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  The founders of this learned society, created in Paris in 1923 by the Egyptologists of the moment, had the wish of "group Egyptologists and people interested in the study of Egypt from its origins until the first centuries of the Hegira to allow them to exchange their views on all matters concerning Egypt, to maintain relations with scholars of other countries as well as with the French public initiated into Egyptology and publish work related to these studies ... "(1923 statutes, art Ier).

  Egyptologists today do not see things differently! While interest in Egypt continues, at a time when Egyptian information is easily and frequently relayed by the media, the SFE offers its members to come meet these scientists are at the origin of discoveries often spectacular and always of a great archaeological interest.

  SFE organizes three meetings a year during which French or foreign specialists come to present their work in progress and their recent discoveries. Questions from the audience are welcome at the end of the session but also during the friendly pot that follows the meeting.
  The minutes of these meetings and the full text of the papers are grouped together in the two annual issues of the Bulletin of the French Society of Egyptology (BSFE).

  The Company also publishes the Review of Egyptology, one number per year. Internationally renowned in the discipline, this publication of 250 pages on average offers articles from researchers around the world in fields as diverse as linguistics and philology, archeology, history of art, historiography ...

  Finally, according to current events, SFE offers its members visits exhibitions and museums devoted to Egyptian civilization, as well as trips led by leading specialists.

  Since December 2017, the SFE also publishes a quarterly newsletter that it sends to its members to keep them informed of its activities.


The French Society of Egyptology is a law association 1901, all its members are likely to change: do not hesitate to send us your comments!