tanutamon at El Kurru (Ku 16) [pl. 4]
73-87 Bernadette Menu Sale of services and debt commitments under the Kushite and Saite kings
89-113 Olivier Perdu The monument of Samtoutefnakht in Naples [first part]
115-119 Georges Posener For the reconstruction of the teaching of a man to his son
121-124 Carl Nicholas Reeves Fragments of an Embalming-ritual Papyrus in the Oriental Museum, Durham [pl. 5]
125-143 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic, contribution to a revision of Ranke PN [fourth series]
145-152 Miroslav Verner The statuettes of wooden prisoners of Abousir [pl. 6-8]
153-168 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (IV)
169-170 Jean-Luc Chappaz Wood we make the oushebtis
170-172 Didier Devauchelle About two demotic steles from Kom el-Hisn
172-174 Didier Devauchelle Again the construction of the temple of Hathor in Dendara
175-177 Michel Dewachter About Thot Temple in North Karnak
177-179 Kenneth Anderson Kitchen The consequences of the Libyan wars of Ramses III
179-181 Véronique Laurent A statue of Tell el-Maskoutah found
181-185 Jaromir Malek Paiuenamun, Sambehdet, and Howard Carter's Survey of Tell el-Balamun in 1913
185-187 Christiane Ziegler Discoveries in the museums of Le Mans
187 Michel Dewachter Again the temple of Thot at Karnak North [addendum]
189-200 Marguerite-Marie Cour-Marty The weight collection of the Cairo Museum revisited

Volume 37 (1986)

Pages Authors Securities
3-11 Jocelyne Berlandini Small memphite statuary in the Louvre Museum, the Sadeaouy dyad and the statuette of Tchay [pl. 1-2]
13-29 Françoise de Cenival Accounts of a Theban religious association dating from the 29 to 33 years of King Amasis (P. Louvre E 7840 bis) [pl. 3-4]
31-43 Michel Chauveau The cults of Edfa in Roman times [pl. 5-8]
45-51 Didier Devauchelle Fragments of Ptolemaic decrees in the Egyptian language preserved at the Louvre Museum [pl. 9-10]
53-62 Michel Dewachter The funerary scarab of Nechao II and two unpublished amulets of the Jacquemart-André Museum [pl. 11-13]
63-80 Karin Götte Eine Individualcharakteristik ptolemäischer Herrscher anhand der Epitheta Sequenzen beim Weinopfer
81-89 Jean-Claude Grenier The prophet and the autokrator [pl. 14]
91-96 Georges Posener New on Kombabos [pl. 15]
97-106 Jan Quaegebeur Amenophis, royal name and divine name. Methodological issues
107-130 Stephen Quirke The Regular Titles of the Late Middle Kingdom
131-137 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic, contribution to a revision of Ranke PN [fifth series]
139-147 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (V) [pl. 16]
149-150 Didier Devauchelle Notes on the Bentresh stele
150-151 Georges Posener Still the title
151-155 François Neveu The rental price of donkeys in Deir el Medina
155-159 Bernard Mathieu A new fragment of Prâemheb's papyrus
159-163 Michel Dewachter Two bas-reliefs lost from the 2003 well of Deir el-Medinah

Volume 38 (1987)

Pages Authors Securities
3-11 Françoise de Cenival The Dodgson papyrus: (P. Ashmolean Museum Oxford 1932-1159). An interrogation at the gates of the gods [pl. 1]
13-48 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of the military cadres of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period
49-54 Aidan Dodson Psusennes II [pl. 2]
55-61 Arno Egberts A note on the building history of the temple of Edfu
63-80 Hans Goedicke "Menna's Lament"
81-104 Jean-Claude Grenier The Pharaonic Protocol of the Roman Emperors (Formal Analysis and Historical Significance)
105-110 Yvan Koenig Nubia in the magical texts "The disturbing strangeness"
111-115 Peter Lacovara and Carl Nicholas Reeves The colossal statue of Mycerinus reconsidered [pl. 3-4]
117-137 Jaromir Malek The Saqqara statue of Ptahmose, mayor of the Memphite suburbs [pl. 5]
139-146 Nigel Strudwick The overseer of the treasury ny-kȝw-PTH [Pl. 6]
147-162 Claude Traunecker The "high temples" of the Late Period: an aspect of the economic functioning of temples
163-181 Pascal Vernus Studies of Philology and Linguistics (VI) [pl. 7]
183-184 Sylvie Cauville A prefix p in Egyptian?
185-187 Sylvie Cauville About the designations of the scribe palette
187-190 Michel Defossez Lexicographical note on the word ḥwtf
190-193 Michel Dewachter The great elbow of the Nile at Amada and the toponym tȝ ḳ'ḥ (t)
194-197 Claude Vandersleyen A head of Chephren pink granite

Volume 39 (1988) Volume dedicated to the memory of Georges Posener

Pages Authors Securities
I-III Arpag Mekhitarian Georges Posener (1907-1988)
3-36 Thierry Bardinet Notes on skin diseases, leprosy, and divine punishment
37-46 Françoise de Cenival Papyrus Seymour de Ricci: the oldest of the regulations of religious association (P. BN E 241) [pl. 1]
47-62 Danielle Unknown-Bocquillon Thot of Pnoubs (the city) or Thot of the nebès (the tree)
63-82 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics. I. The heptametric couplet in love songs
83-106 Stephen Quirke State and Labor in the Middle Kingdom. A Reconsideration of the Term ḫnrt
107-129 Anthony Spalinger A Sequence System
131-146 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (sixth series)
147-154 Pascal Vernus The formula of good behavior (nfrt)
155-178 Jean Yoyotte Lions and cats. Contribution to the prosopography of the Lybian era [pl. 2-6]
179-195 Alain-Pierre Zivie Portrait of woman. A stuccoed wooden head recently discovered in Saqqara [pl. 7-11]
197-204 Nathalie Beaux Star and starfish: an attempt to identify the sign
204-208 Leo Depuydt The End of ḫr.f sḏm.f in the Heqanakhte Letters
208 Didier Devauchelle A Persian in Ptolemaic Egypt
209-210 Michel Dewachter The appearance of the Papyrus Prisse (pBN 183-194)
210-211 Frédérique von Känel The "Director of the Château de Serket"
211-213 Bernadette Menu The renting of donkeys in Deir el-Medina
213-214 Vincent Rondot A monument of the Xe nome of Upper Egypt found
215-227 Michel Dewachter The paradox of the “Salvolini papers” of the National Library (MSS NAF 20450-20454) and the question of the manuscripts of the Champollion brothers

Volume 40 (1989) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jacques Jean Clère

