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The RdE 71 has been published and will soon be with you!

 La Review of Egyptology (RdE)



La Review of Egyptology is the annual publication of the French Society of Egyptology

She succeeded in 1933 at Collection of Works on Egyptian and Assyrian Philology and Archeology edited from 1879 to 1923.



Reference in the discipline, RdE is the oldest magazine in France which is devoted to the various aspects of the civilizations which succeeded one another in the Nile Valley, from prehistory to the Christian period. Subjects of archeology,historyart history and philology are treated in articles in French and English, sometimes in German.








Mr. Frédéric PAYRAUDEAU, Sorbonne University

Mr. Olivier PERDU, College de France, Chair of Pharaonic Civilization

Mrs Chloé RAGAZZOLI, Sorbonne University

Mrs Isabelle RÉGEN, University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3

Mr. Félix RELATS MONTSERRAT, UMR 8167 Orient & Mediterranean

Mr. Yann TRISTANT, KU Leuven University, Belgium

Journal management :  Ms. Elsa ORÉAL  This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Secretariat editorial staff : Mrs Laetitia GALLET

Scientific editor : French Society of Egyptology


The French Society of Egyptology also publishes the BSFE  (see related section).