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Partners of the French Society of Egyptology

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Egyptian associations or institutions partners of SFE

   Portal of Egyptology
  The site
  - Béziers
  Languedoc Center of Egyptology of Béziers
  - Figeac
  Friends of Champollion Museum
  - Fleury d'Aude
  Languedoc Center of Egyptology
  - Grenoble
  Association Dauphinoise d'Egyptologie Champollion (ADEC)
  - Lille
  Institute of Papyrology and Egyptology of Lille
  - Lyon
  Circle Lyonnais Egyptology Victor Loret
  - Marseille
  Provence Egyptology Association
  - Montpellier
  Montpelliéraine Association of Egyptology Néfrou
  - Nantes
  ISIS Egyptology Association
  - Nîmes
  Egyptian Association of Gard
  - Orleans
  Golden donkey
  Winged Sun Association
  - Paris
  France-Egypt Association
  Association for the Protection of the Ramesseum (ASR)
  - Périgueux
  the Périgourdine Association of Egyptology Kemet
  - Perpignan (ST Esteve)
  friends from ancient Egypt
  - Pessac (Bordeaux)
  Egyptian Association of Gironde.
  - Sollies-Pont
  Kemetmaa Association
  - Strasbourg
  Institute of Papyrology and Egyptology of Strasbourg
  - Troyes
  Champollion's Friends

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  - Carnières
  Circle of Egyptology
  - Leuven
  Kheper Egyptian Association neo-louvaniste
  - Barcelona
  Amigos of the Egiptologia
  - Boston
  Museum of Fine Arts
  - Geneva
  Egyptian-Swiss Cultural Association
  Geneva Egyptology Society