Pages Authors Securities
I-II Jean Vercoutter Jacques Jean Clère (1906-1989)
III-IX Jean-Louis of Cenival Bibliography of Jacques Jean Clère
3-36 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of the military cadres of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period
37-47 Philippe Derchain Eloquence and politics. Akhtoy's opinion
49-63 Eric Doret Nominal Sentence, Identity and Substitution in Sarcophagus Texts [Part One]
65-89 Danielle Unknown-Bocquillon The titles ḥry ỉdb et ḥry wḏb in the inscriptions of the Greco-Roman temples
91-111 Jean-Philippe Lauer The problem of the construction of the Great Pyramid [pl. 1-3]
113-123 Robert Navailles and François Neveu What did we mean by “slave day” in the New Kingdom? (hrw m ḥm (t), hrw n bȝk)
125-129 Gabriella Scandone-Matthiae A sphinx of Amenemhat III at the Museum of Aleppo [pl. 4]
131-144 Michel Valloggia The Bodmer 107 papyrus or the late reflections of a conception of eternity [pl. 5]
145-161 Pascal Vernus The stele of Pharaoh MnTw-Htpi in Karnak: a new testimony by the political and military situation at the beginning of the DPI [pl. 6-7]
163-185 Francis Geus Surveys of Meroitic funerary practices and customs. The contribution of non-royal cemeteries. Preliminary approach
187-188 Essam El-Banna An unpublished stele of a singer from the Temple of Ptah in Memphis
189-190 Didier Devauchelle Ptolemaic Notes (1-3)
191-194 Pierre Grandet The Thebes Road compared to a rope
194-195 Yvan Koenig Notes on the Papyrus Deir el-Medinah XXVI AB
195-197 Olivier Perdu Another trace of the goddess Âayt in the herakleopolitan onomastic at the origin of the Pakhrof fleet leader
197-198 Joaquim Friedrich Quack On the euphemistic use of HFT "Enemy" in demotic
199-200 Pascal Vernus again mid governing a suffix form -t
201-215 Michel Dewachter The manuscripts of engineer Jollois and correspondence relating to his first year in Egypt (1798-1799)
215-218 Michel Dewachter The so-called portrait of Champollion in Naples, painted by François Bouchot in 1828
218-220 Michel Dewachter The artists collectors and a testimony on the beginnings of the antique dealer Joseph Brummer: the “Souvenirs” of Zadkine

  Volume 41 (1990)

Pages Authors Securities
3-8 Michel Chauveau Glorification of an anonymous death (Dem Louvre N 2450 c) [pl. 1]
9-30 Philippe Derchain The author of the papyrus Jumilhac
31-37 Aidan Dodson The Canopic Chest of Ramesses II [pl. 2]
39-56 Eric Doret Nominal sentence, identity and substitution in the Sarcophagus Texts [second part]
57-63 Adel Farid General Hathor, Daughter of Strategos Hjȝrgs-P'khqm [Pl. 3-4]
65-93 Hans Goedicke Two Mining Records from the Wadi Hammamat
95-99 Pierre Grandet A historical text from Ramses III to El-Kab (and other Ramesside texts) [pl. 5-6]
101-125 Yvan Koenig The texts of spell of Mirgissa
127-141 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics II. Metric constraints and textual production in theHymn to the flood of the Nile
143-152 François Neveu About Fr. DM 28: a royal council dedicated to the affairs of "La Tombe"
153-208 Pascal Vernus Between Neo-Egyptian and Demotic: the language used in the translation of the Ritual of repelling the Aggressive (Studies on diglossia I)
209-213 Alain Charron Animal Massacres in the Late Period
213-217 Elisabeth Delange, Mr Grange, Bruce Kusko and Eve Menei Appearance of the metallogallic ink in Egypt from the Louvre papyrus collection
218-220 Didier Devauchelle Again rdmt
220-221 Jean Vercoutter ḥmȝgt : Semi-precious stones or resin?
221 Pascal Vernus About the pharaoh stela Mntw-SICT
223-230 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Addenda and corrigenda to the prosopography of the Egyptian military cadres of the Late Period

Volume 42 (1991)

Pages Authors Securities
3-10 Mohammed Ibrahim Bakr and Alexandra Nibbi Three Stone Anchors from Tell Basta [pl. 1]
11-24 Nathalie Baum Some ideas about the hair tree ḫt n šn
25-41 Nadine Cherpion By reconsidering the great sphinx of the Louvre (A 23)
43-88 Pierre-Marie Chevereau Contribution to the prosopography of military cadres of the Middle Kingdom
89-94 Hans Goedicke Egyptian Military Actions in "Asia" in the Middle Kingdom
95-116 Yvan Koenig The hieratic ostraca of the Louvre Museum
117-145 Eddy Lanciers Die ägyptischen Priest of the Pole Königskultes [pl. 2]
147-169 Christian Leblanc and I. Abdel-Rahman Remarks on the tomb of Queen Douatentipet [pl. 3-10]
171-181 Richard Bruce Parkinson The Date of the "Tale of the Eloquent Peasant"
183-187 Olivier Perdu A saite statue of a priest from the province of the West [pl. 11]
189-207 Joaquim Friedrich Quack The Konstruktion of the Infinitivs in der Cleft Sentence
209-222 Anthony Spalinger An Unexpected Source in a Festival Calendar
223-240 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (seventh series)
241-249 Pascal Vernus A statue of Neshor nicknamed Psamétik-menkhib [pl. 12-13]
251-252 Christophe Barbotin A fragment of inspection text from Merenptah to Tod
253-255 Alain Charron An offering table at the Meudon Museum
256-260 Paolo Gallo I babbuini di Thot il toro: da Busiri al Campidoglio
260-261 Bernadette Letellier "Bite analysis": the real name of the "treatise on ophiology"?
262-263 Bernard Mathieu “Remembering the West” (sxA Jmnt.t): an expression of religious piety in the Middle Kingdom
264-266 Olivier Perdu The oushebtys of General Pashérientaihet (Psentaès) son of Bastetreshti
266 Pascal Vernus About the Ritual of Pushing the Aggressive
267-281 Juan José Castillos Pottery Distribution in Upper Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries

Volume 43 (1992)

Pages Authors Securities
3-9 Andrey O. Bolshakov The Earliest Known Gold Pharaonic Coin
11-34 Pierre-Marie Cheverau Contribution to the prosopography of military cadres of the Middle Kingdom
35-47 Philippe Derchain The beginnings of History
49-74 Eric Doret Nominal sentence, identity and substitution in the Sarcophagus Texts [third part]
75-85 Hans Goedicke Wisdom of Any VII, 12-7
87-105 Catherine Graindorge Onions of Sokar [pl. 1]
107-122 Jacobus Johannes Janssen Gear for the Tombs [pl. 2]
123-132 Yvan Koenig The registered patches of the Louvre
133-143 Jesús Lopez The love orchard
145-162 Olivier Perdu Base of a statue of Neshor in Abydos
163-168 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (eighth series)
169-194 Ursula Verhoeven Textgeschichtliche Beobachtungen am Schlusstext von Totenbuchspruch 146
195-202 Sylvie Cauville The “specific” priests of Dendara
202-204 Didier Devauchelle Two Memphite Fragments of the New Kingdom
205-207 Didier Devauchelle The title of high priest memphite
207-210 Annie Gasse A new stele of Horus on crocodiles
210-214 Michel pezin Hor, son of Labys Frontistής /SWRD of Hathor of Dendera, in 98
215-221 Pierre Prévot Observations on Memphis Serapeum steles

