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Mrs Chloé RAGAZZOLI, President

Ms. Guillemette Andreu, Vice-president

Mr Frederic Payraudeau, Vice-president

 Favry Nathalie    Ms. Nathalie Favry, General secretary

gbizien    Mr Gérard Bizien, Treasurer

Auditor, accountant and legal expert with the Paris Court of Appeal, independent since 2007, Mr. Gérard Bizien has spent his entire career in the consultancy firm FIDUCIAIRE DE FRANCZ-KPMG. There he met Mr. Gabriel Boyer-Chammard who communicated to him both his knowledge in the company and, as treasurer of the SFE, his taste for Egypt. After two cruises on the Nile, it is therefore quite naturally that Gérard Bizien took over from Mr. Boyer-Chammard in 2009 as treasurer of the SFE.

   Mr. Laurent Coulon

   Ms. Marie-Claire Cuvillier

   Ms. Vanessa Desclaux

   Mr. Dominique Farout

   Mr François Gourdon

   Mrs Françoise Labarthe

   Ms. Nathalie Lienhard

   Ms. Julie Masquelier

   Ms Raphaële Meffre

   Mr. Jean-Guillaume Olette-Pelletier

   Ms. Elsa Oréal

   Mr Olivier Perdu

   Mrs Pierrette Pero

   Ms. Isabelle Règen

   Mr. Félix Relats Montsserat

   Mr. Vincent Rondot

Solery Jean-Pierre.jpg   Mr. Jean Pierre Soléry

Holder of a doctorate in crystallography from the Faculty of Sciences of Paris, Mr. Jean-Pierre Solery was a member of the management of the insurance company Gan, in Paris and Bordeaux, in the fields of IT, marketing. , quality and management. He is currently CEO of 1NEWWEB, a company specializing in internet projects. Always fascinated by Egyptology, he implements the current websites of the French Society of Egyptology.

   Ms. Claire Somaglino

   Mr. Yann Tristant