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Ashmolean Museum (Oxford)
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* Royal Museum of Mariémont (Mariémont / Global Egyptian Museum)

* Museo Civico Archeologica di Bologna (Bologna)

* Egyptian museum (Turin)

* Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology of the University of California / Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology (Berkeley)

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* Royal Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)

* Saint Louis Art Museum (United States)

* Smithsonian's Museum of Asian Art, "Freer and Sackler" (Washington DC)

* Virginia Museum of Fine Art (Richmond)

* Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore)

- Online archives CFEETK

At the end of the joint high commission of the Franco-Egyptian Center for the Study of Karnak Temples (MAE-CNRS USR 3172) held in Cairo on February 15 2016, we are pleased to announce the opening of CFEETK online archive consultation interface in high resolution.

As part of the Karnak project started in 2013 (CNRS, USR 3172 - CFEETK / UMR 5140, ENiM Team - Investing Future Program ANR-11-LABX-0032-01 Labex ARCHIMEDE), Cfeetk has set up a policy of systematic acquisition of the epigraphic documentation of the temples of Karnak. These documents make a significant contribution to the existing funds by preserving the information as it stands today in the temple.

All the accessible documents are deposited in Nakala, a service set up by Huma-Num's vast research infrastructure for depositing, documenting and enriching data in a secure warehouse that ensures both accessibility and security. data and their citability over time. To date, just over 10.000 photographs can be freely downloaded at full resolution. The number of documents available in the Cfeetk archives will increase steadily with the progress of the various documentary projects of the unit and more specifically the Karnak project. The use of this repository makes interoperable metadata, that is to say the possibility of connecting them to other existing repositories, and make them reachable by tools for exploring metadata (SPARQL, RdF ).

The photographs are accessible by topographic exploration of the temple of Karnak (temple areas, monument, objects, etc.), date or author. A search engine supplements these tools to provide, through the Karnak project, a chronological access to the photographs

The CFEETK archive access interface, the result of documentary work carried out using various tools (ArcheoGrid Karnak, Nakala, the Karnak project), combines all the information available in the various projects of the unit and its partners. to provide the widest and most comprehensive access to Karnak documentation.

- Databases


* Aigyptos (bibliography)

* Agea (IFAO, anthroponymy)

* Aeragram

* CAPEA (prosopography)

* Deir el-Medina Database

* Demotic dictionary

* Giza Archives (digital Egyptological library)

* Meketre Project

* OsirisNet

* Ramses Project (epigraphy)

* Trismegistos (toponymy)

 - Libraries digital and download sites (legal)


* Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Image based similarity research

* Egyptology_ru

* Egyptologyforum / EEF

* Etana

* Gallica (BNF)

* Getty Research Institute Library

* JSTOR (in paid access, accessible at the Collège de France and limited to researchers and PhD students)

* Perseus

* Publications of the Czech Institute of Egyptology (Prague)

* Publications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

* Waseda University Publications (Tokyo)

- Periodicals, encyclopedias and online reports

* Aeragram Newsletter

* Antiguo Oriente (Buenos Aires)

* Birmingham Egyptology Journal (Birmingham)

* BIA 


* BMSAES (British Museum)

* Bulletin of the Friends of the Louvre Society (Paris, Louvre Museum)

* Karnak notebooks (CFEETK; only vol. 5 to 13)

* Cahiers from the Ecole du Louvre

* CRAIBL (Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres)

* Encyclopedia of Egyptology (UCLA)

* ENIM (University of Montpellier)

* Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections / JAEI (University of Arizona) 

* Mitteilungen der Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin (MittSag; 1994-2003)

* Nekhen News (Hierakonpolis)

* Orientalia, excavations and works

* Search reports from Waseda University in Tokyo (Waseda)

* Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (ZDMG)

Limited access or fee


* Ägypten und Levante  (Vienna)

* Online Egyptological Bibliography

- Libraries


* Jacques Vandier Egyptology Library (University Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3)

* Gernet & Glotz Library (INHA)

* Interuniversity Library of the Sorbonne

* Interuniversity Library of Montpellier

* Library of the Institute of Research and History of Texts (CNRS / IRHT UPR 841)

* National Library of France (BNF)

* University Library of Languages ​​and Civilizations

* Egyptological Research Center of the Sorbonne (CRES)

* Collective catalog of France

* Wladimir Golenischeff Center (EPHE)

* France secondary school

* School of Charters

* French Institute of Oriental Archeology (IFAO)

* National Institute of Art History (INHA)

* Interuniversity House of Human Sciences - Alsace (MISHA - Strasbourg)

* House of the Orient and the Mediterranean (Lumière University - Lyon 2)


* American research center in Egypt (ARCE)

* American university in Cairo (AUC)

* Bibliotethca Alexandrina (Alexandria, Bibal)

* Cairo university library (in Arabic)

* Alexandrian Studies Center (CEALex)

* Center for Studies and Economic, Legal and Social Documentation (cedej)

* Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO)

* Nederlands-Vlaams Institute in Cairo (NVIC)


* Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives

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