Volume 44 (1993)

Pages Authors Securities
3-10 Michèle Broze The creation of the world and the opposition sḏm.f - sḏ in the temple of Esna
11-18 Herman de Meulenaere Some remarks on saite donation stelae [pl. 1]
19-31 Marc Etienne (and Dominique Farout) The 26.1.19 stele found [pl. 2]
33-54 Jean Kerisel Pyramid of Cheops. Last searches
55-73 Yvan Koenig The labels of jars of the Louvre Museum
75-80 Jean-Philippe Lauer On the use and the role of color in the monuments of the funeral complex of King Djoser [pl. 3]
81-101 Alexandra Nibbi An Early Dynastic Hide-Covered Papyrus Boat Model [pl. 4-7]
103-140 Claude Obsomer The date of Nésou-Montou (Louvre C 1)
141-151 Joaquim Friedrich Quack Ägyptisches und südarabisches Alphabet
153-160 Heike Schmidt Foreign Affairs under Egypt's "Dazzling Sun"
161-184 Anthony Spalinger A Religious Calendar Year at the Mut Temple at Karnak
185-188 Eve Menei Remarks on the manufacture of papyrus rolls: details on the formation and assembly of slips
189-191 Claude Vandersleyen Rahotep, Sebekemsaf Ier and Djéhouty, king of the 13e dynasty
192-194 Claude Vandersleyen The lamenting scenes of the rooms alpha et gamma in the tomb of Akhenaton
195-198 Gérard Colin A particularity of the language of the Ethiopian Synaxarian: the inchoative use of the verb (kona) (a parallel to a value of HPR)

Volume 45 (1994) Volume dedicated to the memory of Charles Maystre

Pages Authors Securities
3-5 Michel Valloggia Charles Maystre (1907-1993)
6-9 Michel Valloggia Bibliography of Charles Maystre
11-15 Christian Barbotin A statue of the high priest of Amon Bakenkhonsu II [pl. I-IV]
17-39 Nathalie Baum SNTR : a revision
41-48 Charles Bonnet Palaces and temples in the urban topography. Examples of the Kerma Basin
49-73 Leo Depuydt We have Late Egyptian and Demotic Idiom
75-86 Didier Devauchelle Notes and Documents for the History of the Memphis Serapeum (IV) [pl. V-VII]
87-116 Eric Van Essche-Merchez For a "stratigraphic" reading of the walls of the temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habou [pl. VIII-XII]
117-132 Ahmed Farid Sieben Metalgefüte mit demotischen Inschriften aus Kairo und Paris
133-138 Jean-Marie Kruchten A conjunctive use after a verb of will on a stele of Ramses IV
139-154 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics. III. A metric innovation in a Theban litany of the New Kingdom
155-173 Jan Quaegebeur The table of great and pure offerings of Amon
175-188 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (ninth series)
189-192 Amin AMA Amer A Stela from Liverpool
193-196 Basma Koura Anmerkungen zu den Elfenbeinfragmenten Louvre E 11203 aus der Amarnazeit
197 Joaquim Friedrich Quack Notwendige Korrekturen
198-200 Nicholas Reeves A Fragment from the Canopic Jar of an Amarna Queen
201-205 Nicholas Reeves Observations on a Royal Sarcophagus Model in the British Museum
207-234 Alfred Muzzolini Tanks in the Sahara and Egypt. The tanks of the “Peoples of the Sea” and the “Eastern Wave” in Africa

Volume 46 (1995)

Pages Authors Securities
3 - 8 Miroslaw Arwik News about Pacherenmin's papyrus at the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow
9 - 41 Jocelyne Berlandini-Keller Ptah-demiurge and the exaltation of the sky
43 - 54 Gérard Colin Pharaonic Egypt in the Chronicle of John, Bishop of Nikiou
55 - 79 Philippe Collombert Hout-sekhem and the seventh nome of Upper Egypt, the divine Oudjarenes
89 - 98 Philippe Derchain Egypt, symbol of the eye The age of Ra's decree
119 - 137 Christina Karlshausen The evolution of Amon's processional boat at 18e dynasty
139 - 148 Michel Chauveau A demotic dedication to the god Atoum
149 - 161 Peter Pamminger Insights into a translucent name bead
171 - 186 Michelle Thirion Onomastic notes, contribution to a revision of the Ranke NP, tenth series
187 - 202 Jean Winand Grammar to help text dating
213-214 Bernadette Menu About "Donation Stelae"

Volume 47 (1996)

Pages Authors Securities
9-28 Pierre-Marie Chevereau The standard bearer Maienheqaou
37-41 Anne Minault-Gout A head of Queen Tiyi discovered in Saï Island, Sudan
43-66 Olivier Perdu The warning of Amenardis Ire on his statue Cairo JE 3420 = CG 565
67-77 Anthony John Spalinger Some times
107-115 Claude Vandersleyen The monuments of Wadi Gaouasis and the possibility of going to the country of Punt by the Red Sea
147-170 Carles Wolterman A vizier of Ramses III visits the oracle of Amun and Deir el-Medina
171-172 Didier Devauchelle Ptolemaic notes
173-176 Peter Lacovara, Carl Nicholas Reeves, W. Raymond Johnson and A composite statue in the museum of fine arts, Boston
177-179 Robert H. Tykot The Geological Source of an Obsidian Ear (04.1941) from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
180-181 Michel pezin Two new demotic testimonies of the Aramaic anthroponym Bl-Str
183-203 Marianne Cornevin Paleoclimatology and settlement of ancient Egypt

Volume 48 (1997)

