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History of articles of the Egyptian society


The conferences of February 26, 2021 are available in your member area:

Felix Relats Montserrat, The excavations of Médamoud, archaeological news

Berangere Redon, From the XVIIIe dynasty at the beginning of the Roman period: the revisited history of the site of Kôm el-Nogous / Plinthine in Maréotide

Gaelle Tallet, Between agriculture and pastoralism: an oasis society in El-Deir (Kharga) facing climatic pulsations in Ier century before our era


The conferences of January 19, 2021 are available in your member area 

Laurent Coulon, The French Institute of Oriental Archeology: news from a young hundred-forty-something

Vincent Rondot, Deprived of its public, the Egyptian Department of the Louvre restores and redeploys. Mastaba News

Pierre Tallet, The pre and proto-dynastic inscriptions of Wadi Ameyra - South Sinai


Some photos and videos of our meeting on 1er February 2020 at the INHA auditorium.

meeting room 

Meeting room


Alain Arnaudies 

"Two unusual pictures of the temple of Karnak" 

Alain Arnaudies


Simon connor 

"Transform, reuse or usurp statues in ancient Egypt"

Simon connor


Massimiliano Nuzzolo  

« The Stone of Palermo. New investigation and discoveries on the oldest Egyptian Royal Annals »

by Massimiliano Nuzzolo