Pages Authors Securities
5-10 Jean Yoyotte Paule Posener-Kriéger
11-14 Jean Yoyotte Bibliography of Paule Posener-Kriéger
15-70 Philippe Collombert Hout-sekhem and the seventh nome of Upper Egypt II: the late stelae [pl. I-VII]
71-80 Philippe Derchain Crumbs (IV)
81-93 Konrad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7852. A Land Lease from the Reign of Taharka [Pl. VIII]
95-108 Stephen Quirke Black Copper in Bronze Age Egypt [pl. IX]
109-163 Bernard Mathieu Studies of Egyptian metrics, IV. Enneamametric tristics in the Amon hymn of Leiden [Pl. X-XV]
165-184 Olivier Perdu A revisited “autobiography” of Horirâa
185-200 Chantal Sambin The purification of the Divine Eye or the two vessels of Kom Ombo [Pl. XVI]
201-217 Eric van Essche The added value of the determinative sign in the figurative writing ramesside
219-226 Jean Vercoutter Egyptians and Prehellenes. New points of view
227-245 Christiane Ziegler The statues of Akhethetep, owner of the Louvre Chapel [Pl. XVII-XIX]
247-250 Christophe Barbotin A new certificate of Kemit
251-256 Juan José Castillos New Data on Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries
257-259 Philippe Collombert When Menkheperrê addresses Amon (stele of banishment, L. 12)
260-263 Didier Devauchelle The oaths at the door of Djema
264-266 Véronique Laurent About an oushebti
267-273 Elsa Rickal A statue of a priest of Herishef at the XVIIIe dynasty
274-278 Vincent Rondot Alexander IV Aegos and Ptolemy Ier Serve at the Besançon museum
279-282 Kim Ryholt Two New Kingdom Oracle Petitions. O. BMFA 72.659, 72.666
283-289 Jean-Jacques Fiechter The Rosetta Stone and other Egyptian antiquities taken by the English in 1801
290 Myriam Wyssa Grafma

Volume 49 (1998)

Pages Authors Securities
5-24 Jocelyne Berlandini A statuette head of a Lybian dynasty (Pl. I-III)
25-36 Juan José Castillos Inequality in Egyptian Predynastic Cemeteries
37-45 Marc Coenen An Introduction to the Document of Breathing made by Isis
47-58 Philippe Collombert The eternal succession of generations. About a formula of late autobiographies
59-89 Judith Devaux Definition of some technical characteristics of soft stone statuary in ancient Egypt (Pl. IV-XI)
91-105 Koenraad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7856 verso and recto: Leasing Land in the Reign of Taharka (Pl. XII-XIII)
107-149 Françoise Labrique The escort of the moon on the gate of Evergète in Karnak (Pl. XIV-XXI)
151-160 Juan Carlos Moreno García From the Old Kingdom to the First Intermediate Period: the autobiography of Qȝr of Edfu, between tradition and innovation
161-173 Milena Perraud A connection to the Louvre: the headrest E 4231 + E 4293 with figuration of Bes (Pl. XXII-XXV)
175-194 Olivier Perdu The "director of the council scribes"
195-220 Chris H. Reintges Mapping Information Structure to Syntactic Structure: One Syntax for jn
221-237 Ursula Verhoeven International Totenbuch-Puzzle (Pl. XXVI-XXVIII)
239-242 Philippe Collombert The Nesmin stele (complement to RdE 48 (1997), p. 15-70)
243-249 Alexandra c. Lieven Die "Theology" der Türeinfassung Kairo JdE 48832-3
250-254 Olivier Perdu The torso of Irethorerou from the Béhague collection
255-256 Joachim Friedrich Quack Ein übersehener Beleg for den Imhotep-Kult in Theben
257-258 Christophe Thiers A propos of ẖp.w / HP (y) .w "Relief figures, engravings"
259-264 Christophe Thiers A statue of Ptolemy Evergete Ier
265-271 Sydney Aufrère The first drawings of liturgical paintings of the temple of Khnum-Re in Esna. About the visits of the Jesuit Claude Sicard in 1718 and 1720

Volume 50 (1999)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 49 Christophe Barbotin The Chassinat papyrus III [Pl. I-XII]
51 - 65 Anne-Sophie von Bomhard The Shipwrecked Tale and the Prisse Papyrus
67 - 105 Mark Depauw Demotic Witness-Copy-Contracts
107 - 133 Leo Depuydt The Two Problems of the Month Names
135 - 147 Koenraad Donker van Heel Papyrus Louvre E 7851 front and back: Two More Land Leases from the Reign of Taharka [Pl. XIII-XIV]
149 - 239 François-René Herbin Three original manuscripts from the Louvre bearing the “Book of Breaths made by Isis” (P. Louvre N 3121, N 3083 and N 3166) [Pl. XV-XXII]
241 - 257 Juan Carlos Moreno García "I filled the pastures with spotted cows ..." Cattle, royal economy and ideology in Egypt, from the Old to the Middle Kingdom
259 - 268 René Preys Hathor, mistress of the Sixteen and the feast of navigation at Dendera
269 - 271 Michel Chauveau The chronology of the so-called "Pherendatès" correspondence
272 - 274 Michel Chauveau A contemporary indigenous strategist of the last Cleopatra
275 - 277 Judith Devaux Nature of metal used for tools of Egyptian sculptors
278 - 282 Luc Gabolde Canopus and the north-south directions of Karnak established by Thutmose III
283 - 285 François-René Herbin P. Louvre N 3176 H: the stuttering papyrus
286 - 288 Eric Rannou Three canopic jars preserved in Mayenne (France)

Volume 51 (2000)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 8 Magdy El-Ghandour Obituary of Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Moussa (1934 - 1998)
9 - 19 Eugene Cruz-Uribe Two early demotic letters from Thebes (Louvre P. E 3231c and 3231b) [Pl. I-II]
21 - 37 Didier Devauchelle Notes and Documents on the History of the Memphis Serapeum (VI-X) [Pl. III-V]
39 - 67 Judith Devaux Definition of some technical features of hard stone statuary in ancient Egypt [Pl. VI-XII]
69 - 81 Ivan Guermeur The Aristonikos syngenes and the city of To-Bener (Cairo Statue JE 85743) [Pl. XIII-XIV]
83 - 101 Dimitri Laboury From the spatial relationship between the characters of royal statuary groups in pharaonic art [Pl. XV-XVIII]
103 - 121 Alexandra von Lieven Kleine Beiträge zur Vergöttlichung Amenophis II Amenophis I. auf schildförmigen Mumienamuletten [Pl. XIX-XXII]
123 - 139 Juan Carlos Moreno García Acquisition of serfs during the First Intermediate Period: a study of social history in III Egypte Millennium
141 - 152 Elsa Oreal A proofreading Merikare, E 109-115
153 - 173 Peter Pammiger Features of the Past. A Royal Statuary and its Secret [Pl. XXIII-XXVIII]
175 - 193 Olivier Perdu Incidence of Incentives to Act [Pl. XXIX]
195 - 221 René Preys The amounts of Per-Nou and the festival of the Good Meeting in Dendera
223 - 251 Stephen Quirke Six hieroglyphic inscriptions in University College Dublin [Pl. XXX-XXXIII]
253 - 256 Juan José Castillos The Predynastic Cemeteries at Badari
257 - 261 Michel Chauveau Again Ptolemy "VII" and the god Neos Philipatôr!
262 - 265 Luc Gabolde and Mansour el-Noubi Stele of Gegi (PPI) with an invocation to the "Furious" (?) In the shops of Luxor
266 - 270 Christophe Thiers A pharaonic protocol from Antoninus Pius?
271 - 275 Sydney Hervé Aufrère A Toulouse friend from Champollion, the antique dealer Alexandre Du Mège and his knowledge of Egyptian antiquities

Volume 52 (2001)

Pages Authors Securities
7 - 27 Michel Azim A forgotten Karnak monument: the central gate of the Ouadjyt
29 - 55 Christophe Barbotin The dedicatory inscription of Khâemouaset at Saqqara Serapeum
57 - 67 Jeanne Bulté Original iconography of an unpublished “foster” Bes: illustration of an obscene curse [Pl. XIII-XIV]
69 - 84 Marc Coenen On the demise of the Book of the Dead in Ptolemaic Thebes
85 - 125 Laurent Coulon When Amon speaks to Plato (The Cairo statue JE 38033) [Pl. XV-XXI]
127 - 149 Louise Gestermann Grab and Stele of Psametich, Oberarzt und Vorstecher der TMHW [Pl. XXII]
151 - 181 Christian Leblanc The true identity of Pentaouret, the "cursed" prince [Pl. XXIII-XXVII]
183 - 217 Olivier Perdu Example of an archaic stele for a model priest [Pl. XXVIII]
219 - 249 Vincent Rondot The biphenous god is Lycurgus [Pl. XXIX-XXXV]
251 - 264 Cathie Spieser Serket, protector of the unborn and the dead to be reborn
265 - 276 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN (Eleventh series)

Volume 53 (2002)

Pages Authors Securities
5 - 60 Jocelyne Berlandini The "recumbent double-chaouabti" of princes Ramses and Khâemouaset [Pl. I-VIII]
61 - 74 Jean-Yves Carrez-Maratray The epithet Philometor and the lagid reconciliation of 124-116
75 - 102 Christina Riggs and Mark Depauw "Soternalia" from Deir El-Bahri, Including two Coffin Lids with Demotic Inscriptions [Pl. IX-XIV]
103 - 136 Rita E. Freed Another Look at the Sculpture of Amenemhat III [Pl. XV-XX]
137 - 156 Christian Leitz Die Chronokratenliste von Edfu - ein Pantheon aus der der zweiten Hälfte der 12. Dynasty
157 - 178 Olivier Perdu King Rudamun in person ! [Pl. XXI-XXIV]
179 - 196 Patrizia Piacentini The “Writings Officers” in the Egypt of the IIIe millennium BC AD
197 - 212 René Preys Hathor at the scepter-ouas. Images and texts in the service of theology
213 - 234 Eric Varin Notes on the dispersion of some Egyptian objects from the villa Quirini to Alticchiéro [Pl. XXV-XXIX]
235 - 243 Marie-Noëlle Fraisse and Abeid Mahmoud Hamed Saqqâra: information note on recent works at the funeral complex of Queen Ânkhesenpépy II: I. The offering sign from the north chapel of the Ânkhesenpépy II pyramid. II. A deposit of raw clay, in the mortuary temple of Queen Ânkhesenpépy II
244 Françoise Labrique : Rare graph
245 - 249 Jean Revez Unpublished photos of the statue of the Middle Kingdom of Hapidjefa, discovered in Kerma (BMFA 14.724)
250 - 255 Frédéric Payraudeau The fragment 6 of the annals of the priests of Amon in Karnak and a new branch of the family of Néseramon

Volume 54 (2004)

Pages Authors Securities
VII-XIII Bernadette Letellier Jean-Louis of Cenival (1971-2003)
XIV-XVI Jean Yoyotte Jesus Lopez
1 - 29 Jeanne Bulté A rare "Thouéris" crowned in "polka-dot earthenware" [Pl. IV]
31 - 46 Jean-Yves Carrez-Maratray About name Thmouite
47 - 65 Abdel Gawad Migahis and Günter Vittman Zwei weitere frühdemotische Briefe an Thoth [Pl. VI-VIII]
67 - 129 François-René Herbin The rebirth ofOsiris at the temple of Opet (P. Vatican Inv. 38608) [Pl. IX]
131 - 153 Frédéric Payraudeau The designation of the Governor of Thebes in Libyan and Ethiopian times
155 - 166 Olivier Perdu Pendants as ex-voto
167 - 175 Claude Rilly The inscriptions of funeral offerings: a first key to understanding Meroitic
177 - 190 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Twelfth series]
191 - 217 Dominique Valbelle L'amon of Pnoubs [Pl. X-XII]
219 - 265 Jean Yoyotte A new memory of Sheshanq Ier and a heliopolitan wall of more [Pl. XIII-XVIII]
267 - 269 Damien Agut-Labordère P. Insinger 28. 4-5: a distich
270 - 274 Wolfram Grajetzki Two monuments of the High Steward Senaa-ib of the Middle Kingdom
275 - 278 Françoise Labrique Nwd⸗f-ḫn'-ỉt⸗f : "He-moves-with-his-father", a designation of the waxing moon
279 - 285 Elsa Oreal Héka, πρώτοv μάγευμα. An explanation of Jamblique, From Mysteriis VIII, 3
286 - 287 Lisa Sabbahy A note on the Goddess Selket as Protector of Rebirth
288 - 294 Pierre Tallet Meket / Meketre

Volume 55 (2004)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 21 Laurent Coulon and Luc Gabolde A stele on the forecourt of the temple of Opet Karnak [Pl. I-VI]
23 - 43 Annie Gasse A stele of Horus on the crocodiles. Regarding “Text C” [Pl. VII-IX]
45 - 79 Karl Jansen-Winkeln Zu einigen Inschriften der Dritten Zwischenzeit [Pl. X-XVI]
81 - 93 Frédéric Payraudeau Nespanetjerendjérê, treasurer of the Libyan kings (Statue Cairo JE 37323) [Pl. XVII-XVIII]
95 - 111 Olivier Perdu The chiefdom of Sebennytos de Piankhy à Psammetic Ier
113 - 123 Barbara russo An early ritual in the tomb of the Middle Kingdom from Neha
125 - 148 Frédéric Servajean Golden moon or sun? An episode of Adventures of Horus and Seth (P / Chester Beatty IR °, 11, 1 - 13,1)
149 - 159 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Thirteenth series]
161 - 166 Hanane Gaber Copyist errors in chapter 54 of LOS (Tomb of Pached [TT3])
167 - 171 Holger Kockelmann Zwei Personennamen in Hieratisch-Demotischer Mischschreibung: Angerkungen zue graphischen Form und Lesung der Besitzernamen in den Totenbuch-Handschriften pLondon, British Museum EA 10306 and M. Madrid Inv 84 / 79 / IX / 10
172 - 181 Lionel Schmitt An unpublished block in the name of a Horus Shertaouy at Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg (IES 346)
182 - 188 Tadas Rutkauskas A Fragment of the Book of the Dead from MK Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas (pKaunas Tt-12848)

Volume 56 (2005)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 44 Mohammed Abd El-Maksoud and Dominique Valbelle Tell Héboua-Tjarou. The contribution of epigraphy [Pl. I-XI]
45 - 54 Damien Agut-Labordère The title of the “Decree of Cambyse” (P. Bn verso column d)
55 - 78 El-Sayed Mahfouz Directors of the Amon Gold Deserts
79 - 94 James K. Hofmeier and Ronald D. Bull New Listings Mentioning Tjaru from Tell el Borg, North Sinai [Pl. XII-XV]
95 - 128 Juan Carlos Moreno García Two families of provincial potentates and the foundations of their power: Elkab and El-Hawawish under the VIe dynasty
129 - 166 Olivier Perdu A god from the countryside
167 - 176 Jerome Rizzo "To be without a boat" on the supposed meaning of the verb JWJ
177 - 190 Michelle Thirion Notes of onomastic. Contribution to a revision of the Ranke PN [Fourteenth series]
191 - 194 Christophe Barbotin I. A musical quote at New Empire. II. Civil war and foreign war according to the stele of Nysoumontou
195 - 202 Élisabeth Delange Archival details
203 - 207 Frédéric Payraudeau The statue Cairo CG 717 and the family of Ânkhpakhéred son of Pashedmout
208 - 213 Harco Willems The Feather of the West
215 - 250 Yves Laissus I. Study on the publication of the Description of Egypt. II. Summary tables
251 - 253 Henri-Charles Loffet The last writing of Jean-François Champollion

Volume 57 (2006)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 46 Laurent Coulon The seats of priests of late period. About three Theban documents [Pl. I-VII]
47 - 76 Agnès Degrève The Asian campaign of year I of Seti Ier represented on the north outside wall of the hypostyle hall of the temple of Amon at Karnak [Pl. VIII-XIII]
77 - 94 Holger Kockelmann Drei Götter unterm Totenbett. Zu einem ungewöhnlichen Bildmotiv in einer späten Totenbuch-Handschrift [Pl. XIV]
95 - 108 Julie Masquelier-Loorius The double lash whip
109 - 150 Colleen Manassa The Judgment Hall of Osiris in the Book of Gates [Pl. XV-XVIII]
151 - 198 Olivier Perdu Documents relating to the governors of delta at the beginning of the XXVIe dynasty [Pl. XIX-XXIII]
199 - 216 René Preys Hathor, daughter of Nun: creator and demiurge in the temple of Dendera
217 - 232 Mark Smith The Great Decree Issued to the Your name of the Silent Land
233 - 234 Françoise de Cénival About the word designating in demotic "association"
235 - 238 Philippe Collombert The strippyr at the neck of the distress
239 - 240 Dominique Farout A statuette from the tomb of Izi in Edfu: the lady Irenhorneferouiry from the Louvre Museum
241 - 244 Yannis Gourdon Ptah facing his worshipers in the names of individuals in the Old Kingdom
245 - 248 Dominique Lefèvre  / : a phantom toponym in Coptic?
249 - 254 Frédéric Payraudeau A new mention of vizier Nakhtefmut on a naophoric cube statue (Cairo JE 37851)
255 - 259 Elsa Rickal Kaherkhent (y), royal herald under Amenhotep II
260 - 263 Aminata Sakho-Autissier Some remarks on the Louvre E 25562 block
264 - 267 Pierre Tallet The scarab seals of two mining officials

Volume 58 (2007)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 27 Michel Baud A tomb decoration put in context: the “scribe at work” of the Louvre (E 14321) and the mastaba M IX by Abu Rawach [Pl. I-VIII]
29 - 39 Sylvie Cauville The impossible shaking of the hand or the Pax Romana in Dendara
41 - 69 Dominique Farout Three new monuments of the family of governors of Edfu at the Second Intermediate Period [Pl. IX-XV]
71 - 85 Stéphane Pasquali The date of the BM 10056 papyrus: Tuthmosis III ou Amenhotep II ? [Pl. XVI]
87 - 109 Rosanna Pirelli Two new stelae from Mersa Gawasis [Pl. XVII-XVIII]
111 - 122 René Preys Paophi's feast and ancestor worship
123 - 135 Jerome Rizzo The term DW as superlative of the impure. The example of ȝbw ḏw
137 - 156 Anthony Spalinger Transformations in Egyptian Folktales: The royal Influence
157 - 185 Dominique Valbelle Penrê and the directors of the southern foreign countries in the first half of the XVIIIe dynasty [Pl. XIX-XXIII]
187 - 192 Stéphane Pasquali A new stele of Parthenios, son of Paminis of Coptos
193 - 200 Isabelle Régen A Late Bronze Age tombstone with Texts of the Pyramids (TP 242-243) re-used in the Ayyubid wall in Cairo
201 - 236 Sylvie Guichard A little-known collection of Egyptian antiquities: the Thédenat-Duvent collection

Volume 59 (2008)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 32 Jeanne Bulté Earthenware and stone “offering spoons” messengers of well-being and prosperity [Pl. I-VII]
33 - 80 Sylvie Cauville The god and his king
81 - 110 John Coleman Darnell The Eleventh Royal Dynasty Inscription from Deir el-Ballas [Pl. VIII-IX]
111 - 124 Leo Depuydt Late Egyptian nf and mn mdj.f "He has no"
125 - 154 François-René Herbin Three hieroglyphic papyri of the Roman period [Pl. X-XIII]
155 - 180 Moustapha Rezk Ibrahim and Pierre Tallet Three bas-reliefs from the Thinite period at Wadi El-Humur: the origins of the exploitation of South Sinai by the Egyptians [Pl. XIV-XVI]
181 - 230 Dimitri Laboury Colossi and perspective. From the consideration of parallax in large-scale pharaonic statuary in the New Kingdom [Pl. XVII-XXXIII]
231 - 266 Christian Leitz The first thirty verses of the litany of Osiris at Esna (Esna 217 )
267 - 334 El-Sayed Mahfouz The hieratic ostraca of the Wadi Gaouasis [Pl. XXXIV-LVII]
335 - 356 Elsa Oreal " Welcome ! "(Ptahhotep, maxime 22). Distribution of goods and individual salvation
357 - 368 Stéphane Pasquali The extra-sepulchral deposit found by Fl. Petrie in Giza-South
369 - 380 Julie Stauder-Porchet A formula of ethical biography: translation and commentary
381 - 388 Julie Cayzac Textile fringes or hair strands? About a bas-relief of Isis in Philæ
389 - 393 François-René Herbin An anonymous funeral document concerned with the preservation of the name: Fr. Berlin 3163
394 - 399 Frédéric Payraudeau A testimony of the fourth prophet of Amon Nakhtefmut (A) during the reign of Takélot II

Volume 60 (2009)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 16 Hanane Gaber Two variants of the scene of psychostasis (chapters 30 and 125 of Book of the Dead) [Pl. I-II]
17 - 40 David Klotz The cult-topographical text of Qasr al-Zayyan [Pl. III]
41 - 46 Stéphane Pasquali One or two Apis bulls buried under Horemheb?
47 - 62 Isabelle Régen A magic brick of the viceroy of Nubia Mérymès (Louvre 33059) [Pl. IV-V]
63 - 138 Patricia Rigault and Elisabeth Delange The funeral bed of Djhutyhotep (Louvre AF 9170) [Pl. VI-XIX]
139 - 146 Serge Rosmorduc From some passages of Israel's stele
147 - 158 Sami Uljas Adverbial sentence wh-questions in Egyptian Earlier
159 - 178 Wolfgang Wegner Ein Demotischer Brief aus Tebtynis (Yale P. 4628 Qua) [Pl. XX]
179 - 194 Gihane Zaki The god Mandoulis of Paptoulis at Talmis [Pl. XXI-XXIII]
195 - 198 André Block Preziosität und die Kunst, sich kurz zu fassen: zwei Beispiele aus Edfu
199 - 200 Philippe Derchain The game of 16: a discreet tribute to Hathor
201 - 204 Caroline Dorion-Peyronnet Unpublished scarab seals in the name of two late viziers
205 - 208 Essam Mr. el-Said The statue of the great intendant of Ramesseum, Youpa, kept in the museum of the faculty of letters in Alexandria
209 - 214 Wolfram Grajetzki Women and writing in the Middle Kingdom: stela Louvre C 187
215 - 221 Raphaële Meffre A Heracleopolitan princess from the Libyan era: Sopdet (em) haâout
222 - 226 Harco Willems and Rob Demarée A visitor's graffito in Dayr Abū Hinnis. Remarks on the source of limestone in the construction of al-Amarna

Volume 61 (2010) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jean Yoyotte

Pages Authors Securities
V - XIV Olivier Perdu Jean Yoyotte (1927-2009)
1 - 42 Sylvie Cauville The three capitals - Osiris - The king
43 - 75 Leo Depuydt The Double Genitive Particle in the Latest Late Egyptian, Demotic, and Coptic
77 - 89 Khaled El-Enany Fragment of an Apis stele mentioning King Téti (Cairo JE 40044) [Pl. I]
91 - 111 Alexandra von Lieven Das Verhältnis zwischen Tempel und Grab im griechisch-römischen Ägypten [Pl. II-IV]
113 - 134 Gianluca Miniaci The Incomplete Hieroglyphs System at the End of the Middle Kingdom
135 - 150 Elsa Oreal “Welcome in peace! »The ritual reception of the deceased at the funeral
151 - 157 Olivier Perdu The so-called “year V” mentioned on the “Piânkhi blocks”
159 - 177 René Preys Nekhbet, the right eye of the solar god
179 - 185 Christophe Barbotin A circular basin fragment in the name of Hakoris [Pl. V-VI]
187 - 195 Laëtitia Coillot and Chloé Ragazzoli The BN 246 papyrus: an unpublished copy of the Book I of breaths preserved in the National Library of France [Pl. VII]
197 - 199 Rémi Legros An early certificate of title JMY-RȜ with the sign of the tongue F20 [Pl. VIII]
201 - 207 Frédéric Payraudeau A Takélot II Triad Pedestal (Cairo JE 25672)
209 - 224 Elizabeth David A draft by Mariette: a project for an Antiquities Service of Egypt International [Pl. IX-XI]
225 - 231 Isabelle Régen The tomb and funerary furnishings of Viceroy Mérymès: an overview [Pl. XII]

Volume 62 (2011)

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 40 Mohamed Abd el-Maksoud, Dominique Valbelle Like Hebua II. Preliminary report on the decoration and epigraphy of the architectural elements discovered during the 2008-2009 campaigns in the central area of khétem from Tjarou [Pl. I-IX / notebook in colors pl. 1-6]
41-56 Sylvie Cauville The pronaos of Edfu: a starry vault
57-72 Marleen Meyer The Fifth Dynasty Royal Decree of Ia-ib at Dayr al-Barsha [Pl. XII-XV]
73-88 David Lorand Ramses II Also "admired" Amenhotep III : about the statuary group CG 555 of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo [Pl. XIV-XIX]
89-104 Tamas Mekis, Takwa Sayed, Kholoud Abdalla The Ensemble of Djed-hor (coffin, cardboard and hypocephalus) in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo [Pl. XX / notebook in colors pl. 7-9]
105-114 Juan Carlos Moreno García The mnḥw : Society and agrarian transformations in Egypt between the end of IIe and the beginning of Ier Millennium
115-140 Andréa Pillon The polychrome stele of a notable thinite of the First Intermediate Period [Pl. XXI / notebook in colors pl. 10]
141-158 Vincent Rondot From the function of statues-cubes as a door-lock [Pl. XXII-XXV]
159-174 Anaïs Tillier About us nr nfr as a divine epithet: contribution to the study of Osiris-king in the Middle Kingdom
175-198 Pascal Vernus The fallow land of the demiurge and the sovereignty of the pharaoh. On the concept of "empire"
199-204 Luc Gabolde A stele in the name of the soldier Sa-pa-ir dedicated by his brother, the pure priest Men-kheper [Pl. XXVI]
205-210 Cédric Larcher Min and the party-High rise : re-examination of a scene of the temple of Soleb [Pl. XXVII]
211-214 Sylvie Guichard A new document in the name of King Ramses III identified at Louvre Museum

Volume 63 (2012) Volume dedicated to the memory of Jean Leclant

Pages Authors Securities
1 - 20 Christophe Barbotin The dialogue of Khâkheperrêseneb with its ba. British Museum tablet EA 5645 / ostracon Cairo JE 50249 + papyri Amherst III & Berlin 3024
21-42 Christian J. Bayer & Marianne Eaton-Krauss The Amarna Triad [Pl. I-IV / Pl. coul. 1)
43-66 Gaëlle Chantrain & Jean Winand The adverb gr in Neo-Egyptian
67-82 Sylvain Dhennin A stele of Mefkat (Montgeron 2007.4) [Pl. V-VI]
83-102 Sylvie Donnat The puny child of a Sethian woman, or the solar newborn of a divine mother? About ḥm.t dšr.t et ḫprw in mother and child (formula V)
103-114 Dominique Farout The king's declarations Sahu [Pl. VII-VIII]
115-122 Jérôme Gonzalez Harpocrates armed and the ἒνοπλοι παΐδες [Pl. IX]
123-136 Karl Jansen-Winkeln Die Biographie eines Kinderlosen (Kairo JE 44065) [Pl. X / Pl. coul. 2-5]
137-186 Christian Leitz Die Geierweibchen Thothbuches in den 42 Gauen Ägyptens
187-196 Mark Smith New References to the Deceased Wsỉr n NN from the Third Intermediate Period and the Earliest Reference to a Deceased Woman as Ḥ.t-Ḥr NN
197-200 Jean-Christophe Antoine Theophoric anthroponyms of the Wilbour papyrus : a socio-cultural and geographical analysis
201-208 Frédéric Mougenot As close as possible to the offerings: statues of individuals in the attic of the god at New Empire [Pl. XI]

Volume 64 (2013)

Pages Authors Securities
1-14 Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud and Dominique Valbelle A stele of the year 7 Apriès discovered on the site of Tell Defenneh [Pl. coul. 1]
15-24 Dominique Farout Birth of a court dialogue on the monuments of the Old Kingdom
25-40 David Klotz Remarks on Ptolemaic Epigraphy and Lexicography (1-4)
41-62 Raphaële Meffre Notes on the text of the triad of Osorkon II (Louvre E 6204). With a list of Di-aset-heb-sed [Pl. coul. 2-5]
63-92 Frédéric Payraudeau Genealogy and family memory in the Third Intermediate Period: the case of the Cairo statue JE 37880 [Pl. I / Pl. col. 6-7]
93-134 Olivier Perdu The Isis of Ptahirdis found [Pl. II / Pl. coul. 8-11]
135-176 Georges Posener Tablets-figurines of prisoners [Pl. III-IX / Pl. coul. 6-7]
177-188 René Preys The tentyrite land: tȝrr et tȝ-n-jtm
189-210 Pierre Tallet Two notes on expeditions to the land of Punt in the light of new archaeological evidence [Pl. X-XI / PI. coul. 13-15]
211-230 Caroline Thomas The snake-horse, a curious funerary genius [Pl. XII-XIII / Pl. coul. 13-15]
231-248 Andreas Winkler A Royal Star: on the "Miracle of the Star" in Thutmoses III's Gebel Barkal Stela and a Note on the King as a Star in Personal Names

Volume 65 (2014)

Pages Authors Securities
1-28 Philippe Collombert The toponym and geography of the 17e and 18e nomes of Upper Egypt
29-48 Andrés Diego Espinel Surveyors, guides and other officials in the Egyptian and Nubian deserts
49-74 Dominique Farout The declarations of King Ounas (Pl. I)
75-106 Raphaële Meffre The Memphite ouchebtis of the Libyan era: local typological characteristics (Pl. II-VI)
107-140 Olivier Perdu A very special stelephorus statue (Pl. VII-IX)
141-164 Paul Whelan An unusual shabti for a steward of divine-offerings of Abydos (Pl. X)
165-178 Mathieu Begon A fragment of the first dynasty's label preserved in the Louvre Museum (Inv.E 30463) (Pl. XI-XII)
179-184 Frederic Colin A set of determinatives in demotic
185-192 Khaled el-Enany A stele of Apis found in the monastery of St. Jeremiah at Saqqara (Cairo JE 40043) (Plate XIII)
193-202 Cédric Larcher An unpublished stele of Horus on the crocodiles of the Cartier collection (Pl. XIV)
203-216 Florence Mauric-Barberio The origin of the relief of Avignon (museum Calvet, inv.A8) and two other related fragments of the Book of the celestial Cow (Pl.
217-226 Christoffer Theis
Die in Genesis 10,13 - Die Bewohner des Deltas

Volume 66 (2015)

Pages Authors Securities
1-20 Sylvie Cauville Hathor of Dendara, Pakhet and Hatshepsut
21-32 Laurent Coulon and Frédéric Payraudeau A saite princess at Thebes under the XXVe dynasty?
33-50 Marsha Hill, Appendix Deborah Schorsch A gilded-silver Pendant of Nephtys naming Mereskhonsu (Plate I-II)
51-110 David Klotz The Cuboid Statue of Ser-Djehuty, Master Sculptor in Karnak. Los Angeles County Museum of Art 48.24.8 + Cambridge University, Museum of Archeology and Anthropology 51.533 (Pl. III-XI)
111-132 Maria Michela Luiselli, Martin Bommas Annex Early Mut (s). The Goddess Mut and Her Cult (Pl. XII)
133-150 Raphaële Meffre The Memphite ouchebtis from the Lybian period: the funeral servants of the Apis bulls found in the Serapeum (Pl. XIII-XVII)
151-184 Alexandra Nespoulous-Phalippou Aristonikos, son of Aristonikos. floruit of a eunuch and commander-in-chief of the cavalry during the reign of Ptolemy Epiphanius
185-198 Stéphane Pasquali The two districts of Chenes. Memphito-Heliopolitan Geography Note
199-226 Jeremy Pope The Historicity of Pediese, sound of Ankhsheshonq (Pl. XVIII-XXV)
227-248 Julien Siesse, Simon Connor collaboration New dating for King Sobekhotep Khâânkhrê (Pl. XXVI-XXX)
249-252 Stefan Bojowald Ein neuer Deutungsversuch für das ägyptische Wort Thw aus dem Grab der Mutirdis unter besonderer Berücksichtigung seiner Verbindung zu Lotus
253-256 Pearce Paul Creasman Additional information in the identification of the Cairo Dahshur boats
257-260 Sybille Emerit A new interpretation of the title ḏȝḏȝwy From the tomb of Ramses III
261-272 Åke Engsheden An unpublished letter from Champollion to Migliarini

Volume 67 (2016)

Pages Authors Securities
1-32 Sylvie Donnat A ticket against heat-Seref : the papyrus hierat. 69 of the BNU of Strasbourg (Pl. I)
33-54 Nadia Licitra A copper alloy plate in the name of the first prophet Menkheperre and Priest Horemakhbit (Pl. II-III)
55-76 Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier On the meeting of two fragments of a stele from the end of the Middle Kingdom (Bodmer 20 and Rouen AEg.348) (Plate IV-V)
77-140 Olivier Perdu An unpublished testimony on a great Saite dignitary: the preceptor Horirâa (Pl. VI-X)
141-156 Andreas Stauder The origin of the neo-Egyptian subject pronoun (tWI, twk, swEtc.).
157-178 Lorenzo Uggetti The God Djeme (Pl. XI)
179-198 Sami Uljas On Adjunct Positioning Clause in Earlier Egyptian
199-206 Raphaële Meffre Assumptions about a daughter of King Rudham
207-210 Annik Wüthrich A seal-cylinder in the name of Sékhemkare